and Alliances

Deerfield offers students a wide and varied group of clubs and organizations. 

Students publish newspapers, magazines, books, and websites. They debate at other schools and regional competitions. They organize to raise funds for disaster relief. They climb mountains and hike trails. They play chess, Go, and Frisbee.

If you are passionately concerned about human rights issues, or international relations, or political debate, you will find a club or organization to join. Interested in fly-fishing? Eager to explore the wilderness and develop survival skills? There are clubs for those activities as well… and if you have an interest that’s not represented, you’re welcome to start a club of your own. A club fair each fall allows students the opportunity to join existing clubs and organizations on campus, but students also form new clubs every year. Some of Deerfield’s clubs include:

Acting and Theater Club

This is a club focused on reading and performing plays. We may also perform student written work, offer students the opportunity to direct, watch plays or movies, learn about theater, offer workshops, and offer activities for the whole student body such as skit nights or open performances.

2K Club

This is a competitive NBA 2K (a popular basketball video game) league that pits members of the Deerfield Community against one another. Through these games, we hope to foster a spirit of competition, sportsmanship, and help build camaraderie within the Deerfield community.

Albany Road Magazine

The literary and art magazine of Deerfield Academy. Published twice annually, in winter and spring, this magazine contains outstanding contributions from student writers and artists. All students are invited to submit their work.

Asian Student Alliance (ASA)

The ASA is for all students interested in delving into Asian-related themes. The goal of the club is to create a community of students who represent the variety of opinions on Asian-related issues and help to educate the student body.


The Cheerleaders have been a running tradition in Deerfield for a long time. Whenever a Deerfield sports team has a big game, and especially on Choate Day, the Cheerleaders are always there to get the student body pumped up!

Christian Fellowship

Christian Fellowship facilitates and holds meetings of prayer, song, testimony, and exploration of the Bible. It encourages those who are Christian to grow in their faith and those who are unsure about their faith to explore their spirituality.

Deerfield Black Student Alliance (DBSA)

The Deerfield Black Student Alliance’s mission is to educate, inform, and spread awareness of the diversity within the black community. A support group for members of this alliance is offered, but it is also advocated that other members of the Deerfield community also become involved.

Deerfield Diversity Alliance

DDA helps to educate the community about issues related to diversity and multiculturalism, promotes tolerance on campus, and acts as a forum for various support groups.

Deerfield Environmental Action Group (DEAG)

DEAG seeks to protect the local environment and raise school-wide consciousness on environmental issues.

Deerfield Multiracial Alliance (DMA)

DMA focuses on the struggles faced by students of mixed or adopted heritage through discussing current issues, organizing events, and sharing personal stories.

Fire Department Volunteers

At the end of their sophomore and junior years, Deerfield students may apply to be members of Company 10 of the Deerfield Fire Department. The Fire Chief, our Director of Safety and Security, and the Dean of Students select firefighters.

Food Committee

Students meet with representatives of the Dining Hall every Thursday at lunchtime to discuss the Dining Hall’s upcoming menus. This committee’s purpose is to provide a communication link between the student body and Dining Hall staff.

Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

This alliance strives to provide a safe space for students to discuss and explore issues present in the GLBTQ community. By voicing the message of equality and tolerance, the alliance hopes to impact those students who feel oppressed, bullied, or repressed by their peers.

Green Key

Green Key is a group of sophomore, junior, and senior students who introduce incoming students to Deerfield. The job of a Green Key is to make the transition of new students to Deerfield as easy as possible.


The Initiative at DEerfield Academy is an enrichment and fulfillment program supported by Deerfield Academy that is intended to provide students, faculty, friends, and the community with opportunities to explore traditions, cultures, artistic mediums, and ways of living.

International Student Alliance (ISA)

As an all-inclusive club, the International Student Alliance seeks to foster a welcoming and tolerant community for all students, celebrate diversity on campus, and promote unity and connection between different student groups at Deerfield.

Investment Club

The investment club is a newly established club to help students prepare for smart investments that they might make in the future.

Jewish Student Alliance (JSA)

A student and faculty group that meets periodically to celebrate Jewish holidays and discuss issues of interest. All students and faculty are welcome.

Latin American Student Alliance (LASA)

LASA is an un-exclusive support group for Latin American students and those interested in Latin American culture. It is aimed to help further advance the agenda of Latino/a students at Deerfield Academy by endorsing cultural awareness and understanding.

Meat Club

Do you have a fine appreciation for meat? Think meat is what makes the world turn? Well, if this is you then the Meat Club may be a perfect fit.


The Mellow-D’s is the male a capella group at Deerfield, they have a female counterpart named the Rhapso-D’s.

Native American Cultural Alliance (NACA)

The mission of the Native American Cultural Alliance is to promote increased awareness and foster understanding, respect, and appreciation of Native American culture, traditions, and history within Deerfield Academy and its respective community.

Statistics Club

The statistics club helps meet students’ needs through interesting statistics, contributes to the Scroll, and participates in tournaments. ​

Sustainable Development Club

This club aims to spread awareness of sustainability related issues on campus. Whether it is the E&R Plastic usage or Koch and Greer plastic usage, the club will operate in a project based style in which students are separated into groups where they strive to solve environmentally harmful decisions by the school and community.


This is a Health and Wellness club intended to alleviate stress and focus on importance of self-care.

The Green Light Magazine

The contemporary world requires active youth who are willing to converge and clash on polar issues in order to foster critical thinking. In a time of increasing political turmoil, The Green Light aims to provide an open, nonpartisan platform for students to express their political thoughts. Any aspiring writer can contribute to the magazine.

The Majorette Squad

The Majorette Squad brings an aspect of the African American culture through the art form of dance. To do this, members of this squad assist the Deerfield cheerleaders and perform for the fans in the bleachers at football games.

The Radicle Lab

This is the Deerfield branch of the Radicle Lab nonprofit organization, a social entrepreneurship incubator/accelerator for teenage entrepreneurs. We have a growing mentorship program for aspiring high school student entrepreneurs who want to see their ideas come to fruition in the form of projects and startups, as well as annual conferences with notable speakers on social entrepreneurship for students to attend and learn more about the subject.

Ukulele and Bongo Orchestra

Our club’s motto has traditionally been “Good expectations, low vibrations” and we intend to keep it that way. We strive to be a stress-free and fun filled environment where students can come, relax, and learn to play a new instrument as it has been in past years.

Weightlifting Club

The goal of our club is to make the weight room a friendly and welcoming environment for beginners and advanced lifters alike, and to support a healthy lifestyle with group weightlifting sessions.

Writing Club

The club is meant to be a space for Deerfield students to express themselves, learn a bit about writing they might not learn in class, and be able to share their work with a group of like-minded peers. Our goal is for Deerfield students to engage in writing for their personal benefit and expression, outside of the classroom.


This club is to create and organize the yearbook for the current and upcoming school years. This year, we aim to place more focus on student work, showcasing student-led photography.

Young Democrats

This is a club for like-minded progressive students to discuss and keep up-to-date with the political world.

Young Republicans

This is a club designed to continue the longstanding tradition of promoting political debate and discussion at DA.

Frequently Asked Questions

The DC/AHC selection process is now underway. Rising juniors and seniors have until April 24 to fill out an application; an email went out to these respective classes with instructions, and decisions will be announced in mid-May. Please email Ms. Melvoin if you have any questions.

Deerfield’s advisor feedback and request process has always taken place virtually, so we’ll undertake the process in the same manner this year. Advisor-related questions can be directed to Ms. Creagh.

The only document you will need to return will be your form I-20; please contact Ms. Dolan with any visa-related questions.

The Student Life Office usually holds its housing “lottery” for returning students in May. Rising tenth-graders, juniors, and seniors come to the Student Life Office and pull their tiles at designated times over the course of one week. Obviously, with students off campus, we won’t be able to do that this year. Instead, students will email their housing preference forms to the Student Life Office, and we’ll use a randomizing software to assign students housing lottery numbers. The process will then unfold in its usual manner.  

In mid-April, Ms. Creagh will email all returning students with further information. That email will include a link to online housing preference forms; please direct any housing questions to Ms. Creagh.

Please contact Ms. Dolan at with any visa-related questions.

All Student Council positions are elected yearly, and all students are eligible to run. Each class has multiple representatives, and students are also elected to be Student Council president, chair, post-graduate representative, and two day student representatives. A full list of current members is available on the Student Council website.

Driver education is offered on campus through Liberty Driving School. Students must be 15-3/4 years or older to start the course.

Deerfield students can leave campus during most weekends, provided that they submit the overnight permission form and their request is approved. Some weekends throughout the year are closed–including Commencement–and on these weekends, students may not leave campus. All closed weekends are marked on the Deerfield Academy calendar.

If you leave campus during the day for any reason, you must complete the off-campus signout form. If you would like to be off-campus for an overnight trip, including weekends, you must fill out the overnight permission form. If your request has been approved, you should print your confirmation and tape it to the door of your room.

For links to forms and a more detailed explanation of signout policies, visit our Travel and Signout page.

Transportation is provided to services at nearby faith communities. Jan Flaska, Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life, can help make arrangements.

No, refrigerators and microwaves are not permitted in dorm rooms.

Every dorm room has a small closet or wardrobe, 80″ twin bed, bureau, desk and chair, mirror, wastebasket, overhead light, and carpeting.

The nearest airport is Bradley International Airport, located outside of Hartford, Connecticut, 55 miles south of Deerfield on I-91. Deerfield arranges transportation on charter buses to Bradley Airport during Thanksgiving vacation, winter vacation, long winter weekend, and spring vacation. As sign-up time approaches, students will receive email instructions on how to purchase tickets. There are also many limo, taxi, and shuttle services available that provide transport to the airport.

Contact Student Life

Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm

Main School Building, First Floor
PO Box 87
Deerfield, MA 01342