We live our Core Values:

  • Citizenship in a spirit of humility, empathy, and responsibility
  • Face-to-face interactions characterized by joy and generosity of spirit
  • Connectedness to our unique setting and the contemporary world
  • Reflection and balance, promoting intellectual vitality and self-understanding
  • Pursuit of mastery built on a foundation of breadth and versatility
  • Shared experiences, large and small, as sources of relationships, identity, and community

The Deerfield Community
Deerfield Academy is an independent secondary school committed to high standards of scholarship, citizenship, and personal responsibility.

Through a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, extensive cocurricular program, and supportive residential environment, Deerfield encourages each student to develop an inquisitive and creative mind, sound body, and strong moral character.

Set in a historic village bounded by river, hills, and farms, Deerfield inspires reflection, study and play, abiding friendships, and a defining school spirit.

A vibrant, ethical community that embraces diversity, the Academy prepares students for leadership in a rapidly changing world that requires global understanding, environmental stewardship, and dedication to service.

At Deerfield

Ninety-eight percent of the faculty live on campus.

Seventy percent of Deerfield faculty members hold advanced degrees and have expertise in more than one discipline. They are teachers, coaches, and program directors, and when you live where you learn, that learning extends well beyond the classroom. 

Student Life Office: The Student Life Office oversees all aspects of student life at the Academy. There is no more direct link between students and the administrative faculty than the Assistant Head of School for Student Life and the deans, who are in close contact with both parties at all times, and are always available to talk with students. Here are a few of the responsibilities that reside within the Student Life Office (aka “SLO”).

  • Management of clubs and alliances;
  • Setting the rules and expectations for students;
  • Approving overnights and other travel forms;
  • Oversight of the disciplinary process.

Faculty Advisors: Advisors are the primary point of contact for Deerfield students, parents, and guardians. They have a strong working knowledge of the Academy’s academic program and work to ensure that students can navigate effectively, offering opportunities for exposure to new courses and in-depth exploration of existing areas of interest.

Academic Affairs Office: The Academic Affairs Office is the go-to resource for specific issues. Dean of Studies Lydia Hemphill, Director of Academic Support Sheryl Koyama, and Dean of Academic Affairs Anne Bruder are responsible for all areas of academic life at Deerfield.

Class Deans: Each class is assigned a dean who provides more personalized assistance to the students in their classes. These deans are part of the Student Life Office, and share similar responsibilities. For smaller issues, such as clearing APs and other non-disciplinary requests, students should be in touch with their respective class dean.

Dean of Faculty: The Dean of Faculty’s Office is responsible for all matters relating to the Academy’s faculty.