Honors Economics

In the first half of the year, students are introduced to microeconomic theory through the study of such concepts as supply and demand, the law

Think Slow: Poetry Now!

This spring, we will approach poetry through the lens of slow looking, slow reading, slow composing and slow thinking, in a course that favors depth

Growing Up Girl

This course starts with Jo March, the star of Little Women and the nineteenth century’s most famous literary girl, because Jo March had a problem.

Styron’s Sophie’s Choice

Secrets loom large in William Styron’s masterful novel, and readers will need to reserve their judgments about the choices the characters face until the stories

Arabic 1

This course is an introduction to the Arabic language and culture. Students work with a variety of media to master reading and writing the Arabic

History of Opium

Heroin, “Oxy,” fentanyl, carfentanil. These drug names, along with names of pharmaceutical companies set to pay billions in fines and civil liability, punctuate news stories

Arabic 2

This course advances students’ Arabic skills into the intermediate level of proficiency in all language skills, both in the communicative Levantine dialect as well as

Arabic 3

This course builds upon students’ language skills developed in Arabic 200 or its equivalent, to advance into the Arabic 3 level of communication skills in

Documentary Filmmaking

Making Historical Documentaries. By combining the historian’s traditional tools of research and writing with the ability to harness sound and visuals, documentaries play a powerful

Arabic 4

At this level, students continue developing their language skills through authentic material in the Levantine dialect alongside literature in Modern Standard Arabic. Grammar is integrated

Arabic 5 Honors

This honors course is a combination of modern standard Arabic and the colloquial dialect of the Levant area. In this course, students explore a variety

The Art of Political Argument

Since the introduction of moveable type to Europe in 1450, political argument has been the common currency of public debate and democratic citizenship. Many of