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Senior Meditation: Miles Menafee ’17

A senior meditation is the culminating experience of the Deerfield English curriculum. Meditations are long, reflective pieces written by seniors, and presented to their classmates. The best meditations are read at School Meeting and in some smaller settings. Content ranges from challenges conquered to friendships formed at Deerfield, but nearly all meditations focus on individual growth during a student’s time at the Academy.
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Two Golds, Two Silvers for Deerfield

Deerfield was presented with two “Silver” awards and two “Gold” awards at the Ad Club of Western Massachusetts 2017 Creative Awards in Easthampton, MA, on May 11. Deerfield Magazine picked up three of the awards, and the Office of Advancement’s “3D Challenge” campaign was presented with the fourth.
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Pete Nelson ’81: 2017 Wick Huffard Visiting Architect

Pete Nelson '81, star of Animal Planet's Treehouse Masters, spoke at School Meeting today as the 2017 Wick Huffard Visiting Architect. Pete and his team have traveled the world designing and building everything from simple one-room treehouses to amazing abodes with all the comforts of more traditional homes. Thanks to the generosity of the Huffard family, every year a Huffard Architect is named and comes to Deerfield to share their work with students, faculty, and staff. The program was established in 2005 in memory of Wick Huffard '03, who had hoped to pursue a career in architecture after college.
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