In the richness of its course offerings, its small classes typically conducted in a seminar format, and its emphasis on writing and discussion, English at Deerfield exemplifies the academic rigor and standards of excellence found across the Deerfield curriculum. All courses stress careful reading, responsible thinking, and clear, precise expression of ideas. Students study literature representing a broad range of cultural perspectives.

  1. ENG100

    Voices & Visions of Justice

  2. ENG200

    Defining Literary Traditions

  3. ENG210

    Writer's Craft

  4. ENG300

    American Dreams

  5. ENG310

    America in Black and White

  6. ENG320

    American Understandings

  7. ENG330

    In the American Grain

  8. ENG340

    American Voices

  9. ENG350

    American Identities

  10. ENG360

    American Ghost Stories

  11. ENG380

    American Stages

  12. ENG390

    American Selves

  13. ENG400

    Black Women's Writing

  14. ENG401

    Future Shock

  15. ENG402

    Mystery, Madness, and Lies

  16. ENG406

    Creative Nonfiction Workshop

  17. ENG407

    Off the Shelf: A Tutorial

  18. ENG410

    The Art of Political Argument

  19. ENG414

    Growing Up Girl

  20. ENG417

    Lyrics as Poetry

  21. ENG420

    Inside Out

  22. ENG421

    Literature of Passing

  23. ENG422

    Boarding School Books

  24. ENG424

    The Craft of College Writing

  25. ENG426

    The Art of Detection

  26. ENG427

    NY Stories: Finding Home

  27. ENG428

    Shakespeare: Forsaken Friends

  28. ENG430

    Dear Reader: Lives of Letters

  29. ENG431

    Food Writing

  30. ENG432

    Our Vampires, Ourselves

  31. ENG434

    Heroes Fall

  32. ENG436

    Frozen Shadows

  33. ENG437

    Tonight's Terror

  34. ENG438

    The Worlds We Build

  35. ENG440

    Writing as a Professional Critic

  36. ENG441

    Think Slow: Contemporary Reading

  37. ENG442

    Short Moments of Transformation

  38. ENG446

    Think Slow: Poetry Now!

  39. ENG447

    A Southern Odyssey: Frazier's Cold Mountain

  40. IDE309

    American Studies

  41. IDE400

    River and Rock

Faculty and Staff

  1. Christian Austin

    English Teacher
  2. Alexandra Carter

    English Teacher
  3. Kena Chavva

    Teaching Fellow – English
  4. Melissa Dickey

    English Teacher
  5. Emma Hodge

    English Teacher
  6. Heather Liske

    English Teacher
  7. Monica Matouk

    Spouse of Head of School, English Teacher
  8. Samuel Morris

    English Teacher
  9. Justin Romick

    English Teacher
  10. Vincent Rougeau

    English Teacher
  11. Mark Scandling

    English Teacher
  12. Julie Schloat

    English Teacher
  13. Andy Stallings

    English Teacher
  14. Anna Steim

    English Teacher, English Department Chair
  15. Joel Thomas-Adams

    English Teacher
  16. Ryan Tyree

    English Teacher
  17. Hadley Westman

    Dean of Teaching & Learning, English Teacher
  18. Kim Wright

    English Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Extending a long tradition, Deerfield ninth graders, sophomores, and juniors share their expressive voices aloud in declamations. Tapping their own imaginations and perspectives, they engage with the written word and perform oral interpretations of the prose or poetry they have written or committed to memory. Seniors take on a slightly different challenge in crafting and reading aloud meditations, their extended reflections on the experiences and ideas that have shaped their unfolding lives.

Whether in detailing nuanced literary arguments, shaping sonnets, or sustaining narratives, Deerfield writers patiently attend to their emerging styles. Regardless of the genre in which they write, students first learn to engage with the syntax of sentences and to ensure the unity within and among paragraphs. Later, students develop concise long-form works, striving to express themselves with the confidence and distinctiveness that signals their readiness to embrace sophisticated demands as readers and thinkers.

Yes, several. The Deerfield Scroll, established in 1925, is the official student newspaper of Deerfield Academy. Albany Road is the literary and arts magazine. Little Brown House Review is an annual collection of some of the best writing at Deerfield.

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