Deerfield Communications serves as an internal creative agency, providing consulting, visual design, photography, editorial, and electronic communications support to the Academy.

The department manages all of the Academy’s publications, direct mail (including email) efforts, public websites, and communications materials such as photography and video. The “Comm Team” is behind and The Daily Bulletin, and you’ll often find them behind a camera pointed in your direction. They also manage contact with members of the press and perform a number of community relations functions. In short, Communications serves three core functions:

  • Is the primary steward for the Academy’s identity;
  • Gathers and shares news and information about the Academy; (demonstrates Deerfield’s commitment to its mission through communications with constituencies; supports programmatic, enrollment, and Advancement giving goals);
  • Enhances communication clarity and speed, and enables the use of communications technology through: email/newsletters, website (s), and social media.

Project Requests

To submit a project request to the Communications Office, please fill out our request form located on the Bulletin. We’re always happy to help, but due to the number of requests, especially during the school year, we ask that you plan on a minimum of two weeks (ten business days) between submitting a request and receiving a finished product.

Style Guide

The Deerfield Academy Style Guide provides editorial and grammatical guidelines for all Deerfield Academy communications. Please consult the Style Guide to find correct location, office, and event names, guidelines for using class affiliations, and many other helpful rules. Download a PDF of the Style Guide.

Identity Guidelines

The core system/framework for the Academy’s visual branding. The Identity Guidelines allow us to present a unified visual message that is easily and immediately identifiable as “Deerfield Academy;” it includes basic usage information for Deerfield logos and other visual elements and references for color palettes and fonts for all administrative and academic departments. Download a PDF of the Identity Guideline

Deerfield Magazine

Read the latest issue of our (award-winning) magazine! Deerfield Magazine is published three times a year and has a print run of 22K issues.


  1. Jessica Day

    Director of Communications
  2. Steve Berman

    Production Manager
  3. Jacklyn DiGiovanna

    Multimedia Specialist
  4. Brent Hale

    Design and Art Director
  5. Meghan Hoagland

    Social Media and Email Manager
  6. Anne Lozier


Frequently Asked Questions

Requests for copies of recent Deerfield publications can be sent to Copies of older issues may be available. Please contact the Deerfield Archives with your specific request.

You can submit your class notes and photos online or through the Deerfield app, or you can email

First, make sure you have the right combination by checking DAinfo. Then contact Mr. Berman in the Communications Office for help opening your mailbox.

Anyone—students, faculty, and staff—can post to the Daily Bulletin by using the “Post to the Daily Bulletin” form located on the Daily Bulletin. Your post will be reviewed by the Communications Office and then posted. For assistance, please contact the Communications Office at x1860.

Check the calendar to make sure that your event does not conflict with a previously scheduled event/meeting and that the event location space is free. Then, submit your request using the Scheduling Events form. Your event request will be reviewed and added to the calendar.

The Deerfield Post Office is located on Old Main Street, only a few minutes walk from campus. Students can purchase stamps, obtain packaging materials, and send mail via USPS at the post office. All pre-stamped mail can also be left in the appropriate bin in the mailroom in the basement of the Main School Building for delivery to the post office.

Nope. Our friends in IT do that—they are located just across the hall.

Contact Communications

Koch Center, Second floor
Mon–Fri, 8:00am–4:30pm

PO Box 87
Deerfield, MA 01342