The Deerfield Academy volleyball program consists of two competitive teams. At the varsity level, students are selected for their skill, attitude, and commitment to team play. We practice four days a week and compete on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. In addition, we have participated in the New England Championship tournament since its founding two years ago and send several players to the All-Star tournament each year.

Who we Play

We play Northfield Mount Hermon School, Andover, Exeter, Loomis Chaffee, Hotchkiss, Taft, Hopkins, Miss Porter’s, St Paul’s, Williston, Choate Rosemary Hall, and Worcester. The junior varsity team is an integral part of the program, as many of our students rise through the ranks during their time at Deerfield. We welcome all interested students to join the program and would be happy to discuss the options with you personally if desired.



  1. Mark Acton

    • Head Coach - (Girls): Varsity
  2. Margaret Brown

    • Assistant Coach - (Girls): Varsity
  3. Aidan Carroll

    • Assistant Coach - (Girls): Junior Varsity
    • Melissa Persons

      • Assistant Coach - (Girls): Junior Varsity
    • Cindie Fidanza

      • Assistant Coach - (Girls): Thirds
      • James Wu

        • Assistant Coach - (Girls): Thirds

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Deerfield students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone and try new experiences. If a student wishes to play a new sport, then he/she can participate in tryouts along with the other athletes, and will be placed according to their skill level. Most sports at Deerfield have multiple teams, so those new to a particular sport will usually have the opportunity to play at an appropriate level. Beginners should be sure to notify the coach if they require guidance in navigating a new sport.

        Students are required to participate in a co-corricular each term. “Co-curriculars” do not necessarily have to be an interscholastic sport. Other options include community service, dance, theater, recreational sports, or even managing a sport. Additionally, students with talents in certain areas such as the arts may apply for a co-curricular exemption, in which they pursue their talent under the guidance of a Deerfield faculty member. Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to participate in at least two terms of interscholastic athletics per year.

        Varsity candidates will typically have preseason tryouts before school begins, and therefore should plan on arriving three or more days early. Coaches notify candidates during the summer if they should arrive early, and arrival dates are posted on the Deerfield Academy calendar.

        Deerfield does provide laundry services for athletic clothing. Students should be aware that due to turnaround time they may want to have multiple sets of clothing to avoid any problems.

        Each sport holds tryouts at the beginning of the season to determine appropriate placement for students trying out. Deerfield does its best to put all of its students in the position to succeed and grow as athletes, and these efforts are reflected in the composition of its teams.

        All students, faculty, and staff can seek help from Deerfield’s skilled athletic training staff regardless of their involvement in Deerfield athletics.

        Certain equipment, including game uniforms and practice clothing, is provided by the Athletic Stockroom. Some non-clothing items are also available for loan upon request, or available to purchase through the Athletic Store. Because each sport has varying equipment needs, students should be in touch with their coach or the stockroom staff when they arrive on campus. If students need to purchase athletic equipment or clothing not found in the Athletic Store or stockroom, they can usually find it at any one of several local retail stores.

        Recreational sports are typically open to juniors and seniors as a co-curricular option, but some may allow underclassmen to participate with the coach’s permission.

        The athletic facilities, including the gym, pool, tennis courts, and squash courts, are open to all students, faculty, and staff during their hours of operation. At the beginning of the year all students participate in an orientation that walks them through proper use of the fitness center, and all new students take a required swim test before they can use the pool. Hours for athletic facilities are posted online.

        Contact Athletics


        Office West Gym
        Mail PO Box 36
        Deerfield, MA 01342