The pulse

  1. Kiana Rawji ’18 Produces Moving Documentary Titled “Long Distance” During Gap year Before Attending Harvard

    "The film follows Norie and Derek, a Filipino immigrant couple in Calgary impacted by the massive COVID-19 outbreak at the Cargill meat plant in April 2020. It’s a story of injustice, revealing the long way Canada still has to go to achieve its promise of multiculturalism and equity, but it’s also a story of love and resilience. Norie and Derek are resolute dreamers, prepared to start over again and again because they believe in this country and in themselves. It’s migrants like them who make Canada the Canada we are all so proud of—they’re not just essential workers; they’re essential Canadians."

  2. New York Times Reporter Mujib Mashal ’07 on Escaping Kabul in 2021

    "I got a scholarship to go to Deerfield Academy, a high school in Massachusetts, and then to Columbia University. In the summers, I returned to my family in Kabul to see new buildings going up everywhere. Universities were a favorite, and sprawling wedding halls, too. Like a lot of Afghans educated abroad in those years, I chose to come home to make my living after getting my degree…"