Four years of unforgettable experiences.

Boarding school is a place where you learn not only classroom lessons but also important life lessons. It’s a time to ask big questions, explore new terrain, and come into your own. At Deerfield, you’ll participate in cherished traditions, discover new passions, forge forever friendships, and stay up late (but hopefully not too late) talking about your hopes and dreams.

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at home.

You’ll take many a stroll down Albany Road, deep in conversation with
a classmate or a teacher as you make your way to the Dining Hall or your dorm. Our Main  School Building will be home to your history classes, meetings with class deans, and traditions like Friday Cookies  and Cocoa.

Boarding, yes.
Boring, never.

There’s nothing like boarding school—and no better place than Deerfield to experience it. For most, Deerfield is their first boarding school experience. Here are a few things to know about living at Deerfield, many of which also apply to our day students, who are a critical part of our inclusive  community.


Meet up with friends to grab a fro-yo and fries! The Greer Store is where students regularly hang out and relax during free periods, after classes, and on weekends. It’s adjacent to the Athletics Complex and just off Albany Road.


At Deerfield we believes that sit-down meals provide an important opportunity for enhancing the community. For this reason, family-style meals are served seven times per week. Boarding students attend all sit-down meals. Day students attend all sit-down lunches and are encouraged to stay for the evening meal. Students are assigned to a different table every three weeks, which allows them to get better acquainted with different peers and faculty members in a relaxed setting. The Dining Hall is full of life, and the students applaud for their favorite meals and break into song on birthdays. Students help an environment that is comfortable and engaging for all–and they take turns waiting on tables and performing other kitchen duties.

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Kindred spirits everywhere.

Deerfield provides ample opportunities to connect with students who share elements of your individual interests and background. Cocurriculars, extra-curriculars, student groups, and more give you the chance to try new things, learn about your classmates’ interests, and have a ton of fun in the process.


Each term, students are required to participate in a cocurricular activity. Unlike an extra-curricular (like Photography Club), these are organized, out-of-class programs focused on everything from athletics and the arts to community service. Your “cocurric” might be varsity soccer in the fall, afternoon studio time in the winter, and service at a local elementary school in the spring. However you choose to engage, your cocurric will help you grow as a leader, teammate, community member, and collaborator—all while enjoying yourself and making new friends.