In Deerfield classrooms, we’ve got you covered: from English 200: Voice and Vision to Math 705: Linear Algebra, the depth and breadth of course offerings gives you the opportunity to enroll in classes that are appropriate to your abilities and interests. Throughout the school year sharing your work—in class, at School Meeting, in literary journals, and through artistic performances and exhibitions—is one of those Deerfield traditions that
takes learning to the next level.

Arts: Visual & Performing

The arts contribute greatly to campus life. From studio art classes, to photography, film & video, and advanced acting tutorials, every Deerfield student participates in the arts. Whether it’s music, dance, or design, students gain energy and essential skills from the arts at Deerfield.


Athletics play a big role in our students’ lives at Deerfield Academy. We believe the quality of our interscholastic and recreational programs can offer our students the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills and instill important life skills including discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and humility. These skills complement what Deerfield students are already receiving in their classes. It is a goal of this department to have every Deerfield graduate leave here with a desire to lead a rewarding and active life.

Center for Service and Global Citizenship

Summer Programs