1. Wednesday, September 23, 2020

    1. Ecuador Independence Day – Hispanic Heritage Month

      Hey DA! I’m Alex with the LASA back with another Independence Day celebration. Today we will be looking at how Ecuador gained its sovereignty and the impact of their culture on the world.
  2. Tuesday, September 22, 2020

    1. Caution: Using a Wireless Phone Charger can damage your OneCard and your Phone!

      If you are using a wireless charger, please make sure that your Deerfield OneCard is not between the phone and the charger pad while it is charging. Your OneCard contains a chip that can heat up and burn out. In extreme cases, this can cause the card to melt or catch fire. At a minimum, it will cause your card to stop working. To avoid damage to your phone and card, and to ensure your safety, please be sure to remove the card from the back of your phone while the phone is charging.   Thank you!
    2. Recognize Any of These Faces?

      Check out the fun caricature art! Anyone look familiar?
  3. Monday, September 21, 2020

    1. A Dose of Telepathy

      For a limited time, you can watch a recording of Saturday night's mind-reading show, Telepathy. 
    2. Hitchcock House Open 11 – 4 Monday – Friday this Week

      Starting this week, students and staff will be able to shop in the store during our limited reopening … look for our new Open flag outside the building!
    3. Venezuela Independence Day – Hispanic Heritage Month!

      Today we look at ways that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela obtained its independence from Spanish rule and how the country and its culture spreads its influence into the broader world!
  4. Saturday, September 19, 2020

    1. Banachek Will Astound You – 8 pm

      Tonight at 8 pm is a live zoom show of the World’s Number One Mind reader Banachek as he presents his new show, ‘Telepathy' directly into your room!
    2. Smile for the Artist Tonight at 6 pm

      Tonight, join our Zoom room with up to 3 friends to have your caricature draw by one of the best in New England. 
    3. Go Clubbing at Deerfield Today!

      The 2020 Club Fair is happening this afternoon, from 4 - 5 pm. Whether your interests are observing the stars of the night sky, journalism, politics, or activism, there are students who are ready to share opinions and ideas, and who want to help your voice be heard.
    4. Dining Hall Orientation for Select Dorms

      There is a Dining Hall orientation for boarding and day students; if day students have no other commitment on campus today, they may complete their Dining Hall orientation at another time (TBA). 10:00 – Johnson 1 10:10 – Johnson 2 10:20 – Johnson 3 10:30 – Mather 1 10:40 – Mather 2 10:50 – Scaife […]
  5. Friday, September 18, 2020

    1. Alliance Fair Tonight at 7 pm

      Alliance Fair: An opportunity for our community to learn more about alliances on campus; please join us!
    2. Brazil Independence Day – Hispanic Heritage Month

      The story of Brazil’s independence begins with Portugal. Attempting to flee from Napoleon's invasion of Europe, the Portuguese court fled to Rio de Janeiro in 1808, where they seized control over the indigenous people.
    3. Routine COVID Testing Schedule

      Students, we are now moving from Arrival and Confirmation testing to a routine schedule. Please read this schedule.
    4. School Meeting at Noon Today

      Let’s all watch the first School Meeting of the Fall Term together today at Noon!  
  6. Thursday, September 17, 2020

    1. Boarding Students: COVID Testing Tonight – Check if Your Dorm is Listed

      Please check if your dorm has COVID testing tonight.
    2. Applications for the Green Light, Deerfield’s Political Magazine

      Deerfield Academy's Political Magazine; accepting applications now!
    3. Private Music Lesson Registration Deadline Approaching!

      This Friday, September 18, is the deadline for private music lesson registration! Read more....
    4. Your Class Schedule for Next Week, Starting on Monday, September 21

      This post contains important information & documents that will help you determine your class schedule for next week.
  7. Wednesday, September 16, 2020

    1. Chile Independence Day – Hispanic Heritage Month!

      Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month! September 18th is the Independence day of Chile. Chile was a Spanish colony until 1810, a time where Spain and France had been contesting for power in Europe.
    2. Live Zoom Show: The World’s Number One Mind Reader Saturday at 8 pm

      Hey, DA, check out this cool event for Saturday. Banachek will also be available after the show for a brief Q&A. You are invited to witness the event of the century. A live zoom show of the World’s Number One Mind Reader “Banachek” as he presents his new show, Telepathy directly into your room! There are […]
    3. Camp Chairs

      Thanks to Mr. Brown, Ms. Evans and Mr. Shamberger, camp chairs for all students have been delivered to dorms.
    4. Dining Hall Orientation

      Beginning 9/16, we will begin Dining Hall orientations for the entire school. Orientations will run from Wednesday through Saturday.
    5. REQUIRED: Student Webinar – Positive Case Training/Drill 3:30 pm

      Please attend this required student webinar. Join with Zoom.
    6. Athletic Training Room Policy and Procedures

      Due to COVID-19, the athletic training room will no longer be accepting walk-in appointments. Students must schedule an appointment for evaluation or treatment prior to being admitted into the athletic training room. Please email Ms. Parker directly at kparker@deerfield.edu for appointments.
    7. Dorm Fitness Activities at 4:30 pm

      Your choice of activities this afternoon: Yoga Dorm fitness (here’s the workout sheet) Trivia (yeah, it’s mental fitness!) Pilates


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