Deerfield Academy Summer Arts Camp

DASAC is an alternative education community focusing on experimental and traditional arts in a day camp setting, for campers ages 11 through 16. DASAC creates space and agency for campers to be their most authentic selves.

DASAC is designed to welcome children from the communities that surround Deerfield. Because of this design, we seek camper families that are rooted in the nearby communities.


DASAC’s philosophy is grounded in the release of imagination in the aesthetic realm. We believe and trust in adolescent creative energy. DASAC’s goal is to give support and boundaries to create a community where exploration and experimentation are encouraged, yet balanced by awareness of the disciplines of each craft. The freedom of choice is balanced by skill development woven into the structure of each day. This gives each camper an experience that includes breadth of opportunities with depth of disciplined instruction to serve creative expression and social awareness.

Mission and Objectives

The mission and objectives of Deerfield Academy Summer Arts Camp reflect the needs and expectations of our campers and their families as well as the vision and ideals of the staff.

MISSION: DASAC strives to create a safe, supportive community for adolescents to explore the arts in a fun and exceptionally creative environment.

These Objectives for Campers Aim to Carry Out This Mission:

  • To participate in the arts as a means of self expression.
  • To develop and refine technical skills to serve this expression.
  • To build a sense of positive affiliation with a community of fellow artists/learners.
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for the goals of one’s artistic expression.
  • To develop social awareness of and responsibility for the role of the arts in society.


  1. John Bechtold

    DASAC Administrative Director
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    DASAC - Summer Arts Program
  2. Caitlyn Welch

    Experimentory Program Coordinator
    Experimentory Summer Program, DASAC - Summer Arts Program, KIPP/STEP, Summer Programs Office