1. Wednesday, July 21, 2021

    1. RESOLVED: Campus-Wide Phone System Issue

      The Academy's phone service provider confirmed that a wide-spread issue with their network was impacting our phone service. This issue now appears to be resolved.  Please notify the ITS Help Desk (helpdesk@deerfield.edu) if you continue to experience any issues with call quality. Thank you for your patience!
  2. Thursday, July 15, 2021

    1. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Providing Meals in The California Bay Area

      This summer, through the help of the CSGC, I am redistributing excess food in the Bay Area. I am partnering with local restaurants and my local food bank to deliver leftover meals and ingredients. Restaurants must throw away perfectly good food due to regulations, so my plan is to collect the food that did not sell that day and drop it off at my local food bank.
  3. Wednesday, July 14, 2021

    1. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Examining How Developing Countries Have Protected Our Environment Through Their Judicial Systems

      This summer the CSGC funded my project to research and develop a report on how developing countries have taken action to preserve the environment through various court cases. My goal is to share my findings with others, beginning with the Deerfield community through a short video or article as well as a report. I would like to spread knowledge on an overlooked aspect of the environmental movement in an attempt to encourage others to take more action and help out with the movement.
    2. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health Education in Rwanda

      I partnered with a female led NGO called Empower Rwanda. The goal of this NGO is to educate teen mothers on their sexual and reproductive health, and also give these moms the resources to continue their lives the way they intended.
    3. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Preparing The Next Generation

      Even before the pandemic, education has been a big problem as many students are not exposed to enough opportunities. My goal for this project is to provide a learning experience for kids and provide them with useful computer science skills that will help them in the future.
  4. Tuesday, July 13, 2021

    1. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Redesign of Outdated Farming Storage Solutions in Rural China

      The problem right now with rural areas across China is the fact that their infrastructures are falling behind. Rodents and insects often spoil the farmers harvest, and I want to utilize my architectural interest and skills to help farmers. I plan to use the architectural skills I have studied at Deerfield to formulate a plan for a new prototype storage solution that can be used in the future on a wider scale.
    2. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Lacrosse The Nation’s #BringBackLax Campaign

      With the help of the CSGC and Mr. Howe, I am in the process of making a meaningful and impactful contribution in my local community this summer by generously purchasing new uniforms and apparel as well as donating gently used Deerfield lacrosse equipment such as jerseys, gloves, masks, and other types of athletic equipment.
    3. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Providing Meals in The California Bay Area

      This summer, I plan on addressing the issue of food waste and food insecurity in my hometown. The majority of restaurants and cafes throw away excess food that can no longer be sold, when really with the right resources, this food can help support the hungry.
    4. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Bracelets for Good: Give and Share Your Support

      Over the past month, I have been working with three organizations - Mālama Maunalua, Valor Global Foundation, and OpenHands - to host a fundraiser using bracelets. I created three bracelets, one for each organization, which people can buy to help solve a specific problem in the world.
  5. Monday, July 12, 2021

    1. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Taking A Step Forwards in Solving the Opioid Crisis

      This situation has particularly exacerbated in the community of Los Angeles, especially the downtown area of Westlake, Harvard Heights, and Koreatown. The demographic shows that more than half (53%) of the opioid addiction doesn’t come directly from doctors, but from leftover drugs from households of friends/relatives.
    2. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Online Tutoring Solution for Underprivileged Kids

      According to a recent article from Politico, in the poorest neighborhoods of Chicago, fewer 9th and 10th grade students with access to tutors failed, and majority improved almost a full letter grade. If more communities prioritized free tutoring programs, schools could work to close the socioeconomic achievement gap by leveling the educational playing field and providing access to quality education and personalized learning for children in need.
    3. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Programming Fundamentals for South Hampton Fresh Air Home Campers

      My goal is to provide SFAH campers who are interested in computer science and programming with the information and structure that they need to enter the often seemingly complicated and overwhelming world of computer science.
    4. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Gentrification in Downtown Pasco

      The target of this project is to allow the local business community and the people living there to have access to information that helps them grow and thrive. We are joining the DPDA to start a podcast to address some of the ideas and issues people brought up within the survey to allow them to get a better sense of what is going on within the community, in ways they understand, in addition to how to grow as a city but also prevent the potentially harmful effects of gentrification.
  6. Friday, July 9, 2021

    1. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Helping Concussion Patients Through Developing A Symptoms Tracking App

      Last fall, my water polo season unfortunately ended abruptly when I was hit in the head, and suffered a concussion during the second to last game of the season. At the time, I was only concerned about missing the final game but little did I know how a single seemingly short term event would impact the rest of my school year mentally, physically, academically and socially.
    2. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Silenced.: A Book About LGBTQ+ Youth And Their Stories

      Given that the past month has been Pride month, a light has been shone specifically on LGBTQ individuals. Being gay myself, I feel that although pride is a great celebration, we need attention throughout the year.  One challenge is learning from others, especially those at the forefront of these issues. My book aims to tell the stories of those who have been silenced whether that has been from peers, family, or society.
    3. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Teaching Sustainability

      My goal with this project is to spark a passion for nature and sustainability in these students as that 4th-grade bird-watching trip did for me. With the help of the CSGC, I hope to give these students a memorable experience and inspire a future generation of environmentalists.
    4. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Education Project: Youth Hooked, Kids For Books!

      I came out of it motivated and inspired to complete a brainstorm for a summer project I wanted to implement in the Bronx and potentially New York City at large; An informative project which aids local underserved and overlooked community members -- minorities, destitute parents, and young(elementary/Middle-School)​ children.
  7. Thursday, July 8, 2021

    1. Summer CSGC Grant Update: SMFA Tufts Pre-College Program

      Over this summer, I have the wonderful opportunity to participate in the SMFA Tufts Pre-College program to improve my art skills while creating an art portfolio. Since art is my main form of expression, I plan on creating an art gallery that focuses on spreading awareness about mental health and the harmful stigmas that come along with certain disorders.
    2. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Bringing Light to Our Senior Community, Part Two

      To continue my CSGC mini grant project - an interview project which documented 50 responses from seniors in Shanghai on the topic of senior care during COVID and the effects of technological advancement - I want to use suggestions from these responses to assist seniors in their use of technologies.
    3. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Second Helpings

      Anna Zusi '22 and Kelly Howe '22 team up with the St. James and Andrew Church in Greenfield, MA to provide free weekly community meals.
    4. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Guide for Civic and Financial Growth this Summer

      Growing up in upstate New York, I was unaware of the issue that a lot of middle and high school students are facing in New York City. As I visited some of my friends in the city, I realized that a lot of the students in specific areas that went to public schools were not satisfied with the materials covered in their courses. Realizing this problem, I have decided to partner up with Alioune Dia '22 as we work towards creating a solution for their needs.
  8. Wednesday, July 7, 2021

    1. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Art Therapy & Mindfulness Kits for COVID & Cancer Patients at The Cleveland Clinic – Florida Medical Centers

      I requested a CSGC grant that would help me expand its reach to not only hospitalized COVID-19 patients, but also to cancer patients receiving on-site chemotherapy. The purpose is to provide patients access to greater resources for emotional wellness and stress relief during this time of prolonged isolation. For cancer patients, the stress is complicated by continued COVID-19 related restrictions and precautions that demand they often endure chemotherapy alone. With the generous support of the CSGC grant, I will be able to produce 100 additional Art Therapy & Mindfulness kits this summer and expand distribution to cancer patients at Cleveland Clinic cancer centers in Weston and St Lucie, FL.
    2. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Food Insecurity

      Through volunteering, meal distribution, education, and being continually on the lookout for ways in which I can have a helpful impact on my community, I will utilize this grant to combat food and health insecurity to my fullest capacity.
    3. Summer CSGC Grant Update: Piano Improvisation for Children

      This year, I came up with an idea to write a book for children that would explain how to start improvising from a young age. My book tells the story of the note F and her family. She lives in Music City and has a friend from Math city. The readers have the opportunity to spend several days with their new friends and experience life in Music City.
    4. Ruthie Spencer ’22 Competes in the 2021 National Irish Dance Championships

      On July 7, Ruthie Spencer '22 will be competing in the 2021 National Irish Dance Championships in Phoenix, AZ. This event brings dancers from all over North America; to qualify for Nationals, dancers must have reached Open championship level, the highest level of Irish dance.


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