The mathematics program at Deerfield has been specially designed to develop the ideas and skills that will enable students to function with confidence and intelligence in a swiftly changing world. Deerfield students learn the science of number, quantity, and spaceand how to solve mathematical problems through an assortment of strategies, how to communicate their solutions clearly, and how to work effectively on projects with their peers. 

  1. MAT101

    Algebra I-101

  2. MAT102

    Algebra I-102

  3. MAT201


  4. MAT202


  5. MAT301

    Algebra II-301

  6. MAT302

    Algebra II-302

  7. MAT303

    Honors Algebra II

  8. MAT400

    Acc Algebra and Precalculus

  9. MAT401

    Precalculus & Statistics

  10. MAT402


  11. MAT403

    Honors Precalculus

  12. MAT450

    Discrete Math & Precalculus

  13. MAT501


  14. MAT502

    AP Calculus AB

  15. MAT503

    AP Calculus BC

  16. MAT503A

    AP Calculus BC - Spr term

  17. MAT510

    AP Statistics

  18. MAT602

    Adv Calc w Intro to Multivar

  19. MAT603

    Multivar Calc & Diff Equations

  20. MAT705

    Linear Algebra

  21. MAT806

    Special Topics

Faculty and Staff

  1. Libby Anderson

    Math Teacher
  2. Darnel Barnes

    Math Teacher
  3. Katie Calhoun

    Math Department Chair & Teacher
  4. Deborah Costello

    Asst. Dean of Faculty, Math Teacher
    Dean of the Faculty's Office, Mathematics
  5. Marc Dancer

    Math Teacher
  6. Aaron Duphily

    Math Teacher
  7. Andrew Fischer

    Math Teacher
  8. Hardy Gieske

    Math Teacher
  9. Aaron Gordoa

    Teaching Fellow - Math
  10. Callie Gray

    Math Teacher
  11. Megan Hayes-Golding

    Science Teacher & Math Teacher
    Mathematics, Science & Computer Science
  12. Sean Keller

    Math Teacher
  13. Sheryl Koyama

    Director of Academic Support, Math Teacher
    Academic Affairs Office, Mathematics
  14. Sam Leitermann-Long

    Math Teacher
  15. Alexandra Newlon

    Math Teacher
  16. Nina Otterson

    Math Teacher
  17. Forest Reid

    Math & Computer Science Teacher
    Science & Computer Science, Mathematics

Frequently Asked Questions

All Deerfield math students are expected to have their own graphing calculator and to be proficient in its use.  Any TI-84 graphing calculators is fine, but we recommend the TI‑84 Plus CE which is available for purchase from the Hitchcock House, or at most department stores. Teachers are happy to help students learn to use their calculators if necessary.

In order to be eligible for a diploma, students must complete at least Algebra II. Most students choose to take a math class every year, and proceed well beyond the minimum requirement.

New students are sent a placement test in the spring before they enter Deerfield, according to their math record at their previous school. Taking account of each student’s placement score, requested math course, and academic transcript, the math department places students in appropriate classes to match their skill level. Adjustments to levels may be made during the first two weeks of the new term to be sure students are in the class best suited to their abilities.

Before they enter Deerfield, all new students are required to take a math placement test to determine an appropriate class. Students who have already taken a language they wish to continue studying at Deerfield will take a placement test to determine what level class they should take. If the placement in either department is deemed inappropriate after the student arrives, then the section teacher may suggest a change of level. Students may also request such a change and should consult with their teacher and their academic advisor before contacting the Academic Affairs Office.

Contact the Math Department

Koch Center 309
Mon–Fri, 8am–4pm

7 Boyden Lane, PO Box 87
Deerfield, MA 01342