Philosophy and Religion

Courses in philosophy and religion expose Deerfield students to the sources, principles, and applications of the ideas that influence our actions and assign meaning to the human experience. Deerfield believes that as part of their education, students should examine their own values, and to do so properly it is helpful to be aware of some of the historical, philosophical, and theological foundations underlying their assumptions and beliefs.

  1. PHI200


  2. PHI405

    The Philosophy of Happiness

  3. PHI430

    Mind, Meaning and Reality

  4. PHI600

    Political Philosophy

  5. PHI608

    Ethics of Artificial Intel.

  6. PHI620

    Proof & Persuasion

  7. PHI635

    Seeing Society

  8. PHI671

    Inside Out

  9. REL405

    Native American Spirituality

  10. REL406

    Rel. of the World - Abrahamic

  11. REL407

    Rel. of the World - Dharmic

Faculty and Staff

  1. Jamie Brightman

    College Advisor, Phil & Rel Teacher
    Philosophy & Religion, College Advising Office
  2. Michael Cary

    History & Social Science Teacher
    Philosophy & Religion, History and Social Science
  3. Jan Flaska

    Dean of Ethical & Spiritual Life, PhilRel Teacher
    Center for Service/Global Citizenship, Philosophy & Religion
  4. Doug Kremm

    Philosophy & Religious Studies Teacher, Dept. Chair
    Philosophy & Religion

Frequently Asked Questions

Deerfield requires that students entering as ninth or tenth graders are required to take a one‑term course in philosophy and religion during their time at Deerfield. The program is enhanced through visiting speakers and other on-campus events.

These courses address the foundations of ethical decision-making and the place of religion in both Eastern and Western cultures.

Junior and senior level courses give the student an opportunity to explore philosophical and religious ideas in greater depth and to see their connection to Eastern and Western cultures and political issues.

Numerous faith gathering, discussions and meditation groups are hosted throughout the year by the Office of Spiritual Life, the Center for Service and Global Citizenship, and by the Student Spiritual Life Council at Deerfield Academy.  Please contact Jan Flaska, Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life, at 413.774.1486 or, for more information.

Contact the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department

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