& Social Science

The History and Social Science at Deerfield Academy challenges students to identify and explain the forces, visible and invisible, that shape our world. By learning to think like historians and social scientists, our students come to appreciate knowledge as constructed, rooted in intellectual and social traditions, and produced by unending argument. In our seminar-style courses, classmates form scholarly communities in which they wrestle with knotty interpretive and ethical questions and create original work in varied media that expands the boundaries of our collective understanding. With their choice of courses at every level, our young scholars pursue their curiosity while engaging with a diversity of voices, regions, and disciplines. Along the way, students develop the critical thinking, analytical writing, and oral communication skills that prepare them to become agents of change in a rapidly changing world.

  1. ECN409

    Honors Economics

  2. HIS100

    Ancient Civilizations

  3. HIS110

    Africa and Latin America

  4. HIS120

    Asia in World History

  5. HIS130

    Big History

  6. HIS209

    AP Seminar: H2O & Food Systems

  7. HIS219

    Honors European History

  8. HIS300

    United States History

  9. HIS309

    Honors United States History

  10. HIS401

    War, Ideology & Revolution

  11. HIS402

    Understanding the Holocaust

  12. HIS403

    History of Capitalism

  13. HIS404

    Politics & Science of Memory

  14. HIS406

    History of Opium

  15. HIS407

    Witchcraft in the Atlantic World

  16. HIS408

    Documentary Filmmaking

  17. HIS410

    The Art of Political Argument

  18. HIS411

    Protest and American Culture

  19. HIS412

    Gender in Sport

  20. HIS420

    Art History

  21. IDH309

    American Studies

  22. IDH400

    River and Rock

  23. LAW400

    Moot Court: US Constitution

  24. POL410

    U.S.-China Relations

  25. POL420

    Sun Tzu to Suicide Bombers

  26. PSY400

    Topics in Psychology

  27. SOC400

    Exploring Race & Racism

  28. SOC410

    Sport in Society

  29. SOC420

    Environmental Justice

Faculty and Staff

  1. Tricia Batchelor

    History and Social Science Teacher
  2. Heather Brown

    Health Teacher, 9th Grade Class Dean
  3. Hayden Fox

    History Teacher
  4. Mary Ellen Friends

    History and Social Science Teacher
  5. Brian Hamilton

    History & Social Science Department Chair & Teacher
  6. Tara Keegan

    History & Social Science Teacher
  7. John Leistler

    History & Social Science Teacher
  8. John Lim

    History & Social Science Teaching Fellow
  9. Joe Lyons

    History & Social Science Teacher
  10. Tim McVaugh

    History and Social ScienceTeacher
  11. Kristen McVaugh

    History and Social Science Teacher
  12. Becca Melvoin

    Dean of Residential Life, 12th Grade Dean
  13. David Miller

    Director of Educational Initiatives, Hist & Soc Sci Teacher
  14. Prudence Munkittrick

    History & Social Science Teacher
  15. Conrad Pitcher

    History and Social Science Teacher
  16. Julia Rivellino-Lyons

    History & Social Science Teacher
  17. Abe Wehmiller

    Associate Dean of Faculty, History Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Two courses of history are required: one of non-U.S. taken in either 9th or 10th grade; and one of U.S. History, usually taken in 11th grade (or 12th grade if the student engages in off-campus study during 11th grade).

Students have a variety of opportunities to travel abroad through the Center for Service and Global Citizenship travel programs that run domestic and international trips during school breaks.

Study abroad and term-away is available to students through approved, partnered-programs. Study abroad is available in 10th through 12th grade, but typically students who choose to go abroad will do so during their junior year. Read more about off-campus study opportunities online here.

Yes. In order to garner Honors distinction a student must have a cumulative term average above 90.0%. High Honors requires an average of 93.0% or above. You can read more about Deerfield’s honor roll online here

Yes! We have several that prepare students for AP exams and others that, with some additional student self-study, students can be well-prepared for the AP exams.  

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