Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Office is responsible for all aspects of academic life at Deerfield. The Dean of Studies is Lydia Hemphill. The Director of Academic Support is Sheryl Koyama. Anne Bruder serves as the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Responsibilities of the Academic Affairs Office include:

  • Management of the Curriculum
  • Course requests and scheduling 
  • Reviewing and approving course change requests
  • Holding teachers accountable to Academy guidelines
  • Ensuring NCAA compliance—overseen by NCAA Compliance Officer
  • Overseeing the academic honesty disciplinary process
  • Making sure that students meet their graduation requirements

For more information about academic life at Deerfield, including the academic calendar, please visit the Academic Affairs Office page.


  1. Anne Bruder

    Dean of Academic Affairs
    Academic Affairs Office
  2. Erin Donnally Drake

    Manager of Student Information Systems
    Academic Affairs Office
  3. Lydia Hemphill

    Dean of Studies
    Academic Affairs Office
  4. Amanda Howe

    Testing Proctor & ELC Substitute Teacher
    Academic Affairs Office
  5. Sheryl Koyama

    Director of Academic Support, Math Teacher
    Academic Affairs Office, Center for Service/Global Citizenship, Mathematics
  6. Hadley Westman

    Dean of Teaching & Learning, English Teacher
    English, Academic Affairs Office
  7. Hannah White

    Administrative Assistant to the Academic Affairs Office
    Academic Affairs Office