Deerfield Parents Network

The Deerfield Parents Network (DPN) was created almost a decade ago, in 2011, to enhance the partnerships among Deerfield parents and between parents and the Academy. As you know, schools no longer serve in loco parentis, “in the place of parents,” but rather a latere parentes, “alongside of parents,” and the goal of the Parents Network is to improve the Deerfield Experience for all students and families. All Deerfield parents and guardians are “automatically” members of the DPN.

The DPN Steering Committee is composed of 25-30 members and meets three times a year: during Fall and Spring Family Weekends, and mid-school year in January. The DPN is organized around five primary committees and responsible for an array of programs including:

Communications provides input to the weekly Deerfield Families FYI electronic newsletter; and reviews and updates the DPN web pages. For more information and to get involved please contact:

Carlos Fierro
Ana Centola

Events is focused on campus events—such as tours of Historic Deerfield and group hikes to the Rock during Fall and Spring Family weekends, regional welcome gatherings for new students and their families during the summer, and the Friday night year-end Senior party for all graduating students and their parents and guardians. For more information and to get involved please contact:

Tricia Stenger
Libellule Sarachek

First Link is a mentoring program that welcomes and integrates new families to the Academy. For more information and to get involved please contact:

Vanessa Lewis 
Stefanie Grosse
Tracy Fauver

The Inclusion Committee helps to host all-community book reads, suggests potential parent panelists and keynote speakers for the Academy’s annual “MLK Day” (Martin Luther King Jr.) program, and a myriad of additional ways that the DPN can best support the Office of Inclusion and Community Life. For more information and to get involved please contact
Judith McKie

The Nominating Committee thoughtfully and carefully considers potential Steering Committee candidates. For more information and/or to share suggestions for candidates, please contact
Brooke Spater
Oscar Anderson

The Deerfield Parents Network (DPN) is an organization aimed at building partnerships among Deerfield parents, and between parents and the Academy.

Schools such as Deerfield no longer serve “in the place of parents,” but rather “along side of parents.” The goal of our Parents Network is to improve the Deerfield Experience for all students and their families through several initiatives. As a Deerfield parent, you are already part of the DPN. If you would like to help with any of the initiatives described here, or with new projects as they develop, please email the Deerfield Parents Network.

The DPN’s signature program is the First Link, which organizes contacts between current Deerfield parents and the families of newly-enrolled students each spring. Experienced parents offer words of welcome and share their knowledge of the workings of the school. The First Link program also encourages and helps organize gatherings of current and incoming families as one step to ease the transition to campus life.


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Families FYIs

The Deerfield Families FYI is emailed to all current families once a week.

Specific content varies, but every edition of the FYI contains important (and helpful!) reminders and notices for parents and guardians, announcements and information, and links to photos and videos that give everybody a fun glimpse into “life on campus.”

Accidentally deleted last week’s FYI? Just can’t find it in your inbox anymore? Here’s an archive of every edition that has been sent out so far this year. Enjoy! (And please feel free to reach out to the Deerfield Academy Communications Office if you have any questions. Thank you.)


The DPN provides parent-to-parent content for the Deerfield Families FYI e-newsletters throughout the year. 

These newsletters are a great vehicle for sharing information and inviting informed parent involvement in the life of the Deerfield community. They are also the Academy’s primary means of sharing official “news and notices” with parents. Past DPN articles have included parent perspectives on the DA experience, tips for dealing with common challenges, and information that helps parents understand the array of supportive services at the Academy. Parent suggestions on topics of interest and parent perspective pieces are welcomed; please contact DPN Vice President for Communications Ana Centola P’21 with your suggestions.

The Parents Network also coordinates with student initiatives to serve the needs of the surrounding community and has sponsored campus beautification projects, with the help of parent volunteers, during Family Weekends. The DPN Steering Committee also holds annual meetings during Family Weekends, usually early on Saturday mornings; all current parents and guardians are welcome. If you would like to get involved in any of our programs, just ask! We welcome your participation. Go Big Green!

Important Dates

Please view the full academy calendar for the official and most up-to-date list of events, vacation start/end times, future year events, and more.


2020-2021 School Year

March 29, 2021 Spring Term begins with remote learning
April 3, 2021 Ninth and tenth grades return to campus
April 4, 2021 Juniors and seniors return to campus
May 30, 2021 Commencement
May 31, 2021 Spring Term ends / students depart campus

2021-2022 School Year

August 30, 2021All Ninth Graders, New Students, and Titled Student Leaders Return
August 31, 2021All Returning Tenth Graders, Juniors, and Seniors Return
September 1, 2021First Day of Classes
September 5, 2021Convocation
October 22–25, 2021Fall Family Weekend
October 25, 2021Fall Term Holiday
November 19, 2021Fall Term Ends at Noon
November 30, 2021Winter Term Begins
December 16, 2021Winter Break Begins at Noon
January 4, 2022Winter Term Continues
February 4–7, 2022Long Winter Weekend
March 4, 2022Winter Term Ends
March 21, 2022Spring Term Begins
April 22–23, 2022Spring Showcase
May 29, 2022Commencement
May 30, 2022Spring Term Ends at 2pm

Note: For vacations and long weekends, students may not leave prior to their last regularly scheduled class, assessments, or cocurricular assignment; schedule changes should not be requested to accommodate travel plans. Dormitories close the day after school vacations begin and all students should arrange to be off campus by that time.

The First Link Program

The First Link program is part of the Deerfield Parents Network geared towards building new relationships among parents within the Deerfield community. Over the years, it has become an important and valuable tradition.

2020–2021 Steering Committee

Executive Committee:


  • Elizabeth Darling, Greenwich, CT (George ’22)

VPs Campus Events:

  • Tricia Stenger, Lafayette, CA (Kate ’22 and Lauren ’22)
  • Libellule Sarachek, New York, NY (Achille ’21)

VPs Communications:

  • Ana Centola, New York, NY (Alexander ’21)
  • Carlos Fierro, New York, NY (Matthew ’22, Stella ’23)

VPs First Link:

  • Vanessa Lewis, Bedford, NY (Charlie ’21)
  • Stefanie Grosse, San Francisco, CA (William ’22, Alexander ’22)
  • Tracy Fauver, Bedford, NY (George ’22)

VP Inclusion:

  • Judith McKie, Brooklyn, NY (Hannah ’22)

VPs Nominating:

  • Brook Spatër, Topsfield, MA (Whitney ’21, Tom ’23)
  • Oscar Anderson ’88, New York, NY (Ismay ’21)

Steering Committee:

  • Liz Anderson ’94, Greenwich, CT (Greer ’22 and Stone ’23)
  • Rachel Baker, New Canaan, CT (Daly ’21, Maeve ’23)
  • Elizabeth Brenan, Chestnut Hill, MA (Annabelle ’23)
  • Kristen Brown, Dayton, OH (Joe ’23)
  • Terry Darling ’87, Greenwich, CT (George ’22)
  • Stephanie Gallo, Modesto, CA (Amelia ’23)
  • Lourdes Fanjul, Palm Beach, FL (Peps ’20)
  • Stephen Harrick ’89, Menlo Park, CA (Thomas ’23)
  • Thomas Kainamura, Rocky Hill, CT (Max ’22)
  • Stefanie Grosse, San Francisco, CA (William ’22 and Alexander ’22)
  • Lisa Kittredge, Amherst, MA (Kylie ’22) 
  • Colby McClure, Blufton, SC (Sloan ’23)
  • Laura Patton, Houston, TX (John ’23)
  • Jennifer Roche, South Deerfield, MA (Maggie ’19 and Hannah ’21)
  • Fabiola Rolfe, Greenwich, CT (Isabella ’21, Alexander ’24)
  • Vaness Willett, New York, NY (Jack ’23)
  • Tara Wuchenich, Santa Monica, CA (Max ’21)
  • Pat Moriarty, Deerfield, MA (Morgan ’22) – Faculty Rep

Trustee Liaison:

Diana Newton,Dallas, TX (Will ’22, Thayer ‘24)

Parent and Guardian Forum Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

The Deerfield Parents Network (DPN) is an organization aimed at building partnerships among Deerfield parents, and between parents and the Academy. Schools like Deerfield no longer serve “in the place of parents,” but rather “along side of parents.” The goal of the Parents Network is to improve the Deerfield experience for all students and their families through several initiatives.

The Deerfield Parents Network does not have a formal office. The network of parents, staff, and volunteers spans the globe.

Sending an email to is a good first point of contact for general inquiries. We’ll help you get in touch with members to answer your questions or help you to get involved.

There are many ways for a parent to support Deerfield. You can join the First Link program; you can attend student performances or athletic events; or make a contribution in programs that benefit students and the Academy’s efforts to create the best environment for learning.

Contact the Deerfield Parents Network