Whether you’re a boarding or day student, you will call the Deerfield campus home as you experience a wide range of challenges and experiences—from rigorous coursework and independence to meeting influential role models and building lifelong friendships. Along with access to extraordinary resources and exposure to peers from vastly different backgrounds, your Deerfield Experience will be as unique as you are.


Monday through Friday classes begin at 8:30 am with three periods each class day.  With an average class size of 12, you’ll have opportunities to actively participate in your classes, and your teachers will know you well. You’ll also have a faculty advisor who will help guide your academic experience.


Athletics play a big role in our students’ lives at Deerfield Academy. We believe the quality of our interscholastic and recreational programs can offer our students the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills and instill important life skills including discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and humility. These skills complement what Deerfield students are already receiving in their classes. It is a goal of this department to have every Deerfield graduate leave here with a desire to lead a rewarding and active life.


Meet up with friends to grab a fro-yo and fries! The Greer Store is where students regularly hang out and relax during free periods, after classes, and on weekends. It’s adjacent to the Athletics Complex and just off Albany Road.


The Academy believes that sit-down meals provide an important opportunity for enhancing the community. For this reason, family-style meals are served seven times per week. Boarding students attend all sit-down meals. Day students attend all sit-down lunches and are encouraged to stay for the evening meal. Students are assigned to a different table every three weeks, which allows them to get better acquainted with different peers and faculty members in a relaxed setting. The Dining Hall is full of life, and the students applaud for their favorite meals and break into song on birthdays. Students follow the rules of the Dining Hall–maintaining an environment that is comfortable and engaging for all–and they take turns waiting on tables and performing other kitchen duties.


Deerfield offers students a wide and varied group of clubs and organizations. Students publish newspapers, magazines, books, and websites. They debate at other schools and regional competitions. They organize to raise funds for disaster relief. They climb mountains and hike trails. They play chess, Go, and Frisbee.

If you are passionately concerned about human rights issues, or international relations, or political debate, you will find a club or organization to join. Interested in fly-fishing? Eager to explore the wilderness and develop survival skills? There are clubs for those activities as well… and if you have an interest that’s not represented, you’re welcome to start a club of your own.


When you live where you learn, your intellectual growth is both deliberate and organic, and learning extends well beyond the classroom. Students and faculty share, explore, and discuss ideas inside the classroom, and then continue the conversation throughout the day: on the playing field, in the dining hall, in the dorm, and in casual interactions.

At boarding school, teachers don’t head home when the school day is done: They are there to guide you every step of the way. Faculty members live on campus, share meals with students, and often lead sports or activities. Students and teachers come to know each other as whole people—which means greater opportunity for learning, mentoring, and growth.