and Alliances

Deerfield offers students a wide and varied group of clubs and organizations. 

Students publish newspapers, magazines, books, and websites. They debate at other schools and regional competitions. They organize to raise funds for disaster relief. They climb mountains and hike trails. They play chess, Go, and Frisbee.

If you are passionately concerned about human rights issues, or international relations, or political debate, you will find a club or organization to join. Interested in fly-fishing? Eager to explore the wilderness and develop survival skills? There are clubs for those activities as well… and if you have an interest that’s not represented, you’re welcome to start a club of your own. A club fair each fall allows students the opportunity to join existing clubs and organizations on campus, but students also form new clubs every year. Some of Deerfield’s clubs include:

A space for christian deerfield students to fellowship with each other and began/maintain their relationship with God. This is a student lead and student ran church group. Services are Sundays from 9-10:30 in the Hess 213. There is worship, a sermon, prayer, and group fellowship. Ephraim Tony Tutu leads the group as the main preacher and vocal director. Tyler Christopher Long leads prayers. Janis Zempare is the leader of the choir. Kwasi Adu-Gyamfi is the leader of the instrumentalists. The main goal of this group is to create a space for students to get closer to God and learn more about Christianity through fellowship with each other.
Deerfield’s Chapter of Active Minds is dedicated to improving mental health at Deerfield and facilitating conversations about mental health, stress, and self-care. We host a “stress-less week” on the penultimate week of every term, where we have stations around campus where students can access resources to help de-stress during exam weeks.
Albany Road promotes the belief that art and literature are vital to sustaining vibrant and visionary expression for all. Our mission is to offer a space for student writers and artists to showcase their craft in ways that foster original thought and insight for our community and beyond. We sustain this mission through publishing, at least three times an academic year, Albany Road, the literary and arts magazine of Deerfield Academy; the hosting of coffee houses; and a governing student board that hosts events celebrating extraordinary achievement in the literary and visual arts.
The DA Animal Rights Club will be meeting biweekly to educate the general student body about the current news around animal rights, volunteer at least 4 times a year to nearby animal shelters, hold fundraisers for the animal shelters and organizations, and also provide meetings to play with faculty pets. The goal is to raise awareness for the increasing animal testing and lack of education of animal rights. Volunteering at animal shelters will be a large goal to reach every year!
The baking club hopes to provide space for students to explore their love of baking and be able to do it together. The club began last year as we coordinated with the faculty advisors to provide kitchen space for students to bake. The goals of this club are simple: they allow students to have fun and come together to share a common interest (and food of course!).
Deerfield’s leading fashion publication, fully student run! Bring in fashion ideas from the valley and beyond.
Creating a safe space to discuss men’s mental health and support those who believe men have to hide their emotions.
Bring Change To Mind: Mental Health Awarness
My name is Sophia Sotirhos and I am looking to create a club that will raise awareness for, and help to support those who are currently affected by cancer. I am planning to organize on-campus activities to achieve this. I would like to partner with other clubs and take advantage of the resources provided at Deerfield. I plan to speak with Dr. Benson, Counselor Daily, and other faculty members to help push this idea out of just Deerfield. I am extremely passionate and dedicated to this idea and I cannot wait to see what we are able to achieve as a community.
We play cards games, such asTexas Holdems, during each meeting to relax and provide a social space for students by using chips. In this club, we dedicated to teach students to play cards, and enjoy their lives in tiring academic settings.
We want to bring more exposure to the diversity of cheeses that can be provided among the Deerfield community. Cheese touches every part of the world, and can truly bring people together. By having people talk about, and eat, a wide variety of cheeses, we want to expand into peoples personal cultures and day-to-day lives about how cheeses, and other dairy products, affect them or simply how they see them on the daily.
consultancy agency that advises individuals to reach ones fitness goals.
The Deerfield Classics Club hosts meetings for students with interests in the language, history, and culture of ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. We host meetings and competitions called “certamina.” We also can register to take teams to certamina that are hosted at Princeton, Harvard, and Yale.
CODA is Deerfield’s jazz/funk/everything band. Tryouts are open for everyone and we hope to play music and spread the joy in music around campus.
We accept students of varying experience who are interested in learning/practicing anything from basic algorithm learning all the way up to ACSL and USACO competition preparation. We host weekly meetings, coffee houses, and talks where an assigned presenter researches and presents an interesting topic of their choice. Our themes span from Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Data Structures and Algorithms, and much more. We will also help students learn new languages and try implementing it on programs such as Jupyter Notebook, PyCharm, VSCode, Codeforces, and much more.
The goal of DA Affirmations is to provide students with an opportunity to contribute to mindfulness on campus by crafting and sharing affirmations on social media and at events. The motto and an example of DA Affirmations is “I am worthy.” The mission of DA Affirmations is to make Deerfield a happier place.
This club will be a great, inclusive way for students to involve themselves within the community and work/spend time with kids. This will also provide students who want to babysit with work management skills and babysitting experience that can translate to the world outside of Deerfield.
Inspire more students to learn about and participate in Greenhouse activities.
The goal for DA Manis is to be a calming and laid back club. We want everyone of all genders and ages to feel comfortable in their own skin even if that means starting first their nails. DA Manis is a free service for people who want to get their nails before big events or those who want to relax before or after a big test.
The goal of DA Nutrition is to educate and engage Deerfield students on the importance of nutrition, particularly within athletes.
The page turners is book a club at deerfield that hosts discussions about our current read. Whether you are an avid reader or would like to become one, everyone is welcome. Here is a reminder that students must read the book provided to them as well as commit to the club by attending meetings due to the limited number of spots.
As we progress to another year of dances and musical events, I had the idea of compiling a survey that included possible requests for songs to be played at these dances and events. Not only would this diversify the types of music played at these events, but it would make the environment more inclusive as well. After students send the survey into me, I, along with other students interested, would go through the list and pick songs to make it to the final playlist in which we can use for whatever dance is approaching. This method would be repeated a few days or perhaps a week in advance before a dance would occur.
DA sibs is designed to help build long-lasting inter-grade relationships that will, in turn, enhance the Deerfield community and its interconnectedness. We will try our best to make favorable pairings for your DA family, as the people you are grouped with will become your new siblings and mentors at Deerfield. The club is an excellent way to bring together students across graduating classes, not only within their assigned families, but also with members of other families at DA sibs hosted events. We encourage family members, especially seniors and juniors, to reach out to and connect with all of the members of your families so that you all can spend time together throughout the year. We will host events like game nights or fun bonding activities, and hope you all do some of your own, like family dinners or dress up together for twin day during Choate week! We will send out details throughout the year to stay in touch and update you all on DA sibs events.
Our goal is to create a fun and inclusive community for those who love skateboarding and people who are interested in learning how to skateboard. Our events include having skateboarding trips on and off campus, skateboarding lessons both cruising and tricks, and movie nights. Depending on our budget, we hope to purchase a few boards for the Deerfield community in the future. This will not only promote skateboarding but also help reduce the amount of personal stolen items on campus.
Our mission is to educate the Deerfield community about foreign and current events happening outside of Deerfield.
We are a magazine publication that has been running for three years now, and our work focuses on culinary topics including articles, interviews, recipes, and student polls. Our publications are around once a term. 
Deerfield Academic Support (DAS) is a student-founded resource with the aim to guide students through Deerfields rigorous academic programs. We employ a holistic approach to academic success by passing on lessons learned from accomplished Deerfield students. We will facilitate various events including Q&As on how to navigate academic life at Deerfield, writing workshops, and guided study sessions. We will provide advice and resources on fostering positive student-teacher relationships, building healthy study habits, and balancing work and mental health.
The Focal Point Magazine is a student-run magazine aimed at promoting the campus community’s interest in STEM(Science, Technology, Economics, Mathematics). We want to make some of the newest, and most exciting news from the science field accessible for the DA community. In the past, our writers have been creative and enthusiastic, and our contents have ranged from the black hole to Chinese medicine to personal internship experiences.
Deerfield Academy Math Club shares the beauty and fun of mathematics to the Deerfield community. We organize a variety of activities from seminars to practices every week. Our competitive math team competes in local and national competitions like WMML (Western Massachusetts Math League), NEML (New England Math League), HMMT (Harvard-MIT Math Tournament), PUMaC (Princeton University Mathematics Competition) etc. Most notably, we organize the annual DMC (Deerfield Math Competition) in the spring, welcoming middle school students around the region to compete at Deerfield.
The goal of the philosophy club is to present the beauty and wisdom of philosophy to the Deerfield community. We organize a variety of activities, such as holding seminars and guest lectures and organizing on-campus or off-campus trips while discussing philosophy. It is.a great place to learn about everything ranging from the thoughts of Ancient Greeks to the more modern philosophical concepts and groups.
We hope to teach self defense skills and educate the Deerfield community about how to protect themselves and feel safe. With approval, we hope to bring in a self defense instructor, friend of Marnie Todd’s, who has agreed to come for our club. We will host weekly meetings open to members and all other members of the community. These meetings will consist of instructional self defense skills, and students will leave feeling safer and more knowledgable about self defense.
A club for students interested in learning about political progressivism and its tenets.
Deerfield Chess Club is an engaging club that aims to introduce the ancient game of chess to the Deerfield community and beyond. We keep it casual; weekly lessons and monthly tournaments for students who like playing chess with a bit of a competitive edge. We want to offer students a relaxed opportunity to learn about and play chess through fun activities such as Chess and Cookies and blitz tournaments. Deerfield Chess Club promotes critical thinking, sportsmanship, and new friendships. We welcome everyone regardless of experience level!
To hold events dedicated to board games, TTRPGs, strategy games, and card games.
The Deerfield Debate program has a long-standing and successful history. We aim to not only prepare students for competitions in debate, impromptu speaking, and public speaking, but also to help them feel more comfortable expressing their ideas in logical, streamlined, and concise ways. This year, we plan to restart the tradition of in-person competitions, a great way for us to reach out to other debaters within the New England debate community. Our goal this year are to create a space within the debate program where new and returning students can feel comfortable making mistakes and learning. Participating in competitions is a great way for students in Deerfield to step out of their comfort zone.
Continuing from the last two years, the drone club aspires to innovate the way students understands robotics and learn it in a hands on matter. We are also involved in a variety of school productions such as the Orchestras Mike’s Maze Project last year, the Halloween Festival video production, and even promotion videos for multiple sports teams. We intend to now involve the students who has gone through rigorous training on the field. With our unique drones which allow FPV (First-Person-View) flights, we also host many simulation races and actual races in the lower fields as a weekend event.
Our goal as a club is to give Deerfield students the opportunity to try their hands at the fantastic hobby that is fly fishing. We hope to inspire the same love that we hold for fly fishing into members no matter their level of experience! (We also are hoping to facilitate any kind of fishing that a student or faculty would like to try)
This club is a space for people to get their hair cut and/or braided by deerfield students, or learn how to cut and or braid hair also by Deerfield students.
We want to bring together a group of students who share the same love for the outdoors and hiking and hike all around the Valley on weekends.
The Deerfield History Club aims to be a general history enthusiasts club. Our main goal is to expand the horizons of a Deerfield student’s view on history as a subject, and enhance and encourage students to discover more about the subject, such as writing personal research papers, make videos, or other content that may be of interest.
Investment Club strives to help students understand the mechanics of investing in the market. In the investment club, we learn topics such as macroeconomics that help create an investor mindset. We welcome members of all investing abilities and host activities to introduce new investors to the stock market, such as the MarketWatch virtual investing game. Those familiar with investing are welcome to join the Securities and Analysis club, where we will manage 15k dollars in the NYSE. We will have monthly pitches and will vote on which stocks to purchase.
The goal of Deerfield Learns to Skate is to create an encouraging and supportive community surround all students who wish to learn how to ice skate or want to improve, whether they’ve been on the ice for years, or never. Getting on the ice, especially for the first time, can be intimidating, so we aim to provide a safe place with basic skills classes and ‘just skate’ sessions where pucks and sticks are prohibited for new skaters to feel safe. Always remember, don’t be afraid to fall!
The Deerfield Literature Club is dedicated to the dissemination and discussion of primarily English-language creative writing, though all members of the Deerfield community are encouraged to bring creative writing of their interests from any language to meetings. At meetings, we will not only discuss literature, but host debates with motions from a broad range of subjects. The full constitution of the Deerfield Literature Club can be found on
Inspire more students to fit puzzles together, a way for students to destress during the busy school day while training their spatial imagination abilities
Provide everyone with an opportunity to learn to DJ and have fun
Bring awareness and action to environmental issues in the Deerfield community and beyond.
Promote plant-based eating here on campus. We would like to encourage people to make small dietary changes to inspire environmental change. We will be inclusive of everyone, not only vegans because everyone can be more sustainable, even if that is just participating in a small way such as Meatless Mondays. Additionally, we will work with the food committee to adapt and improve the vegan options in the dining hall.
Our goal is to promote the mental health and overall life satisfaction of the Deerfield Student Body by introducing them to the magic of the Eurovision Song Contest. In addition the presence of our club will bring many international students a reminder of their homes, and spread cultural awareness and global connectedness. Proposed activities include watch parties of the Semi finals and Finals, as well as the Sanremo festival. In addition Eurovision-themed parties and performances will ideally be a factor.
At Deerfield student do plenty of labs in the science classroom, but do not get enough opportunities to design labs. In this club, we would be able to let student, as a whole group, design relatively simple labs and experiments. We would also discuss sophisticated labs that textbooks briefly talk about but don’t explain in depth and detail. In this way, students can work on their essential skills of critical thinking and team work. We will meet biweekly alternating between designing labs, actually doing hand-on experiments, and discussing other labs.
Fashion Design club is a place for students to learn and practice design, drawing, and sewing. Our goal is to provide another avenue for artistic expression at Deerfield. The club welcomes students of any age, gender, or ability! Some examples of our activities include drawing designs, up-cycling and mending, textile manipulation, and pattern making.
Promote feminism on campus through discussions and media. Potential meetings include movie screenings and conversations about current events. Additionally, we would like to continue to address long-standing issues here on campus.
This is a branch of my nonprofit, Foundation Beauty. We hope to create a welcoming environment where students will get a glimpse of what they can accomplish, create events within the Deerfield Community to promote the knowledge of the power of cosmetics and hygiene products. We will also create a community service opportunity for Deerfield teams to participate in meaningful community service right here on campus.
This club is a shared space for all female identifying students who are interested in STEM. This space will mainly serve to support Deerfield girls in STEM who face the difficult task of being in the minority. However, any gender is allowed to participate in the activities of the club and most club meetings. The club will continue hosting events such as “Women in STEM” panels, meet & greets, and group study sessions. Finally, the club will work with other student organizations such as Robotics Club, Robotics Team, and girls in STEM clubs at other schools to plan more outreach projects with the aim being to increase access to quality STEM education for girls.
The girls’ who lift club is a community of girls who inspire, support and strengthen each other. We practice building strength as a way to feel empowered. We work out a few times a week during mornings or weekends when most club members are available. Whether that means we are all doing the same lift or doing our individual things, we just want to increase the presence of female athletes in the weight room. Our goals are to strengthen support and achieve a comfortable space for female-identifying students in the gym. This relates to breaking the stigma that girls should only be upstairs in the cardio deck. Fitness has the power to drive social change, build confidence and self-efficacy, and strengthen communities. Therefore, we believe fitness should be safe, affirming, inclusive, and equitable for people of all gender identities, races, religions, ethnicities, body types, abilities, and income levels.
The Improv Club aims to bring theater to the wider Deerfield community. We plan to meet every other Friday night at 6:30 in the Acting Lab, and people can stop by for as little or as long as they’d like. No need to officially sign up if you want to pop in either. It’s a great way to meet new people, feel free to be yourself, and maybe even get better at improv! We hope to have a few games in mind to play each night–but we’d love suggestions too–and you can choose to either play or just watch!
To teach and play with anybody that wants to compete or learn how to play chess.
The just dance club would serve as a passive weekend activity set up in the Koch Center dance studio. We would meet bi-weekly for the better part of the year and weekly when weekend activities begin to decline. Funding for the club would go towards the purchasing of newer just dances, the subscriptions that are required for them, and the consoles required to play them. The purpose of the club is to bring people together via song and dance while also providing an active weekend activity that leaves you feeling sweaty yet accomplished.
The Malala Fund at Deerfield works to highlight the importance of girls’ education to the Deerfield community and beyond through fun activities on the International Day of the Girl and Women’s History Month as well as infographic posts about girls’ issues on their Instagram account @malalafundda.
A club where students come together to gather around a grill and converse. The main goal of the club is to encourage all people to take a break from their busy lives and enjoy their time at Deerfield.
In the MUN club at Deerfield, we prep students for MUN conferences at various universities. MUN is a mock version of the United Nations and students work to represent different countries and solve real-world international issues. While working with delegates from around the world, MUN teaches participants research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills. We also aim to help students with their critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills.
– Two half-year collaboration projects where people come together to assemble a collective episode(multiple tracks) – Establish an environment where singers, rappers, songwriters, beat-makers, mixers can all cooperate and work together as well as get to know each other better -Which would promote smaller-scale projects between peers as well – Learn more about songwriting and beat making more (a place where people can learn/teach each other) – Talk and discuss about themes of hip-hop and r&b as well as the cultural significance/importance of these music genres in the modern world – The main reason I desire to create this club is because there are many passionate musicians and beat-makers on campus, but collaborations only happen when close friends assemble. I want more musicians to come together.
OneLove teaches about healthy and unhealthy relationships: whether it’s platonic or romantic. I want to help the Deerfield community learn to love better and be able to spot toxic signs in their relationships and/or be able to encourage the healthy signs to peers.
OneLove teaches about healthy and unhealthy relationships: whether it’s platonic or romantic. I want to help the Deerfield community learn to love better and be able to spot toxic signs in their relationships and/or be able to encourage the healthy signs to peers.
The outdoor adventure klub strives to provide students with opportunities to explore the outdoors and go on adventures. Our activities will vary based on the season, but they will include kayaking, hiking, cross-country skiing, skiing & snowboarding, camping, tubing, rock climbing, biking, beach trips, and more. The club will help to help provide students with transportation, equipment, lessons, and guides for these activities and adventures. The outdoor adventure klub will also create a space for these activities to be done safely.
Our goal for this club is to invite people to have a fun time playing paddle tennis and hopefully organize weekend events like tournaments or get togethers.
This club founded in 2020, is meant to foster a community of students passionate about the advancement of research and science. In the past, the club has invited guest speakers from Google and MIT, supported students interested in submitting a project into the Massachusetts State Science Fair, and read research papers in groups to facilitate discussion. The club will continue to do all of these activities as well as participate in the Genes in Space competition, the MIT Think competition, the CERN Beamline for Schools competition, and the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. This year, Research Club will try to support students interested in pursuing individual research projects by possibly pairing students with faculty members.
We provide an opportunity for students to learn coding, engineering, and how to build robots. This is especially helpful for those who want to try out robotics for the first time, learn the fundamentals before joining the team, or who have cocurricular conflicts but still want to participate in robotics. People of all experience levels are welcome!
Rock climb at the climbing gym in Hadley (Central Rock Gym). Get transport, maybe funding for lessons / rentals.
Build model rockets an dlaunch them/qualify for Team America Rocketry Competition
As the Deerfield branch of the Save the Children organization, we hope to raise awareness and advocate to improve education, healthcare, and the general livelihoods of underprivileged children. We will and have been working closely with the association itself to help them achieve these goals, and did so in the past through post card writing (to senators) events — at football games, at a mural painting event, e.t.c. Traditionally, this club works in conjunction with the CSGC Board, and we have already discussed this with Mr. Miller.
Science club is oriented towards a more enriching experience with science on top of what students learn in classrooms. For Science Club, we will focus on two main competitions: Science Olympiad and Science Bowl. Science Olympiad is a competition with 23 events, and groups of 2 can compete in each event. These events vary from Disease Detectives to Circuit Lab, to Codebusters. Science Bowl is a jeopardy-like competition, where Deerfield can bring a team of 5 to regionals to compete for a spot at Nationals. We hope to have 2 Science Bowl teams this year to encourage more students to study and compete. Meetings will consist of practice for both Science Olympiad and Science Bowl. Furthermore, we wish to have opportunities for guest speakers to talk about their work and research, providing students insight into a more practical side of science. Finally, we will help students study and sign-up for individual olympiads, including USABO (Biology Olympiad), USNCO (Chemistry Olympiad), and USAPHO (Physics Olympiad).
The Smile Club’s goal is to bring more positivity around campus and make everyone smile. We hope to host events drawing positive messages in chalk, passing out valentines to the entire school as done in previous years, and showing uplifting movies on the weekend.
We will explore all things space. Economics, science, philosophy, and more. We plan on having multiple speakers involved in the space industry come discuss the industry and what they do. We will plan on meeting every two weeks with some sort of presentation or discussion for each meeting. If you enjoy learning and talking about outer space this is the club for you.
“In the winter, Special Olympics Floor Hockey takes place on Sundays from 9:00-11:00 am (in the East Gym) and is a great opportunity that brings together DA students with local adolescents and adults with mental disabilities while playing floor hockey. Special Olympics Skating is also offered in the Ice Rink at the same time in the winter. In the spring, Special Olympics Swimming takes place on Fridays (or Thursdays) from 7:00-8:00 pm (in the Koch Pool).” – DA Website
My co-curricular alternative program is to take a leadership role in the sports commentary program. I have multiple trimesters of experience researching teams, creating supplementary social media content, and calling games. I am excited to share new ideas to help the program reach even greater heights. Prioritizing research for roster creation and statistics will improve the stories student commentators can tell. Increasing social media output will help connect the diverse Deerfield athletics audience. Specifically, I plan to conduct more interviews with coaches and players for the Deerfield Sports Media Instagram account. Changing game assignments to a weekly basis will create more structure for the broadcasting schedule. With more preparation time, in-game analysis and research can go into further detail and reduce stress on the commentator. The implementation of running statistics can aid student commentators in forming stories for the audience to consider throughout the game. Adding in-game content, such as trivia questions, fan reactions, or fun facts from the Archives office, during break periods can enhance the crowd experience and immerse viewers to a higher degree. The co-curricular window would be filled by a mixture of research, social media content creation, and calling games. I aspire to take the lead on varsity baseball broadcasts and utilize these ideas to enhance coverage and help make this season special!
Goals: To a foster the ideas of stoic philosophy and encourage students to explore stoicism through literature and daily experiences. We believe that stoicism is a viable way for students to manage stress and better cope and motivate themselves in school and their other endeavors.
The Deerfield Innocence Club would be a club dedicated to educating students about wrongful convictions, specifically educating its members about the Innocence Project, which is a non-profit that helps exonerate those who have been wrongfully convicted. In the club meetings, members will learn about countless cases where people have spent several years in prison from crimes they did not commit. This will be done through showing movies, reading articles, etc. Then, members will work together to write or call to lawmakers, district attorneys etc. to help raise awareness and help exonerate those who have been wrongfully convicted. Further, debates about the death penalty will be facilitated along with discussions about how our legal system can be improved.
The Deerfield Morale Volunteers is an eclectic band made up of a wide variety of instruments, such as kazoos, trash cans, and actual musical instruments, with the express purpose to raise morale and promote positivity and music on campus!
The Scrawl is Deerfield’s satirical newspaper, with the goal of adding a little humor to your day while also bringing light to some issues we feel strongly about. Being well informed about school issues, but also national and international issues is an important part of being a citizen in the community. We support that notion fully and try to keep you informed in the only way we know how, through humor. Mary O’Hara, a writer for BBC, wrote that, “Humour is a great way for us to have evolved so we don’t have to hit each other with sticks” and we completely agree. In a world where tensions are on the rise, humor allows us to release emotions we would not otherwise be able to let out. At the Scrawl, we have the unique ability to ease some of the stress surrounding the issues we care most about. You may not be used to hearing your news in the form of memes and jokes, but we hope you enjoy it more this way.
The Ginger Club will be open to anyone in the Deerfield community with the goal of supporting our red-haired peers and their heritage. Possible events would include: a St. Patrick’s day event, Ed Sheeran sing along, ginger bread making, and red-head trivia.
Our goal for this club is to carry the conversation about ethics and philosophy outside the classroom and to always be open to hearing new perspectives regarding the many quandaries currently taking place in our lives.
The Impact Investing Club’s goal is to educate people on the principle of impact investing. Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.
The Pocumtuck is Deerfield Academy’s yearbook. Each Yearbook is a collection of some of the most memorable moments of students’ Deerfield careers, eternalized. Creating the yearbook is a complex process which involves creating ideas for pages, creating layouts, making sure students are represented equally, taking photographs, and more. This year, our goal is to involve as many members of the Deerfield community as we can in the creation of the yearbook. Knowing that many people from the Deerfield community helped to create the yearbook will make it all the more special.

The Deerfield Scroll, established in 1925, is the official student newspaper of Deerfield Academy. The Scroll encourages informed discussion of pertinent issues that concern the Academy and the world. Learn more about at the Scroll website.

Bring good vibes on campus, have fun, create a collective bonded with rhytms and music, and entertain the community!
Ya Hala aims to be a platform for Arabic language education at Deerfield. The club will host numerous activities related to the Arabic language and Arabic culture including but no limited to calligraphy workshops, dialogue with King’s Academy students, words of the week at sit-down, and food or tea events in the foyer. Students with no experience with the language are welcome to join with numerous events involving no previous Arabic knowledge required. There will also be a segment of the club dedicated to Arabic learners that can connect in Arabic with King’s Academy students in interviews or discussions about culture. The goal of the club is to generate interest in the Arabic language, culture, and the Arabic program at Deerfield Academy. In the future, working with other schools on creating interest for the Arabic language and community work with local schools will be an opportunity as well.
We are a political club for students identifying on the left half of the American political spectrum, or who are more generally interested in politics. We seek to generate and promote healthy civic discourse. We plan to help rally eligible students to vote, invite guest speakers to share their experiences in the political arena, and hold cross-partisan activities along with the Young Republicans. We also hope to give students an opportunity to share their opinions and responses to current events.