Earth’s Dynamic Systems

The course will examine how Earth came to be the planet we know today: a habitable but changing world, home to a diverse array of

Honors Environmental Science

The course begins with an overview of climate science, including atmospheric composition, biogeochemical cycles, principles of energy conservation and flow, the greenhouse effect, atmospheric and

Biology 1

This course will explore selected biological topics including cell structure and function, genetics, biotechnology, evolution, ecology and human physiology. For each topic, students will engage

Chemistry 1A

The content covered in Chemistry 1 is covered in this course, although at a faster pace and greater depth. Additionally, the introduction of thermodynamics and

Honors Chemistry 2

This course extends and applies concepts learned in physics and chemistry and assumes students arrive with a working knowledge of concepts learned in an introductory

Honors Biology 1

Honors Biology is a fast paced, demanding course for students interested in exploring the principles of biology in detail. The course will cover ecology, cellular

Honors Physics 2 (Calculus-based)

This is an advanced course for students who are interested in studying physics beyond the introductory level. The course will help students build and expand

Physics 1- Topics

This is an algebra-based, introductory physics course appropriate for 11th- and 12th-grade students who have not previously taken a high school physics course. Students cultivate


In this course, students will design, build, program, and debug autonomous robots. The course is organized around increasingly complex hands-on challenges starting with “navigate the

Introduction to Engineering

Introduction to Engineering is a project-based course where students solve real-world problems while learning process skills such as project management and technical skills such as

Immunology and Disease

This course will begin with an in-depth look at the structure and function of the immune system. We will then consider the mechanisms of different

Biology 1A

Biology Accelerated is an comprehensive introductory survey course intended for students who have a high level of interest in science and have demonstrated strong study