Annual Giving

Gifts of time, talent, and resources from scores of volunteers are what set Deerfield apart. The success of the Annual Fund is directly attributable to the over 400 alumni volunteers who keep their peers in touch with the Deerfield community. Personal relationships make the difference at Deerfield… You are our greatest advocate!

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“Why does Deerfield need my support every year?”

In a labor intensive industry such as education, where student-to-teacher ratios are a competitive advantage, there are significant costs associated with having the best people working at Deerfield. People are Deerfield’s greatest asset – and its greatest expense. Salaries and benefits for faculty and staff make up approximately 55% of Deerfield’s budget.

Simply put, quality is expensive. Deerfield strives to offer its students programs, experiences, and a curriculum that is unparalleled – and doing that costs money. We look to our alumni, parents, and friends to help offset the costs associated with the high-quality education that Deerfield provides. Competitive faculty salaries, exceptional arts and athletics resources and a substantial financial aid program are made possible thanks to your support year after year.

Annual Fund donors at the $25,000 level or higher who direct their gifts toward financial aid can now be matched with a current student through Deerfield’s Annual Fund Scholars Program.

For more information, contact Betsey Dickson ’94, Director of the Annual Fund.