A strong tradition of giving allows Deerfield to maintain first-rate facilities and excellent teachers, while funding up to 50 percent of the Academy’s annual operating budget. Gifts from alumni, parents, and friends support the Deerfield of today while ensuring the school’s place in the world and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Ways to Give


Payments made before June 30 count in the current fiscal year.

Make checks payable to Deerfield Academy, enclose a note or indicate on the check memo line the designation and mail to Deerfield Academy, P.O. Box 306, Deerfield, MA 01342.

Make your donation securely online or call us at 413-774-1474. We will gladly take your credit card donation by phone. Please do not email or fax your credit card

To make a donation by wire transfer, please contact Debra Diemand, Office of Advancement (413-774-1839) or Jeff Swetland, Finance Office (413-774-1597)

Gifts of long-term appreciated stock (owned for a year or longer) or mutual funds offer a quick, easy and tax efficient way to make a lasting gift to Deerfield Academy.

Before the Transfer Occurs

In order for us to accurately identify, allocate and acknowledge your gift, please take a moment to notify Jeff Swetland in Deerfield’s Finance Office (413-774-1597) or Debra Diemand in Deerfield’s Office of Advancement (413-774-1839). Please note that Deerfield cannot sell the securities unless we know the identification of the donor.

For Securities Held by Your Broker

If your broker (or bank) holds your securities, your gift can be electronically transferred to Deerfield Academy. Stock gifts should be delivered to:

National Financial Services
Deerfield’s DTC (Depository Trust Corp) # is 0226
For the Account of the Trustees of Deerfield Academy
Deerfield’s Account # is 657-576866
Deerfield’s Tax ID # is 04-2103563

For Securities Held by You

If you, the donor, hold a security, please send the unendorsed certificates with a letter of transmittal giving name and address to:

Jeff Swetland
Manager, Endowment & Infrastructure Accounting Finance
Deerfield Academy Finance Office
PO Box 87
Deerfield, MA 01342

Phone: 413-774-1597
Fax 413-772-1113

In a separate envelope, mail to the same address a stock or bond power, signed exactly as the certificate is registered, and do not fill in any other information. Do not re-register the shares into the name of Deerfield Academy. You may obtain blank stock powers from your broker or bank. Please include a letter stating the purpose of your gift with the certificate(s).

NOTE: It is very important to mail the security certificate and the signed power separately and it is recommended that the certificate be sent by certified mail with return receipt. If you have any questions, please call Jeff Swetland (413-774-1597) or Debra Diemand (413-774-1839).

Information provided on this website is not intended to be tax or legal advice. Please be sure to consult a qualified financial advisor before making a gift.

Donors can help secure the long-term financial health of the school through gifts that come to the school in the future or over a period of years. View additional Planned Giving information or contact our Gift Planning office (413-774-1584).

Please contact our office of Gift Planning (413-774-1584).

If you or your spouse are affiliated with an organization that will match gifts to private secondary schools, please forward the matching gift form (obtained from the organization’s personnel office) along with your gift to Deerfield Academy. Please refer to the list of organizations with matching gift programs. If making your gift online, please mail the matching gift form (including your name, address, class year, date and amount of gift) to Deerfield Academy, P.O. Box 306, Deerfield, MA 01342.
For more information about matching gifts at Deerfield Academy, please contact Debra Diemand, Office of Advancement (413-774-1839).

If you are over age 70 ½, contact your IRA administrator for instructions on making a direct transfer (“Qualified Charitable Distribution”) that will be free of federal income tax.

To explore other methods of giving, contact Debra Diemand, Office of Advancement (413-774-1839).

If you would like to mail in your donation, please make checks payable to Deerfield Academy, enclose a note or indicate on the check memo line the designation, and mail to Deerfield Academy, P.O. Box 306, Deerfield, MA 01342.

Annual Giving

Gifts of time, talent, and resources from scores of volunteers are what set Deerfield apart. The success of the Annual Fund is directly attributable to the over 400 alumni volunteers who keep their peers in touch with the Deerfield community. Personal relationships make the difference at Deerfield… You are our greatest advocate!

Learn more about volunteering or make your gift today.

In a labor intensive industry such as education, where student-to-teacher ratios are a competitive advantage, there are significant costs associated with having the best people working at Deerfield. People are Deerfield’s greatest asset—and its greatest expense. Salaries and benefits for faculty and staff make up approximately 55% of Deerfield’s budget.

Simply put, quality is expensive. Deerfield strives to offer its students programs, experiences, and a curriculum that is unparalleled – and doing that costs money. We look to our alumni, parents, and friends to help offset the costs associated with the high-quality education that Deerfield provides. Competitive faculty salaries, exceptional arts and athletics resources and a substantial financial aid program are made possible thanks to your support year after year.

Annual Fund donors at the $25,000 level or higher who direct their gifts toward financial aid can now be matched with a current student through Deerfield’s Annual Fund Scholars Program.

For more information, contact Betsey Dickson ’94, Director of the Annual Fund.

“Why does Deerfield need my support every year?”

Capital Giving

Deerfield’s endowment began in 1939, with a bequest from Jennie Maria Arms Sheldon, whose gifts included the George Albert Arms Science Building, given in memory of her father. Over the years, such gifts of generosity and vision have helped the endowment grow to its current value of over $500 million, providing a crucial portion of the school’s operating budget each year, and ensuring the best possible experience for Deerfield students of the future.


Facilities Gifts

Over the years, gifts to build, renovate, and restore facilities have helped Deerfield keep pace with the changing needs of students and faculty. Capital projects for facilities include the renovation of The Hess Center for the Arts in 2014, the Boyden Library in 2016, the Athletics Complex in 2018 and the D.S. Chen Health and Wellness Center in 2019.


Endowment Gifts

The school invests gifts that are designated to endowment with the income directed toward the purpose the donor selects. Only the income from the principal is spent, ensuring that the gift continues in perpetuity, helping to safeguard Deerfield’s finances through changing economic times. There are a number of endowment opportunities available.

Gift Planning


The Boyden Society honors the memory of legendary Deerfield Academy Headmaster Frank L. Boyden and his wife Helen Childs Boyden. During his 66 years as headmaster (1902 – 1968) and her almost-as-lengthy tenure as his partner and as a teacher in her own right, the Boydens built and shaped Deerfield Academy, and enhanced the lives of generations of students.

As if their lifelong service to the Academy was not enough, the Boydens also left bequests to Deerfield. Their generous gifts established the Frank L. Boyden Faculty Fund and the Helen Childs Boyden Science Fund, which continue to enrich the educational experience of current students, and will do so for generations to come.

The Boyden Society recognizes individuals who, like Mr. and Mrs. Boyden, have arranged for gifts to Deerfield to arrive after their deaths. Whether Deerfield is named in your will, trust, insurance policy, or as a beneficiary of an IRA, we hope you will let us know so we can thank you for your foresight and welcome you as a new Boyden Society member. Membership is purely honorary. There is no obligation of any kind, and members are not required to disclose the terms of their bequest plans.

We invite you to become a member of the Boyden Society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon graduating from Deerfield, alumni enter a diverse network of former Deerfield students. Deerfield alumni have ventured into almost every area of employment, and many are at the top of their respective fields. The advantages of this vast network are numerous and significant, as every member of the Deerfield family receives the following:

Alumni are also eligible for alumni awards, such as the Ashley Award, Heritage Award, and the Mimi Morsman Award.

There are no membership fees or dues for members of the Deerfield family, but Deerfield does ask for assistance in a few areas. First of all, in order for Deerfield to have the most up-to-date records possible, we encourage members to keep us apprised of their current contact info. Alumni are also urged to direct all concerns and suggestions regarding Deerfield’s operations through the Executive Committee, the governing body of the Alumni Association. The committee acts as the voice of the alumni body, and works closely with the school administration. In order to keep tuition affordable and the quality of a Deerfield education at its highest, the Academy depends upon the continuing support of alumni and their families. This support can take the form of annual or capital gifts, or time spent volunteering on behalf of Deerfield.

There are Deerfield Clubs in many major American cities. Please visit here for more information on specific clubs and their sponsored events. 

Of course! Be sure to read the latest issue of From Albany Road in your email’s in-box for current news of what is happening on campus. As we also send out periodic invitations, it’s always best to make sure we have your current physical address. And if you do plan on visiting campus, why not tell us ahead of time?

Contact the Office of Advancement

7 Boyden Lane, PO Box 306
Deerfield, MA 01342