The arts contribute greatly to campus life. From studio art classes, to photography, film & video, and advanced acting tutorials, every Deerfield student participates in the arts. Whether it’s music, dance, or design, students gain energy and essential skills from the arts at Deerfield.
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Studio Art

The visual arts play a significant role in the life of the school. Vibrant academic courses, unique cocurricular options, and substantive exhibitions captivate our students and inspire the community. Our course offerings provide an essential creative outlet and a means by which students can apply their artistic scholarship to real-world applications.


Our courses range from introductory to Advanced Placement and specialized tutorials, with content that delves deep into art history and addresses contemporary issues in photography. We explore the technical aspects of a variety of film and digital cameras, and work with processing techniques that range from nineteenth century cyanotype to twenty-first century Giclée printing. Projects are designed to teach skills in maximizing the potential of the camera while allowing students creative freedom.

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Film & Video

Deerfield has a dynamic film/video program, with students working in a range of genres. There are introductory courses and advanced tutorials, and students have produced award-winning documentaries and feature length films.


The architecture program has been a long-standing component of the arts curriculum at Deerfield Academy and introduces students to drawing, design, and model-building techniques, architectural vocabulary, and the role and responsibilities of architects and architecture in society. It also strives to incorporate a larger philosophical discussion regarding our current- and future-built environment that will enable students to be active participants in later discussions and decisions, regardless of their eventual career path.


Theater provides a plethora of benefits to those who study it, including increased confidence, resilience, collaboration, discipline, and creativity. Deerfield Academy is proud of its award-winning, active theater program. In a typical year, more than 100 students participate as actors and technicians and more than 2,500 patrons attend four annual productions. 


Deerfield’s comprehensive dance program provides training in modern, jazz, ballet, pointe, hip-hop, and contemporary dance techniques as well as instruction in the craft of choreography and improvisation. Classes are tailored to meet the needs of all experience levels from complete beginners to pre-professional dancers. There are opportunities to perform in and choreograph for dance concerts that are presented each of our three terms.


The Music Program at Deerfield Academy is home to a world-renowned faculty of music professionals and boasts a state-of-the-art performing arts facility that rivals the nation’s finest conservatories.

Our wide array of music classes, student ensembles, and guest artist residencies provide students the opportunity to gain deep knowledge and direct experience in the many diverse facets of the modern musical landscape.

  1. ART100

    Art of Seeing & Drawing

  2. ART110

    Art of Seeing & Photographing

  3. ART120

    Intro to Film and Video

  4. ART130

    Intro to Architecture

  5. ART140

    Intro to Urban Design

  6. ART150

    Art of Color and Painting

  7. ART210

    Architectural Drawing & Des. 1

  8. ART220

    Film and Video 2

  9. ART309

    AP Studio Art: Photo/2-D Des.

  10. ART309P

    AP Studio Art- Photo (p/f)

  11. ART310

    Architectural Drawing & Des. 2

  12. ART319

    AP Drawing and Painting

  13. ART319P

    AP Drawing & Painting (p/f)

  14. ART320

    Architecture of Deerfield

  15. ART400

    Post AP Studio Art

  16. ART400P

    Post AP Studio Art (p/f)

  17. ART410

    Architectural Design Studio

  18. ART420

    Art History

  19. ART509

    Honors Studio Art: Drawing

  20. ART509P

    Hon. Studio Art: Drawing (p/f)

  21. DAN100

    Intro to Dance

  22. DAN100P

    Intro to Dance (p/f)

  23. DAN110

    Dance 1

  24. DAN110P

    Dance 1 (p/f)

  25. DAN200

    Dance 2

  26. DAN200P

    Dance 2 (p/f)

  27. DAN300

    Dance 3

  28. DAN300P

    Dance 3 (p/f)

  29. DAN400

    Dance 4

  30. DAN400P

    Dance 4 (p/f)

  31. DAN409

    Honors Dance Ensemble

  32. DAN409P

    Honors Dance Ensemble (p/f)

  33. MUS130

    Studio Production 1

  34. MUS200

    Vocal Ensemble

  35. MUS200P

    Vocal Ensemble (p/f)

  36. MUS210


  37. MUS210P

    Band (p/f)

  38. MUS220

    Chamber Music

  39. MUS220P

    Chamber Music (p/f)

  40. MUS230

    Studio Production 2

  41. MUS409

    Honors Vocal Ensemble

  42. MUS409P

    Honors Vocal Ensemble (p/f)

  43. MUS419

    Honors Band

  44. MUS429

    Honors Chamber Music

  45. MUS439

    Honors Music Comp. & Analysis

  46. THE100

    Foundations of Acting

  47. THE100P

    Foundations of Acting (p/f)

  48. THE200

    Acting Technique

  49. THE200P

    Acting Technique (p/f)

  50. THE210

    Musical Theater Studio

  51. THE210P

    Musical Theater Studio (p/f)

  52. THE300

    Acting & Directing for Stage 1

  53. THE300P

    Acting & Dir for Stage 1 (p/f)

  54. THE310

    Film Studies

  55. THE320

    Acting & Directing for Stage 2

  56. THE320P

    Acting & Dir for Stage 2 (p/f)

  57. THE400

    Acting Studio

  58. THE400P

    Acting Studio (p/f)

Frequently Asked Questions

Before they enter Deerfield, all new students are required to take a math placement test to determine an appropriate class. Students who have already taken a language they wish to continue studying at Deerfield will take a placement test to determine what level class they should take. If the placement in either department is deemed inappropriate after the student arrives, then the teacher may suggest a change of level. Students may also request such a change if they feel they are misplaced, and should consult with their teacher and their academic advisor before contacting the Dean of Studies.

Students have a variety of opportunities to travel abroad through the Center for Service and Global Citizenship travel programs that run domestic and international trips during school breaks.

Study abroad and term-away opportunities are available to students through approved, partnered-programs. Study abroad is available in 10th through 12th grade, but typically students who choose to go abroad will do so during their junior year. Read more about off-campus study opportunities online here.

Yes. In order to garner Honors distinction a student must have a cumulative term average above 90.0%. High Honors requires an average of 93.0% or above. You can read more about Deerfield’s honor roll online here.

Because of its commitment to high-quality academics, Deerfield offers a wide range of rigorous courses. All of Deerfield’s classes are appropriately challenging, but courses designated as “honors,” “accelerated,” or “AP” provide an extra challenge for ambitious students.

All students are assigned a faculty advisor by late summer before they start school. After their first year, students may choose a new advisor, or continue with their original advisor, depending on the relationships they have developed with Deerfield’s faculty. Advisors are responsible for submitting course requests and writing an advisor report every term. They are available for questions a student may have and are involved in every major academic, co-or extra-curricular decision a student makes while at Deerfield. In addition, faculty eat lunch with their advisees every Thursday and may schedule other meetings for their advisees. Advisors are a key component of the Deerfield experience, as they provide guidance and support to students throughout their time at Deerfield.

Students are permitted to miss a maximum of eight (8) combined class days for Pursuits of Excellence, College Visits or other reasons each academic year (no more than 6 days missed per term). Exceptions to the eight-day limit must be approved through the Academic Affairs Office. Requests must be received at least three (3) days prior to the event. Any student requesting to miss class should make sure they are aware of the 20% Rule policy (found in the Student Handbook under the 20% Rule), and, if their request is approved, students should be sure to inform their teacher(s) of their upcoming absence(s) and arrange to make up missed work. Please click here to read more about our Request to Miss Classes Policy.

Alums and current students can request their Deerfield transcript online via our secure credentialing site, Parchment. More information on how to create a Parchment account and order your transcript can be found online here. If you have questions, please contact the Academic Affairs Office at 413-774-1470 or

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