Protest and American Culture

How have people banded together to affect social change? Why have different social movements used different tactics—withholding labor, engaging in violence, inspiring laughter or shock

Art History

Students will approach the global art world as active participants and engage with its forms and content as they read, discuss, and write about art,

River and Rock

Here in the Pioneer Valley, the dark greens of late summer transition to a rich panoply of color as temperatures shift from hot and humid

Moot Court: US Constitution

From the extent of our privacy to the limits on the powers of government to the meaning of equality, the United States Supreme Court is

United States History

This course in American history prioritizes depth over breadth in exploring certain critical junctures in the political, social, economic, and cultural history of the United

Campaigns & Elections

As the United States heads into a presidential election year, this course will put the headlines of the news cycle in historical perspective and challenge

Honors United States History

This course, for students who are excited by historical inquiry and have demonstrated aptitude in prior humanities classes, is a fast-paced survey of United States

U.S.-China Relations

This 10-topic policy course investigates US-China diplomacy in the context of China’s major domestic and international priorities from the Cold War to today. The course

War, Ideology & Revolution

What motivates people to do good or evil? What is it like to live in a society that does not value truth? How do wars

Sun Tzu to Suicide Bombers

This course will examine the causes, conduct, patterns, and effects of asymmetric warfare from antiquity to ISIS. The course will draw on primary sources, historical

Understanding the Holocaust

The Nazi regime relied on long-standing strains of anti-Semitism as well as newer racial ideologies to gather support for their purposeful and highly systematic attempt

Topics in Psychology

Would you rather go through life unable to remember, or unable to forget? What happens to a person if they are raised alone in a