Act/Directing for Production

After completing Acting I and II, committed and experienced acting students are encouraged to progress to a more advanced study of acting. Students are encouraged

Chinese 5

This course is for students who wish to pursue the study of Chinese at a more advanced level. Students will further develop overall language proficiency

Latin 4: Leadership & Empire

This is a literature course that offers a rigorous study of Caesarís ëGallic Warí and theëAeneidí of Vergil. Through a close reading of portions of

Algebra II-301

This course meets the standards of a solid course in second year algebra. However, it is designed for students whose background indicates a need for

Religions of the World

The course begins and concludes with an examination and analysis of religious questions in the broadest sense. What is religion and what does it attempt

AP Physics 2

This is an algebra-based, introductory college-level physics course. Students cultivate their understanding of physics through inquiry-based investigations as they explore topics such as fluids; thermodynamics

Intro to Studio Art

This course is intended to be a first experience in the visual arts. It prepares students for AP Studio Art by introducing the fundamentals of

Slavery’s Literary Legacy

This course will examine both the historical and contemporary impact of telling the storyof slavery in America. From first person narrative and science fiction to


In the first half of the year students are introduced to microeconomic theory through thestudy of such concepts as supply and demand, the law of

Chinese Tutorial

This advanced course is a modern Chinese literature and writing class for students who love to read and write. Students explore a variety of readings

Latin 5: Roman Literature in Context

This advanced course in the literature of the late Republic and early Empire asks students to apply the skills developed/acquired in previous courses as they

Algebra II-302

This course is intended for students who have achieved success in Math 102 and Math 202 or the equivalent. The material is developed with an