Academic work at Deerfield is graded on a numerical scale where the minimum passing grade is 60. Grades of 90 and above are reserved for excellent work. Grades are reported to students and their parents and guardians at the midterms and ends of term. At the end of each term, grades are accompanied by course medians (i.e., the median of all grades earned in English 200) and evaluative written comments. In addition, written comments may be provided at midterm in the first term of a course.

Advisor feedback, which reviews a student’s progress and performance in the dormitory and in co-curricular activities, is available online for parents and guardians in the winter and at year’s end.

Honor Roll

An academic honor roll is determined at the conclusion of each term (except for AY2021, which was awarded at the end of the academic year). Eligibility is based on the following criteria:

  • Qualifying cumulative grade averages for the term of 93.0 or above garner High Honors distinction.
  • Qualifying cumulative grade averages for the term of 90.0 or above garner Honors distinction.
  • The student must be enrolled in at least five courses for which a numerical grade is recorded.
  • The student must be passing all courses.

Students will be notified via email when they earn a High Honors or Honors distinction; typically, email notifications are sent two to three weeks after term-end grades are released. Please contact the Academic Affairs Office with any questions.

Cum Laude

Deerfield’s elite scholars may achieve membership in The Cum Laude Society at one of two junctures. At the conclusion of the 11th-grade year, members of the class are considered for induction. The Cum Laude Committee evaluates grades, rigor of academic schedule, and breadth of mastery. Furthermore, in alignment with the national organization’s pillars of diké (justice), timé (honor), and areté (excellence), the committee will also consider the merit of a student’s citizenship within the Deerfield community. A 12th grader may also be elected to Cum Laude just before graduation, with the committee weighing similar guidelines as were employed for the early inductees.