Financial Aid

Cost should never be a barrier to a Deerfield education. 37% of Deerfield students receive financial aid. The average boarding grant size is $54,600 and 83% of the total cost of tuition and fees.

As you consider a Deerfield education, please use the Financial Aid Estimator to
better understand what financial aid looks like for families similar to yours.

Please note:

  1. This information is based on our Current Year (2021-2022) Domestic Student Population.
  2. Each family has their own set of financial circumstances; this tool gives you an estimate of an expected level of assistance but is not a promise or guarantee.
  3. For a more accurate estimate, please complete your financial aid application at Once complete, you may request a Family Report from SSS, which will give you a personalized Estimated Family Contribution.

Financial Aid Estimator

Select your income and family size to see how financial aid supports families like yours:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my family actually afford a Deerfield education?

The Financial Aid Office at Deerfield works to meet your family’s need for assistance. Using a need-based analysis, we determine what your family can afford, taking into account such important factors as income, assets, cost of living, family size, and siblings in tuition-charging schools. Our calculation allows us to be generous and makes Deerfield a possibility for 37% of our total student population.

How much assistance will my family receive?

Every family has their own set of financial circumstances. We review each case and consider all factors to make sure that our grant amount is fair and equitable. The chart to the right may help to give you an idea of what grants look like at Deerfield for families that qualify for assistance.

2021-2022 Income / Family Tuition Contribution Amounts at Deerfield Academy

Family IncomeAvg. Family ContributionFamily Contribution

Does my family earn too much to qualify for Financial Aid?

There are no specific income levels that determine aid eligibility. We look at both income and family circumstances when determining financial need.

Do you provide performance-based aid?

Deerfield provides grants based on financial need only. We do not offer financial aid on the basis of athletic or academic performance, or any other merits.

What if my family's financial situation changes?

Financial Aid grants are reviewed annually. Once admitted, we strive to assist a family at a consistent level throughout their time at the Academy. If things change and a family has an unexpected circumstance (job loss, divorce, death in family, etc.) we review each case on an individual basis and, budget permitting, adjust accordingly. Likewise, we will decrease grants when families have a change in circumstance that allows for an increase in disposable income.

Will applying for financial aid effect my admission to Deerfield?

Possibly. Deerfield has a generous financial aid budget. However, it is limited, and therefore we cannot accept all admissible financial aid applicants.

Will Deerfield require a family to take out loans?

No. Deerfield grants are outright awards based on financial need. There is no repayment required.

Does Deerfield provide assistance beyond tuition grants?

Yes. Some students receive assistance with additional expenses such as airfare, books, laundry, and laptops. Other benefits may include music and dance lessons as well as Athletics and Global Studies travel.

Application and Testing Fees

The Cost of Applying to Deerfield

Admission Application:
Domestic: $60
International: $125


SSAT Domestic: $139
SSAT International: $269
ISEE: $120 – $200

Application and/or Testing Fee waiver:

Fee waivers are granted on the basis of financial need. In order to be considered for a waiver, the Candidate Profile must be completed. Click HERE to apply for an application or testing fee waiver.

Financial Aid Application:

Domestic: $55 
International: $55

Fee waivers are available:

School and Student Services has established their own Fee Waiver Guidelines. SSS will automatically grant a Waiver if you fall within their qualifying income guidelines.

SSS Application Instructions:

More information about independent school financial aid and how to apply for ’21 – ’22 aid through SSS may be found here.

Checklist and Key Dates

School Code 2770

U.S. APPLICANTS will be required to submit signed copies of your 1040 tax forms, including all schedules and W-2 forms, for 2019 and 2020. All tax information must be uploaded to the SSS website. We do not require 2021 tax forms.

CANADIAN APPLICANTS will be required to complete the PFS. We also ask families to complete the International Student Financial Aid Profile. Please provide 2020 tax returns and schedules and 2020 T4’s. All documents, including the profile, should be sent to SSS, not Deerfield Academy.

INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS will be required to complete the PFS. We also ask families to complete the International Student Financial Aid Profile. If you file a tax return with your government, we need a copy of the most recent year. If you file with the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S., we need your 2020 IRS 1040 form as well as W-2(s) and all schedules for 2020. If no tax forms are available in your country, we need a notarized statement from all employers as to your income and other benefits. Please send the Profile and any documentation to SSS, not to Deerfield Academy.

September 1 – January 15
Parent Financial Statement (PFS) and all tax and income documentation must be submitted to SSS.

March 10
Deerfield sends notification of admission and financial aid decisions.

For more information about applying for financial aid:

Call: 413-774-1400


Deerfield meets 100% of the demonstrated financial need of each admitted family. This year we will provide over $12,000,000 in financial aid grants to families at Deerfield, including funds to cover tuition and supplemental expenses.

Payment Options: 

When a student is accepted at Deerfield, families will be asked to confirm enrollment by returning their Enrollment Agreement and  Tuition Deposit. Deposits are non-refundable and will be credited to the first tuition bill.

While the Academy traditionally bills tuition twice yearly, in July and November, families may subscribe to a monthly payment plan offered through FACTS. This option allows for the convenience of monthly payments over a nine month period. There is a small enrollment fee and no interest charges for this plan.

 2020-21 Tuition Academic
Technology Health Center Total
Boarding $63,430 $1,250 $880 $540 $66,100
Day $45,480 $1,250 $880 $220 $47,830



Melissa Persons
Director of Financial Aid

Melissa Persons P’16, P’19, P’21, is the Director of Financial Aid at Deerfield Academy. Melissa attended Miss Porter’s School and graduated from St. Michael’s College with a degree in Business Administration. Her experience in Finance began at Walt Disney World and also includes time at Blue Cross BlueShield of New Hampshire.

If you have any questions about the financial aid process or affording a Deerfield education, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions

An interview is an important part of Deerfield’s holistic application process. As space becomes limited in December and January, we highly recommend that you book your interview appointment early.

Deerfield’s financial aid program is a need-based program that supports 100% of demonstrated need. Currently, our program provides funding for 37% of our student body.  The program is comprehensive and may cover up to 100% of the total cost of tuition and fees.  We also support additional expenses such as travel and health insurance for a portion of our community.

For the 20212022 admission cycle, Deerfield will continue to offer a testoptional application process. The Deerfield Admission Office will continue to evaluate each application using a holistic approach that considers each student’s achievements and successes in relation to their individual opportunities and challenges. For those students choosing to submit standardized testing, we have created the following testing guidelines:

Ninth and Tenth Grade Applicants:
We will accept an SSAT, PSAT, or ISEE test taken after September 1, 2020. 
Eleventh, Twelfth, and PG Applicants:
We will accept any SAT, ACT, PSAT, or SSAT that you have taken after September 1, 2020.  
International Students in a Non-English Speaking School: 
For international students who have not been in an English-speaking school for at least three years, we require a TOEFL or IELTS exam.

In GPS systems, you can use: 7 Old Main Street, 1 Albany Road, or 1 Academy Lane.

Deerfield accepts students for September enrollment only. Our priority application deadline for September 2022 enrollment is January 15, 2022We will make every effort to give full consideration to completed applications (including testing) received after January 15, however we cannot guarantee a March 10 notification.

Admission opportunities for late candidates, who do not receive a March 10 notification, is limited by the number of spaces available after April 10. The Admission Committee meets periodically throughout the spring to make decisions on this group of candidates.

Contact Admission Office
Fax 413-772-1129

Main School Building
Mon-Fri, 8:00am4:30pm
Sat, 8:00am12:00pm (SeptJan)

7 Boyden Lane, PO Box 65
Deerfield, MA 01342