The Bahamas #1: The Adventure Begins!

This afternoon, 12 Deerfield students, Robin Lempicki and Julia Rivellino-Lyons departed campus to start their journey to the Cape Eleuthera Institute (CEI). During the next week in Eleuthera, through daily learning activities and  field excursions, students and faculty will explore the rich biodiversity in Eleuthera while contextualizing their observations within the realities of culture and the challenges of sustainability.

Jordan #1: The Journey Begins

This afternoon, 11 students, Jan Flaska and Samar Moushabeck departed campus on their trip Jordan. Throughout the next 10 days, students and faculty will have an opportunity to encounter Jordan through an increased awareness of spirituality, place and culture, while collaborating with King’s Academy.

Tanzania #1: Traveling to Tanzania!

This morning, 12 students, Emma Coffin, Toby Emerson, and Julie Schloat departed from Deerfield’s campus to start making their way to Tanzania. For this trip, students

Panama #1: The Trip Departs!

12 Deerfield students, Heidi Valk, and Elliot Sakach are on their way to Panama to begin their time spent exploring scientific research processes, communities, and environmental conservation!

Jordan #2: Settling in at King’s Academy

The students and faculty on the Jordan trip arrived at King’s Academy today, where they were greeted by King’s students and teachers, waving the traditional red keffiyehs (scarves). Tonight, they are settling into their host dorms to prepare for an exciting trip ahead!

Jordan #3: Off To A Great Start!

Nailah Barnes ’18 shares the groups first exposure to the Arabic language while looking ahead to new experiences in Jordan.

The Bahamas #2: Arriving in The Bahamas!

Kevin Gu ’18 and Josh Stevens ’18 recount their arrival into to The Bahamas. Kevin tells a story about living out one the trip’s values, while Josh finds comfort on Eleuthera after a long travel day. 

The Bahamas #3: A Taste of Nature

Jill O’Connor ’19 and Sophie Opler ’19 learn about sustainable efforts through aquaponics and permaculture while trying some “delicious” island foods.

Panama #2: Hola from Panamá!

Davis Cook ’21 and Izzy Ortiz ’18 describe an exciting first day exploring the Gamboa Region and visiting the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal.

The Bahamas #4: Adaptation

Dominique Whitney ’19 & Sarah Wright ’20 share “a fun, information-filled day in the sun.”

Panama #3: Arriving at the Mamoni Preserve

Nafi Sall ’20 and Kate Alonso ’19 describe the groups arrival into the Mamoni Valley Preserve where they will spend the next couple of days exploring and doing research.

Tanzania #3: Misconceptions and Gratitude

Samara Cummings ’20 and Liv Mikesell ’20 share their first day experience being paired with a “reading buddy” at JBFC/Mainsprings. Samara comes to realize the similarities she shares with her buddy, while Liv considers the word “ambition” and looks forward to her second day at the girls school. 

The Bahamas #5: Pink Sand

Melisa Gurkan ’19 and Selena Martineau ’19 describe a busy day in Eleuthera, with their favorite stop being the “Island Farm” run by the family of current DA student, Sim Bethel ’20.

Tanzania #4: Building Colorful Connections

Isabella Geraci (’19) and Sai Dulam (’19) share stories of and reflections on their project rotations. Students are rotating through three projects, and this blog post describes two of the projects: working in the kitchen and with elementary students on an art project. 

Jordan #7: A Splash from the Past

Helen Feng (2020) and Gabriella Hu (2021) reflect on their experience at the river Jordan and the connections between spirituality and place.

Panama #5: Planting Perennials

Madeline Richmond (’18) and David Chen (’20) describe partnering with students at a local school to plant sustainable crops, after a day continuing their research project.

Tanzania #5: Village Night

Olivia Geraci (’19) and Emily Stonestreet (’19) both describe their experiences at Village Night.

The Bahamas #7: The Ripple Effect

Bailyn Prichett (’19) & Erin Tudryn (’18) recount their last day exploring the marine environment around Eleuthera and share some take aways from the trip, including what they hope to do once back at DA.

Tanzania #6: Kitongo Happiness

Three students on the Tanzania trip share their reflections. Mae Emerson writes about her reading buddy; Tavian Njumbi writes about the importance of community; and Megan Graves finds joy in cooking and cleaning.

Panama #6: Sweet rewards

Ellie Shilling (’21) and Alex Alijani (’19) reflect on the rewards of hard work after completing their research project, a long hike, and ending their time at Mamoni. 

Jordan #8: The Human Story is a Mosaic

Erin Hudson (’18) reflects on the power of place, the impact of her travel experience and the evolution of her thought processes since being on the trip.  

Tanzania #7: Birthday Celebration

Erin DeMarco (’19) celebrates her birthday with new traditions, as the girls at Mainsprings welcome her into their community. 

Panama #8: Farewell!

Claire Quan (’20) and Nafi Sall (’20) describe their last day of the trip and celebrate the sense of community that they have developed while traveling. 

Jordan #9: Life is Good

Michael Shalaby (’20) shares his experience in Aqaba with reflections of the impact of his time in Jordan. 

Tanzania #8: Maandazi Recipe

Jackson Pitcher (’19) shares a donut recipe he learned at JBFC and how acquiring a new cooking skill will remain a lasting memory. 

Tanzania #9: Uncaptured

Samara Cummings (’20) and Saadyha Bahudodda (’20) share stories and reflections from their safari, including some contrasts they feel.

Tanzania #10: Permaculture & Community

Liv Mikesell ’20 shares the groups day of community service with the Form 4 students, while Megan Graves ’18 describes a different kind of food “harvesting” experience.

Tanzania #11: Kitongo Forever

Tavian Njumbi ’18 describes a “cheerful” yet emotional evening as the group’s stay in Kitongo nears its end.

Jordan #10: Stargazing

Khalyse Benjamin ’21 and Matthew Popkin ’19 describe their final days in Jordan visiting the ancient ruins of Petra and the Wadi Rum desert.

Tanzania #12: On Safari!

Emily Stonestreet ’19, Isabella Geraci ’19, and Sai Dulam ’19 share an exciting experience while visiting the Serengeti.

Tanzania #13: Farewell Kitongo

Mae Emerson ’19, Erin DeMarco ’19, and Olivia Geraci ’19 describe the difficulties of saying goodbye to the people and place they have come to love.

The Bahamas #8: Final Reflections on Sustainability

For 1 week, 12 students traveled to the Cape Eleuthera Institute to explore the marine ecosystems. of Eleuthera while deepening their understanding of the realities and challenges of sustainability. Here are excerpts from the students’ final reflections on sustainability. 

Dominican Republic #1: DR Trip Starts with Excitement!

This evening, the Dominican Republic travel program departed campus to begin their journey! For the next week, students and faculty leaders will partner with Cambiando Vidas (CV) to participate in a house-building project.

Oaxaca #1: Adiós

This afternoon, the Oaxaca travel program departed campus to begin their journey! For the next month, students will be immersed in Mexican culture, while living in home stays and practicing their language skills.

Dominican Republic #3: Building Community

Hunter Keller ’20 and Austin Philie ’19 describe the groups first day at the construction site, where the group begins their house build and share some meaningful time with the local community. 

Oaxaca #2: First Impressions

As the group meets their host families and settle into Oaxaca, trip leader Jaime Correa asks student to reflect on the following prompt,”How do your expectations of Oaxaca and your host family compare to your first impressions of them?” Molly Fischer ’20 shares her thoughts;

Dominican Republic #4: Working Together

Maggie Tydings ’20 and Jeffrey So ’19 describe an “action-packed” day of hard work followed by a relaxing afternoon of sun, water and a delicious local dinner.

China #1: The trip begins!

Today, Deerfield’s student China travel program begins! For the next 4 weeks, students will immerse themselves in Chinese language and culture, while visiting Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Dunhuang, and Shanghai.

Oaxaca #3: Language Exchange

Trip leaders, Haley O’Neil and Jaime Correa, share pictures from the groups first language exchange with Mexican high school students: 

Dominican Republic #8: Home

Trip leaders Kris Loftus and Erin Hutchinson share the group’s final reflections from a week in the Dominican Republic!

United Kingdom #1: Takes Off!

This evening trip leaders Mercedes Taylor and Ellie Bicknell and students departed campus to begin their journey to London!

Oaxaca #5: Oaxacan Food

Sam Laur (’20) reflects on how food has allowed him to better experience and understand the people and place of Oaxaca.

South Dakota #2: Making New Friends

Gemma Bishop ’19 and Jordan Manning ’19 share the groups first day in La Plant, getting to know the local community and making new friends.

China #4: The Summer Palace

Mia Silberstein ’20 recounts the groups visit to The Summer Palace, a well preserved imperial garden with beautiful lake and hilltop views.

South Dakota #3: Making Connections

Georgia Quesnelle ’19 and Kate Hickey ’20 describe an “amazing day” meeting, playing, and working on a new playground for the summer camp kids at the reservation

China #6: Exploring Chinese Culture

From Tibetan dance to Kung Fu lessons, Annie Kane ’20 describes the groups second day of culturally diverse classes at Shiyan High School.

United Kingdom #3: A Tiny Piece of London

Henry Pan ’19 considers the meaning of “capture” through drawing and sketching activities while visiting a local Jazz cafe, Neal’s Yard, and the Tate Modern.

South Dakota #5: A Rewarding Day

Soo Min Lee ’19 and Helen Lipsky’20 make a connection with an elder from the community and embrace their new found friendships.

Oaxaca #8: A Taste of Oaxaca

Bailey Cheetham ’19 reflects on her experience during a traditional Oaxacan & Mexican cooking class and Latin dance lessons.

South Dakota #6: Lasting Friendships

Declan Cullinane ’21, Ricardo Gonzalez ’19, and Christina Li ’20 reflect on the strong connections they have made and the difficulties of saying goodbye.

South Dakota #7: Simply Smiles and Glimmers of Light

Ian Gordon ’19 and Steven Li ’19 reflect on the context of life on the Lakota reservation, the mission of Simply Smiles, and the gratitude they feel for the experience they had this week while traveling with their peers on a CSGC travel program in South Dakota.

China #10: At Home Abroad with the Evensong

Vera Grace Menafee ’20 shares her experience reflecting on the midway point of the China trip and going to a special gathering with the Deerfield community, and Dr. Curtis, in Beijing.

Oaxaca #10: La Calenda

Deirdre Mullowney ’19 explains what a “calenda” is and shares her experience participating in the language school “calenda”.

United Kingdom #9: Drawing & Sculpting

Natasha Leong ’21 describes a day at Central Saint Martins experimenting with “a range of different mediums” including drawing, clay, plaster and bright blue alginate, followed by an afternoon of “student choice” exploring the National Gallery and enjoying some delicious Vietnamese food.

China #13: Culture & Traditions

Izzy Faiola ’21 reflects on an interactive day of classes at Shiyan High School, followed by an afternoon spent exploring Beijing’s Hutongs.

United Kingdom #10: Teamwork

Maddie Lee ’20 describes a successful day creating a “wearable sculpture” and a late afternoon spent enjoying traditional English tea.

China #14: Song and Dance

Allison Xia ’21 describes the groups busy day partaking in traditional Chinese dance and theater.

Oaxaca #12: World Cup Excitement

Will Savage ’20 describes what it was like to watch Mexico’s World Cup opening game against Germany at a restaurant in Oaxaca.

China #16: Making New Friends

Fernanda Ponce ’19 reflects on the groups last day of classes and the friendships she’s made during her time in Beijing.

China #17: Farewell Beijing

Annie Kane ’20 shares the groups farewell from Shiyan High School while looking forward to new adventures in Inner Mongolia.

China #23: Caves and Noodles

Francis Shea ’20 shares a visit to the Mogao caves in Dunhuang; the groups last stop before heading to Shanghai.

China #24: Exploring Shanghai

Valentina Saldarriaga ’20 recounts the groups day visiting the “largest Starbucks Coffee in the world,” enjoying a delicious Dim Sum brunch, and visiting the French Concession district of Shanghai.

Oaxaca #18: Final Reflections

For one month, students where immersed in Mexican culture while living in home stays. They participated in Spanish language classes at a local university, visited local sites and partook in various cultural experiences. When the program ended, trip Leaders Jaime Correa and Haley O’Neil asks students to reflect on the following prompts: 1)I used to think…..I now think…. or  2)This month, I have been grateful for…, below are the students responses.

China #26: Final Reflections

Trip Leaders Xiaofeng Kelly and Cindy Feng share excerpts of the group’s final reflections of their time in China, where students spent a month immersed in Chinese language and culture.

Spain #1: The Journey Begins!

This afternoon 13 students, Jan Flaska & Steve Taft departed from in front of the MSB to start their journey to Spain! For the first half of March break, students will travel to Spain to share in a unique learning experience studying the life and works of Teresa de Avila, a Spanish mystic.

Tanzania #1: Travel Day

This morning 13 students, Toby Emerson, Beth Hooker, and Dana Emerson departed from in front of the MSB to begin their travels to Tanzania! For this trip, students will partner with Mainsprings to focus on understanding sustainable development.

The Bahamas #1: From Snow to Sand!

This morning, The Bahamas travel program departed from Deerfield! For the next week, through daily learning activities and field excursions, students and faculty will explore the rich biodiversity in Eleuthera while contextualizing their observations within the realities of culture and the challenges of sustainability.

Tanzania #2: A Long Day of Travel

Maggie Tydings ’20 and Jeffrey Chen ’19 share the groups lengthy travel journey to the Mainsprings campus in Mwanza, where the group will reside for the next couple of days.

Spain #4: Medina de Rioseco

Hayden Sawh ’22 reflects on lessons learned from her encounter with a local artisan and the mayor of Medina de Rioseco.

Spain #6: Song and Laughter

Caroline Skillman ’19 reflects on the “simplicity” of building relationships through great food, good music, and shared stories.

Panama #3: Making New Friends

Selena Martineau ’19 , Muffy Mazambani ’20, and  Zo Williams ’19 share a day in the life of a student who attends Escuela de San Jose, a small rural school in Panama.

Arizona #3: Inspiring Hope Through Conversation

After many discussions and conversations on immigration, Fernanda Ponce ’19 comes to understand that in order to “create solutions,” one “must keep learning and asking questions.”

Tanzania #4: Building Community

Hanna Deringer ’20 shares highlights of her first day with her reading buddy, and Christina Halloran ’20 reflects on the warm affection of the Mainsprings community.

Tanzania #5: An “Integrated Community”

Mason Zhao ’20 comes to realize the issues that lack of transportation poses to school children in “rural Tanzania,” and the importance of an “integrated community.”

Tanzania #6: “Joyful Spirits”

Nathan Hu ’19 reflects on a day of hard work and the “constant excitement and passion” the JBFC girls permeate, and Maddy Sofer ’21 finds similarities that make a strong connection with her reading buddy.

Panama #5: Vibrancy in Panama City

Abby Fernald (’22), Sam Bronckers (’20), & Grace Honos (’22) describe the energy of Panama City after spending the last 5 days in the rain forest.

Tanzania #7: Village Night

Addie Seegilson (’20) describes teaching an arts class to kindergarteners,  followed by sharing a meal with a family during Village Night as she adjusts to Tanzanian customs. 

Spain #8: Avila

Kelly Lahart (2020) and Emma Reavis (2019) describe their first day in Avila as they journeyed by foot throughout the local mountains and town. 

Arizona #6: Benedictine Monastery

Alexander Bautista (’21) describes his volunteer work cleaning and translating at the Benedictine Monastery, a place that offers shelter and resources for immigrant families. 

The Bahamas #7: Down Island

Charlie Sinnott (’21) and Zach Davis (’20) share their experience traveling Down Island on Eleuthera, visiting an ocean hole, the Bethel farm, and Navy Base Beach.

Panama #6: Visiting Taboga Island

Selena Martineau (’19) Mufaro Mazambani (’19) and Zo Williams (’19) describe their day traveling to nearby Taboga Island

Spain #9: The People

Matt Popkin (’19) and Sam Crocker (’19) reflect on the powerful memories and connections they have created while in Spain.

Arizona #8: Stories from the Desert

Orlee Marini-Rapoport (’19) writes about her hike in the desert, as she reflects on how the experiences of this trip have shaped her understanding of immigration.

Panama #6: Gratitude

Selena Martineau ’19, Elsa Marrian ’21, and Kristine Yang ’21 share a final reflection of a “phenomenal” time in Panama.

Arizona #10: “A Common Hope”

Grace Mazur ’20 comes to understand that although the immigration system is a complex issue, connecting “with our why,” is “what’s going to carry you through your challenges.”

Arizona #11: Nogales

Xochitl Paez ’20 recounts an impactful experience visiting the Nogales U.S.-Mexico border.

Arizona #12: A Final Reflection

“This journal entry is a series of poems and short narrations written about my experience in Arizona. In the works, I discuss what I saw and what I felt,” Adebisi Akilo ’21

Tanzania #12: Saying Goodbye

Ellia Chiang ’21, Hanna Deringer ’20, Christina Halloran ’20, and Mason Zhao ’20 reflect on the meaning on making new friends and the difficulties of saying goodbye.

Dominican Republic #1: The Journey Begins!

Last night, the Dominican Republic travel program departed campus to begin their journey! For the next week, 15 students and two faculty leaders will partner with Cambiando Vidas to participate in a house-building project. 

France #1: Bon Voyage!

This afternoon, 13 students, Yanik Nichols & Steve Taft departed campus to begin their trip to France!

Dominican Republic #2: Building a Team

Trip leader Sheryl Koyama starts the week off with her reflections on building a strong team dynamic within the Deerfield group. This will be her 10th build in the DR with Deerfield kids. 

Spain #2: Arrival

Trip Leader Haley O’Neil, shares the groups arrival into the Wakana Camp in Cádiz, where they will spend a two day orientation before moving into their homestays.

France #2: Notre Arrivée

Elliot Flagg ’20 shares highlights of the groups first full day visiting Normandy and Giverny.

France #4: Normandy

The group spent the day visiting the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach, and the Germany Cemetery in Normandy. Below are reflections of their day.

Spain #3: Cádiz!

Ellie Shilling ’21 shares her first impressions of Cadiz and her homestay family.

Dominican Republic #9: Teamwork

Emma Kimble ’20 and Regan Hoar ’20 express gratitude for the personal “growth” and “lasting relationships” created with the Lavapié community.

Spain#4: Leaning Into Discomfort

Sydney Bluestein ’21 describes her first day at the Salesianos School, where students will spend the next couple of weeks taking language and culture classes.

Dominican Republic #11: Community

Garret DeMallie ’21, Connor Guest ’20, and Francis Gannon Jr. ’21 describe the “meaningful” connections they’ve made within the community and the “life lessons” they’ve learned during their time in the DR.

France #6: Paris

Sydney Gregg ’20 describes a day of sightseeing in Paris.

France #7: Meet & Greet

Students gather at a host family afternoon tea meet and greet. Between today and tomorrow, students will be moving in with their homestay families, where they will spend the next three weeks strengthening their language skills through daily classes with Terre des Langues, our partner in Tours, and through afternoon cultural activities and site visits.

France #8: Adventures in Tours

Robert Sawyers ’21 shares his first impressions of Tours, where the group will spend the next couple of weeks living with host families.

South Korea #1: The Journey Begins!

Today, the South Korea: Leadership In A Korean Context program departed to begin their journey! For the next couple of  days, 13 students and three

South Korea #3: Seoul Arrival!

At the end of a long day of travel and a delicious first meal in Seoul, which included bulgogi bibimbap, dumplings, soup, and Korean pancakes, trip leaders asked the students,”What are you most looking forward to doing and/or seeing while we are in Korea.” Below are students responses:

Dominican Republic #12: Final Reflections

At the end of the trip, faculty trip leaders Sheryl Koyama and Bob Graves, asked students to provide final reflections on what they had learned and experienced during their time in the Dominican Republic. Below are excerpts of students responses.

South Korea #5: Dumplings And Storytelling

Oliver Pink ’20 and Ella Holowesko ’20 describe a day exploring Seoul’s architecture, “delicious” cuisine, and an emotional visit with the organization, Teach North Korean Refugees. 

France #10: Touring Paris

Jarod Harrington ’20 recounts an “enjoyable” day visiting the Louvre and the Champs-Élysées.

South Korea #6: Leadership Qualitites

Gabriella Hu ’21 and Emma Haddock ’21 reflect on the lessons learned from their day spent with Shinsadong Tiger, a South Korean music producer, and at Coupang, an online service provider company.

Spain #11: Speaking The Language

Grace Russell ’21 reflects on the patience and encouragement she has received from the Cadiz community while trying to improve her Spanish speaking abilities.

South Korea #7: Gratitude & Cultural Differences

Lily Steinwold ’21 shares a powerful experience while visiting the DMZ (North Korean Demilitarized Zone) and Chase Mathis ’21 describes the differences between Korean and US culture.

France #15: Merci à Tous!

Elliot Flagg ’20 expresses gratitude for an impactful, “once-in-a-lifetime” trip to France.

France #18: Final Reflections (Part 1)

As the France trip comes to a close, students reflect on their experiences visiting Paris, Normandy, and living in Tours with a host family, they compare the differences and similarities between Deerfield and Tours, and share what they have learned during their time in France.

Washington, D.C. #1: The Journey Begins!

This afternoon, the Washington, D.C.: Stories to Learn; Stories to be Told program departed campus! For the next couple of days, 24 students and three faculty trip leaders, will travel through D.C.

Washington, D.C. #2: Arrival!

Justin Ahn ’24 and Alex Fontecchio ’24, reflect on place and meaning, and what they hope to learn from this travel experience.

Washington, D.C. #3: A Great Lunch Conversation

I applied for this trip for many reasons- to feed my love of history, to explore a city I’ve never visited, to observe leadership skills – but mainly to see how people develop their personal values and identity.

American South: Pre-Departure

Thirteen students and two faculty trip leaders began their travels to the American South this morning. For the next seven days, students will learn about activism and leadership through the lense of the American Civil Rights movement. Prior to their departure the group remained on campus for a weekend of pre-travel activities. Cameron Iizuka ’22 and Ephraim Tutu ’24, share some reflections from this weekend.

South Florida: Pre-Departure

Fourteen students and two faculty trip leaders began their travels to South Florida this morning. For the next seven days, students will learn about marine ecology and conservation. Prior to their departure the group remained on campus for a weekend of pre-travel activities. Miu Yatsuka ’24 and Ella Davies ’24 share a reflection from this weekend.

Puerto Rico: Pre-Departure

Fourteen students and two faculty trip leaders began their travels to Puerto Rico this morning. For the next seven days, students will learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Prior to their departure the group remained on campus for a weekend of pre-travel activities. Koai Solano Ortiz ’24 and Isabelle Schwartz ’24  share a reflection from this weekend.

American South #1: AUC and Paschal’s

Maddalena Honablue ’23 and Jaden Joseph ’22, share the groups first day with a visit to Atlanta University Center and a delicious southern food culinary experience.

South Florida #1: First Impressions

Ella Davies ’24 and Thomas Lu ’23, share the groups first day activities exploring Miami’s South Beach and Wynwood’s Art & Design District.

South Florida #2: A Busy Day!

Isaac Bakare ’24 and Andy Chen ’25, recount a busy day. The days activities included: volunteering at an urban farm, learning about climate change, exploring the Frost Museum of Science, and some night swimming!

Puerto Rico #3: Politics and Culture

Kathrine Margulis ’24, reflects on an educational visit with a Women’s organization fighting for gender equity rights, and Walter Burkley ’24, shares a culturally rich afternoon of Puerto Rican art, food, and dancing. 

American South #4: Past and Present

During a visit to the historical home site of Rosa Parks, Alioune Dia ’22, reflects on “whether or not the remnants of the past have seeped into the present, and if that’s been for better or for worse.”

Puerto Rico #4: Group Bonding

Koai Solano Ortiz ’24 and Aaron Gibbons ’24, share the days activities with an interactive visit to Basura Cero, a waste management company. 

American South#5: Facing The Past

Gabby Joseph ’24 and Chloë Ramirez ’24, reflect on an emotional and difficult day in which they come to realize that in order to move forward you have to face the past. 

Puerto Rico #5: Socializing Through Music

Ishaan Myrie ’25 and Elsa Schuberth ’22, share a visit to the community center in San Juan, where they learn about Bomba, a traditional dance and musical style of Puerto Rico.

South Florida #6: Coral Reef Ecology

Isaiah Ruffin ’24 and Sage Piekarski ’23, recount a busy day of snorkeling, learning about invertebrate diversity, and some “Oscar-worthy” acting.

Dominican Republic #1: The Journey Begins!

For the next couple of days, 14 students and three faculty trip leaders, Sheryl Koyama, Nina Otterson, and Issalin Lopez, will build a house for a family in the village of Lavapie with the organization Cambiando Vidas.

Jordan #1: Great Expectations

Prior to their departure, the Jordan group shares their trip expectations, what they are excited about the most and what they want to learn about the most.

The Bahamas #1: Marine Ecology & Sustainability Program Begins!

Trip leaders, Toby Emerson and Heidi Valk ask students to share what they are most looking forward to of their time in The Bahamas. For the next couple of days, 11 students will spend their time investigating the island’s varied habitats alongside educators and researchers from The Cape Eleuthera Institute (CEI) while living their lives mindful of their environmental impact.

Dominican Republic #4: In Memory of Aiden Day ’17

On the groups first day at the worksite, Jose Abreu, Director of Cambiando Vidas dedicates the groups house build in honor of Aiden Day ’17. It was an impactful way to begin the day. Trip leader Sheryl Koyama shares a tribute to Aiden below.

Jordan #2: Arrival!

Yesterday morning 11 students and three faculty trip leaders arrived in Amman, Jordan to begin their journey! The group will spend their time exploring the physical landscape of Jordan as well as the way in which the place has been captured in  theology, history, and art. They will visit the main sights, while enriching their senses through middle eastern food, cooking classes, and calligraphy workshops. 

Jordan #3: Culture & Community

Ocean Feng ’24 and Lauren Sobczak ’24, recount a day full of  Jordanian “culture, community, and generosity.”

United Kingdom #1: Art & Society Program Begins!

The United Kingdom: Art & Society departed this weekend and is off to a great start! Before taking off, the trip leaders asked the students to share what they are most excited about. Below are the student responses:

United Kingdom #2: Excited for the Journey Ahead

Emma Wilmott ’24 and Elena Tskhvitaria ’25 share the groups arrival into London. Although the group was tired from their travels and the weather was gloomy, the day’s activities increased their desire to explore more!

Jordan #4: Jerash & Ajloun

Kai Darrell ’24 and Cam Herr ’24, reflect on their days visit to ancient Greek and Roman ruins, while getting to play a soccer match in the oldest hippodrome in the world.

The Bahamas #4: Conch Research

Mia Goetzke ’24 and Emily Rice ’24 share the groups day learning about Conch and Coral bleaching with a surprise ice cream stop.

Jordan #6: Petra & Wadi Rum

Lukenine Suphakarn ’24 and Josephine Cramer ’24, share the groups fun visit to the “Rose City” and Wadi Rum desert.

Jordan #7: Past and Present

From riding camels to a visit at Mt. Nebo, to dancing at King’s Academy and viewing hundred year old starts through a telescope, Toler Poole ’24, reflects on an “inspiring and transformative” day. 

Dominican Republic #9: Hasta Luego

Alessia Root ’23 and Tyler Ettelson ’23, recount the groups farewell from San Juan de la Maguana and their last day exploring Santo Domingo.

Jordan #8: Jordanian Art & Cuisine

Aviel Alexander ’25 and Isabelle Schwartz ’24, describe their day visiting with a local artist and cooking a traditional Jordanian dish at Beit Sitti.

Dominican Republic #10: Cambiando Vidas

On their last day in the Dominican Republic, trip leaders ask students to reflect on the following prompts, “What does Cambiando Vidas mean?” or “You wrote about community before coming on this trip.  How has that definition changed in the last week?” Below are students responses:

United Kingdom #6: Richmond and Westminster

Chamari Williams ’24 and Ileanna Pena ’24, describe a relaxing day of sketching along the river, followed by some impressive street art, and a delicious Turkish dinner.

United Kingdom #7: Lessons Learned

Emma Wilmott ’24 and Elena Tskhvitaria ’25, reflect on growth, “exploring new materials and ideas,” and being more accepting of making mistakes.

United Kingdom #8: A Day in Bristol

Sophia Wolbach ’23 and Isabella Ordonez ’24, reflect on all the great art work they have seen and the importance of using various mediums and techniques.

Quebec #1: The Journey Begins!

For the next few days, ten students and two faculty trip leaders, Jan Flaska and Alexandra Newlon will explore Quebec City’s confluence of cultures through its historic sites, museums, and its annual Winter Carnival, a nearly 130 year-old tradition. Below, Ruby Remillard ’26 and Sungmin Ahn ’26 share the groups arrival into Quebec.

Washington, D.C. #1: Excited for the Journey Ahead

For the next couple of days, 11 students and two faculty trip leaders, David Miller and Kena Chavva, will be based out of Washington, D.C. to learn about democracy and civic life in action. Students will engage in topics of debate, advocacy, and role of museums, non-profit organizations, and government in telling and authoring the American story. On the train ride to D.C., trip leaders ask students to reflect on the following prompt: What are you hoping to learn more about on this trip?

Washington D.C. #2: An Action Packed Day!

Students visited the White House, met with the Republican National Committee Office, visited with Save The Children Action Network, Toured the Ukrainian Embassy, and met with the ASPEN Institute.  Abigail Ng ’25, Rich Zhou ’26, and Ryan Bai ’26 share the conversations they found most engaging throughout their busy day.

Quebec #3: Winter Carnival

Despite the cold temperatures, Keitaro Fukuda ‘24 and Gunnar Moore ‘25, recount a day of swimming, bowling, site seeing, and Winter Carnival attractions.

American South Departs!

Twelve students and two faculty trip leaders departed campus this morning to begin their travels through the American South. For the next seven days, students will learn about activism and leadership in action through the lens of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Costa Rica #1: The Journey Begins!

Early this morning, thirteen students and two faculty trip leaders departed campus to begin their journey to Costa Rica! For the next 8 days, students will explore Costa Rica’s culture and biodiversity. They will begin their journey in the city of San Jose, visit National Parks, and participate in various research projects at the Campanario Research Station.

Jordan Group Departs!

This afternoon, 15 students and three faculty trip leaders departed campus to begin their journey to Jordan! While in Jordan, students will experience Jordan’s rich culture and history, participate in daily excursions, and enrich their senses through middle eastern food, and by traveling to historic sites. They will have the opportunity to engage with King’s Academy students through evening activities and gatherings.

Tanzania #1: Departure!

Yesterday afternoon, 12 students and three faculty trip leaders departed campus to begin their travels to Tanzania! For the next 11 days the group will be based out of Mainsprings, The Janada Batchelor Foundation for Children (JBFC) in Kitongo, Tanzania, participating in projects and partnership during their stay.

American South #1: Serving Others

Keoni Jones ‘26 and Kerelle Joseph ‘24, reflect on the meaning of service and the cultural impact Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had in the community. 

Costa Rica #4: Whale’s Tail

Ethan Li ’25 and Rowan Van Wormer ’24 share a poem from a visit to Marino Ballena National Park, La Sierpe, and their arrival at Campanario.

Costa Rica #5: Pura Vida!

Morgan Weitzell ‘ 23 and Clara Chae ’23, describe the groups first full day at Campanario, where the group will be stationed for a couple of days participating in science research projects and team building activities.

Jordan #4: Dead Sea

Carson Bynum ’23, recounts an “amazing day” that started with a lesson about the Byzantine Empire and ended with good food, great friends, and rejuvenated skin.

Jordan #5: Savoring the Moment

Declan Kelley ’24, Mary O’Shea ’25, and Melanie Sabino ’25, reflect on a special moment shared with friends.

Tanzania #5: Role Models

Ella Hynds ’23, reflects on the similarities between Deerfield and the Mainsprings School, and the importance of role models. 

American South #3: Past and Present

Victoria Oguta ‘25, reflects on an emotional day and comes to realize that “we need to do better in educating ourselves and others about our past, acknowledging the harm that has been done, and working towards true equality for all.”

Tanzania #6: Swahili Connections

Avery Izzo ’24, explains how her perspective on language as a barrier has changed, rather than being a “serious challenge,” language “can serve as a means of genuine connection” and “to make life-lasting connections.”

Tanzania #7: Endless Plains

Juliet Amadeo ’24, comes to realize that although her time in the Serengeti has been “spectacular” she misses the Tanzanian food and culture, and most importantly, the Mainsprings community.

Jordan #7: Arabic Cuisine & Calligraphy

Nico Pfeifler ’25, describes a mouthwatering culinary experience, and MacGregor Hynds ’25, reflects on the groups last day activities in Jordan. The smell of roasted

Tanzania #11: See You Later, Not Goodbye

Kathrine Margulis ’24, reflects on her time in Mainsprings, the strong connections she made with the JBFC girls, and the difficulties of saying goodbye.

Colombia #1: Departure!

Yesterday morning, 15 students and two faculty trip leaders departed Deerfield to begin their travels through Colombia! For the next ten days the group will travel to Bogota, Salento, and Cartagena. They will explore Colombian culture through language exchanges with Los Nogales and Alianza Educativa Schools in Bogota,  participate in a farm to table cooking class while is Salento, and engage in culturally diverse activities in Cartagena, such as salsa dancing and music.

The Bahamas #1: Island School Arrival!

For the next six days, 13 students and two faculty trip leaders will be based out of The Island School in Cape Eleuthera where they will immerse themselves in environmental, place-based education, marine ecology, and sustainable living. Alongside researchers at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, students will have the chance to take part in ongoing research efforts to conserve the species that these habitats support.

Colombia #2: Creating Lasting Memories

Lauren ’24 and Xavier ’24, reflect on the importance of taking risks, whether it be from trying new foods or striking up a casual conversation, it is “quintessential to our growth as a group and as individuals.”

The Bahamas #2: First Day Activities

Ella ’24 and Katie ’24, recount the groups busy first day trying new foods, visiting a Blue Hole, and learning about different fish anatomies. 

Italy #2: Selinunte

Tessa ’24, describes an eventful day exploring ancient Greek temples and learning about problem solving abroad. 

Singapore #1: Travel Days

Despite unexpected travel delays, Isabella ’24, describes the groups positive and flexible attitude as their travel plans to Singapore were delayed. 

Colombia #4: Los Nogales

Melissa ’24 and Julia ’24, share the groups visit to Los Nogales, where students participated in a Spanish class and peer discussions.

Italy #3: Agrigento

Oscar ’24, shares a vivid description of the ancient city of Akragas.

Colombia #5: Salento

Andrew ’25, recounts the groups visit to a coffee farm in Salento, and learns the importance of taking advantage of opportunities.

Singapore #2: Arrival!

After long travel delays, both student groups have finally made it to Singapore! Leela ’25, describes her first impressions of Singapore and expresses gratitude towards faculty trip leaders, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Feng.

The Bahamas #6: Teamwork

Jasper ’25 & Christian ’25, reflect on an action packed day including an early morning run swim, an afternoon of shark field research, and a “scrumptious” dinner at Sheryl’s Inn.

Singapore #3: Culture & History

Kayleen ’25, recounts the groups first full day activities spent learning about Chinese history, and Singapore culture and religion. 

France #6: Cultural Differences

Elizabeth ’24, reflects on the great experiences she’s had thus far with her homestay family and the privilege of being understood.

Colombia House Building #7: Final Reflections

For a final blog post, trip leaders, Sheryl Koyama and Hardy Gieske ask students to  reflect on the following prompt: You are writing to a Deerfield student considering taking this same trip next year. What qualities of heart and mind should they bring or hope to bring? What can they expect to bring back?

Singapore #4: An Action Packed Day

Ryan ’25, shares an action packed day, that started with  Chinese language lessons and ended with an evening light show and a stroll through the Fort Canning Park.

Italy #6: To Your Left

Alexandra ’25, describes a museum visit exploring Neolithic period artifacts, a scenic six-hour drive, and an enjoyable dinner with good food and great company.

France #8: Très Bien!

Gracie ’25, recounts a fun day learning new things, trying new foods, and meeting new people.

Singapore #7: Edible Garden City

Jazmine ’25, learns “the value of self-sufficiency, and how small changes can make a bigger impact later on in our community, if the community collectively works to help one another.”

France #9: A Welcoming Culture

Aaron ’24, reflects on the similarities found abroad and how they make him feel “more welcome and included.”

Italy #10: Silent Stories

Austin ’25, describes a day in Rome and reflects on the importance of making meaningful connections.

Colombia #10: Palenque

Bonnie ’25 and Gabby ’24, reflect on the importance of culture, language, and identity. 

Italy 11: Inscriptions

Students and trip leader, Dan Houston share final reflections of their time in Italy.

Chicago Group Departs!

For the next few days, students will explore the story of immigrants and refugees to the USA, in the 19th and 20th centuries, that came to NYC and then moved forward into the “US City of the 20th Century”, Chicago.

Washington, D.C. Begins Their Journey!

Over the Long Winter Weekend, sixteen students and two faculty trip leaders will travel to Washington, D.C. to learn about democracy and civic life in action. They will have the opportunity to engage in topics of debate, advocacy, and the role of museums, non-profit organizations, and government in telling and authoring the American story. Students will engage with people from both major political parties in the US, and they will also have the chance to hear from international perspectives during this unique opportunity.

Chicago #1: Day One

Alex ‘25 and Baokun ‘25 recount the groups departure, and look forward to the journey ahead.

Washington D.C .#2: Friday

Students in the Washington DC share with us their experiences during a very busy Friday. TIM ’27 & NICHOLAS ’27 Today we explored the White

Chicago #4: New Perspectives

Keza ‘24 and Erriel ‘24, reflect on the groups final day in Chicago, which included a visit to the National Museum of Mexican Art, Millennium Park, and a yummy dinner at a Middle Eastern restaurant.

Reflections on Preparation

In this first blog post of the March 2024 travel season, David Miller, the Director of Deerfield’s Center for Service and Global Citizenship (CSGC), shares some reflections on the practice and purpose of the word “prepare” in the context of Deerfield’s mission and the CSGC’s travel programs.

Jordan #1: Just The Beginning

Julia ’25, describes the group’s departure from Deerfield and first experiences in Jordan and on the King’s Academy campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the past several years, Deerfield has participated in the Green Cup Challenge, an interscholastic energy conservation competition. The school that reduces its kWh usage by the largest percentage wins. The school that reduces GHG emissions by the largest percentage is recognized.

Deerfield runs an on-campus competition during the Green Cup Challenge. Through the month-long challenge, our students follow the success of their dormitory on our energy dashboard and compare their achievements to their on-campus peers and to other schools. The dorm that reduces its energy the most from an established baseline wins a significant prize—an on-campus activity for themselves and another dorm of their choosing, AND a cash prize proportional to dorm size. Because the Green Cup Challenge is a month-long event, we believe that the changed energy consumption practices are more likely to become a learned behavior.

As an SYA member school, Deerfield is able to offer a wide range of study abroad options. In addition to spending school years living and learning languages in foreign countries, Deerfield students can also participate in faculty-led trips during the spring and summer, which allow students to use their language skills in practical settings, under the guidance of Deerfield language faculty.

Think 80|20 is Deerfield’s campus recycling program, which has the goal of changing our habits so that only 20% of our campus waste ends up in a landfill. Think 80|20 signs are posted in all campus buildings and on all recycling/compost/landfill receptacles to educate people on how to dispose of their waste appropriately.

The Energy Dashboard displays daily, weekly, and annual energy consumption information in a building-by-building format. In addition, you can track the performance of solar power systems on two buildings. The Dashboard is an integral part of coursework in many classrooms, and it is wildly popular during the Green Cup Challenge each year.

Environmental proctors are student leaders in sustainability efforts at Deerfield Academy. Working with the Sustainability Coordinator, e-proctors participate in a variety of projects, including dormitory recycling and energy conservation challenges, and promote sustainability around campus.

Upperclassmen can apply to become e-proctors each fall. E-proctors are required to attend biweekly meetings, be involved in one “project” per term, post sustainability announcements and educational materials in dorms, and be a role model for their peers. They will play an important part in helping Deerfield to be environmentally sustainable. A complete list of e-proctors’ duties is available online.

A variety of faculty-led trips allow students to travel under the guidance of a Deerfield teacher without having to spend the entire year living and studying in a foreign country. These trips, which usually take place during spring break or the summer, often include a homestay, and are a great way to improve language skills and experience a different culture.

Language requirements vary by program. Consult individual program websites for more information.

Deerfield’s study abroad partner schools offer a comparable set of courses, so students can fulfill Academy requirements with little or no penalty to their academic progress. All students who are thinking about studying abroad should meet with Director of Studies Lydia Hemphill for assistance in planning their study abroad experience.

Study abroad is available to all students from their sophomore to senior years, although typically students who choose to go abroad will do so during their junior year.

Deerfield has a wide net of international associations, and therefore has the ability to offer a broad spectrum of study abroad opportunities. Semesters abroad in Jordan, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas are highlights of Deerfield’s international programs, which also include Round Square service trips, a variety of School Year Abroad opportunities, exchange programs, and faculty-led trips to places such as the Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Colombia and China.

The Center for Service and Global Citizenship offers two types of grants: CSGC Grants and Micro-Grants.

CSGC Grants: These grants invite Deerfield Academy students to serve others during their summer months. The grants are offered through the generosity of the Cost, Earle, Mendillo and Workman families, and the funds are provided to honor the call in our Mission Statement:

A vibrant, ethical community that embraces diversity, the Academy prepares students for leadership in a rapidly changing world that requires global understanding, environmental stewardship, and dedication to service.

Micro-Grants: Through the CSGC, students can apply to up to $150 to fund student-generated projects on and off campus during the school year.

The annual Spring Term Community Event, hosted at the Deerfield Academy Track, draws the largest number of students to any one service event.  Each year, the CSGC Student Board determines which organization will be the focus of our fundraising and awareness efforts, and the spring term event is the culmination of this year-long effort.  In the recent past, the American Cancer Society and Cancer Connection of Northampton have been the organizations the Deerfield Academy community has supported.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Franklin County is the service program with the largest participation, calling on approximately seventy juniors and seniors to serve as “Bigs” who spend Friday evenings with a child from Franklin County to serve as mentors and role models. Deerfield Academy also hosts several Red Cross blood drives, which collect blood for use in local hospitals, and students participate as donors and volunteers.

Students can pursue service as a co-curricular option, engaging in community service projects one to four days a week. Projects include Big Brothers Big Sisters of Franklin County, Second-Helpings (a food kitchen and food distribution program), Musica Franklin (music instruction to middle-school students), and after-school programs at two local elementary schools. In addition, students can engage in service abroad in the Cambiando Vidas program in the Dominican Republic, and a variety of other CSGC service trips. Students have the opportunity to design their own programs in their local community and abroad, utilizing funding from the Charles Cost Award, or David Workman Grant to be used in the summer or during the school year.  Every athletic team also participates in at least one day of local community service at some point during their season.

Deerfield’s varied and expansive community service programs require a great deal of planning and organization. Most programs are planned through the CSGC Student Board. The board handles all event planning and fundraising and serves as a liaison between the school and other Franklin County and regional service organizations.

The legacy of Frank L. Boyden means that service is an intrinsic part of a Deerfield education. Every year students are reminded of the words of Mr. Boyden: “The test of the worth of any school is, in the last analysis, the record of her alumni… it is our sincere hope that the tradition of service instilled and nurtured here… may endure always to the lasting benefit of the country and the world.” With such a powerful call for service at the heart of its mission, Deerfield places a strong emphasis on service in all its forms. As such, there are a plethora of service opportunities at Deerfield, and students are enthusiastically encouraged to participate as much as they can.

Contact the Center for Service and Global Citizenship


Boyden Library

7 Boyden Lane, PO Box 87
Deerfield, MA 01342