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Unexpected Archeological Discovery of Blue Pigment in Teeth of a Medieval Woman May Rewrite History

The discovery of blue pigment in the teeth of a medieval skeleton in Germany is challenging widespread assumptions about the production of illuminated religious texts. It has long been assumed that monks, rather than nuns, were the primary producers of books throughout the Middle Ages. Recent historical research, however, has challenged this view, revealing that religious women were not only literate but also prolific producers and consumers of books. Read More.»

Captain Milton ‘Jamie’ Sands ’88 Receives 2018 Heritage Award at School Meeting

Captain Jamie Sands ’88 visited Deerfield this week to accept the 2018 Heritage Award. Jamie has had a distinguished career in the Navy, where he has led SEAL teams in special operations around the world. The Heritage Award is presented annually to a Deerfield alumnus or alumna whose professional and personal achievements represent a special contribution to the betterment of society. Watch the award ceremony and interview led by Nathan Hu '19 on Vimeo.
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His Majesty King Abdullah bin Hussein ’80 Accepts 2018 Templeton Prize

"This past Tuesday several hundred attendees — including religious leaders, scholars, ambassadors, members of Congress and the UN’s Secretary General — braved a chilly night to come to the National Cathedral to see King Abdullah receive the 2018 Templeton Prize for his work in calling Muslims — and all people — to identify and pursue common purposes. Designed to be larger than the Nobel Prize, the Templeton Prize was established in 1972 to honor those who affirm life’s spiritual dimension through insight, discovery, or practical works."

Deerfield Jewish Student Alliance Holds Tree of Life Vigil

Members of the Deerfield community gathered for a candlelight vigil on Sunday evening to honor the lives of those lost in the senseless shooting that took place at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 27th, 2018. Student-members of the Jewish Student Alliance read remembrances about each of the 11 victims and led those gathered in the Mourner's Kaddish prayer.
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Deerfield Farm Team Helps with Local Harvest

Small in numbers, but mighty in service to the community, The Deerfield Farm Team harvested carrots with local farmers at Riverland Farm, in Sunderland this week. Deerfield students have been helping out on this farm for the past ten years!
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Woodcuts and Monotypes by Keiji Shinohara on View in the von Auersberg Gallery

The exhibition, "Whispers of the Infinite: Woodcuts and Monotypes," by artist Keiji Shinohara opened last Sunday in the von Auersperg Art Gallery. Students docents will offer tours from Oct 8 until the end of the show on October 29. Student docents have met with the artist, and they hope to share some of the stories behind the work that they learned during their workshop.​ Handouts are available in the gallery with suggested visual exercises to do in connection to this exhibition. The exercises are designed to encourage observation, reflection, and possible conversations.
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