History of Capitalism

With its celebration of innovation, return on investment, and creative destruction, capitalism appears to be about the future. But it can be understood only by

Exploring Race & Racism

What is race? What is racism? How did the concept of race emerge and (how) has the understanding of what race means changed over time?

Politics & Science of Memory

There may be nothing more important to human beings than our ability to enshrine experience and recall it. While philosophers and poets have elevated memory

Sport in Society

Sports act as a mirror that reflects who we were, who we are, and who we want to be. This class prepares students to be

French 2 Honors

This course is for students with a high degree of aural-oral proficiency. In addition to an in-depth study of grammar, students develop conversation skills and

Latin 4: Leadership & Empire

This is an advanced literature seminar, conducted in English, offering a rigorous study of Vergil’s Aeneid and exploring Rome’s place in the history of western

French 3

The third year of language study is pivotal. Using the skills gained in the first two levels as a springboard, the students expand and deepen

French 3 Honors

The honors track for level 3 continues exposure to advanced grammatical structures, which includes all tenses within the indicative and subjunctive moods, and a more

Latin 6 Honors

The Latin 6 seminar, conducted in English, is a special topics course, designed for advanced students in the Latin curriculum who have completed Latin 5.

French 4

This course is for students who would like to pursue the study of French at a more advanced level. Students examine grammar more deeply through

Latin 7 Honors

Latin 699 is reserved for the most advanced students in the Latin curriculum. The syllabus will be determined by the students in consultation with the

French 4 Honors

This honors course emphasizes oral proficiency, composition, and literary and oral analysis. Students will read a variety of genres from the Francophone world. This class