Honors United States History

This course, for students who have demonstrated ¬¬aptitude in prior humanities classes, is a fast-paced survey of United States history from colonial times to the

French 1

In this introductory course, students learn basic French communication skills ñ while also exploring the cultures of the Francophone world. They engage in their own

Spanish 1

In this introductory course, students learn basic Spanish communication skills–including vocabulary and grammar–while exploring new cultures and traditions. They expand their knowledge of the Spanish-speaking


This is a follow up to Math 302 and as such continues the development of functions and relations. The course includes a thorough study of

Biology I

Biology I is an introductory survey course intended for students who have a high level ofinterest in science and have demonstrated strong study skills. The

Topics in Art History

Exploring history through works of art offers an approach for understanding our global community and is an effective way to review significant events from a

AP Art: 3D

Through a series of exercises, this year-long course will require students to develop an understanding and working knowledge of three-dimensional designs through drawing and both

U.S.-China Relations

This policy course investigates 75 years of US-China diplomacy in the context of China’s major domestic and international priorities from the Cold War to today.

French 2

This second level course focuses on increasing communicating skills, both in written and oral form, through the lens of grammatical acquisition. Students are exposed to,

Spanish 2

In this course, students continue their exploration of Spanish by focusing on Spanish grammar and vocabulary, applied to “real life” situations. We work to further

Honors Precalculus

This is designed as a continuation of Math 303. The topics covered in this accelerated course include all those listed under Math 402 but the

AP Biology

Advanced Placement Biology is a demanding, double period course designed for students with high aptitude and a strong interest in science. The principles of Biology