Safety & Security

Deerfield’s security officers are on the job 24/7 to ensure the safety and security of all people in the Deerfield Academy community.

24/7 Help Line: 413-772-9880

You can contact the Security Office at any time if you feel unsafe or require assistance both on- or off-campus. In the case of fire or medical emergencies, first call 911 and then call Security’s cell phone at 413-772-9880.



  1. David Gendron

    Director of Safety and Security
  2. Brandon Ambo

    Security Officer
    • Tammy Balestracci

      Security Officer
    • Debra Barisano

      Security Officer
    • John Carney

      Security Officer
      • James Dion

        Security Officer
        • James Fitzgerald

          Security Officer
          • David Karbon

            Security Officer
          • Kane Kurtyka

          • Michael Lapointe

            Bus Driver, Security Officer
          • Christopher MacDougall

            Assistant Director of Safety & Security
          • John Richardson

            Security Officer
          • Brooke Shulda

            Security Officer
            • Elizabeth Unaitis

              Security Officer

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Call security at (413) 774-1558 (extension 1558) or 772-9880.

            Deerfield Academy has a comprehensive emergency notification system that notifies the campus community of dangerous weather, hazardous material spills, and other active threats on campus. The notifications only apply to emergency situations or conditions that pose an immediate or imminent threat to the safety of the campus community or could significantly disrupt its activities.

            Emergency notification methods include: emergency text messaging (add your cell phone number to the list with our cell phone emergency notification form), outdoor sirens, emergency emails, and alerts on the Daily Bulletin.

            Contact Safety & Security

            413-772-9880 (24hr)

            Main School Building, Basement
            Mon–Sun, 24 hours

            PO Box 87
            Deerfield, MA 01342