Volunteer for Deerfield

We are grateful to the many volunteers who help Deerfield to reach our ambitious goals each year. The funds raised provide essential support to the Academy operating budget, ensuring that the Deerfield educational experience continues its tradition of excellence.

If there’s anything we can do to assist you, please email annualgiving@deerfield.edu or call 413-774-1458.

Opportunities for Alumni Engagement

Want to be more involved with Deerfield? View a list of opportunities for alumni engagement here!

The Role of the Steering Committee:

Works with Annual Giving Staff to develop strategies, and to provide guidance, feedback and support to the Annual Giving Office. Through regular direct contact with class captains, the committee serves as a resource for volunteer leaders and a direct link between volunteers and Deerfield Academy. The Committee balances the two sides of Annual Giving – maintaining an emphasis on maximum participation while also directly stewarding DA’s top donors.

Volunteer Resources

One Deerfield Volunteer Webinar