The pulse

  1. Faith Matters: All are Welcome at Open Table

    "A plurality of voices and a cacophony of opinions come together for fellowship every time Deerfield Academy students sit for a meal, engage in conversation during evening dorm gatherings, and find themselves around a figurative campfire in the presence of others. We work hard to manage the intrusion of phones, and it’s a difficult, but not impossible, task. With eyes up, attentive to the other, and present while in that setting, we muse and wonder, and share what we think and what we think we know."

  2. Dave Lake and Ted Flato ’73 P’10, ’12 win the 2024 AIA Gold Medal

    Dave Lake and Ted Flato '73 P'10, '12, founders of Texas studio Lake: Flato Architects, have been named as the joint recipients of the 2024 AIA Gold Medal. The most prestigious annual honor bestowed by the American Institute of Architects, the Gold Medal recognizes an individual—or in this instance, individuals—whose “significant body of work has had a lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture.”