Executive Committee

“To lead and represent the most informed, enthusiastic, involved, and supportive alumni/ae body in the world.”


When the Deerfield Academy Alumni Association was officially established in 1969, an Executive Committee was formed to serve as the continuing governing body of the association. According to the written constitution of the Alumni Association, the purpose of the committee is “to serve as a clearinghouse for the expression of alumni sentiment and interchange of ideas; to determine the general directions and nature of the association and its activities; and to seek to improve the relationship between the academy and its alumni in such other ways as it considers advisable. It shall make recommendations to the association or to the Board of Trustees…it may establish such committees in the furtherance of its functions as it may deem necessary.”


The present-day Executive Committee is composed of 20-30 members. Members are elected for a term of three years and are eligible for re-election to a second three-year term. The committee is led by the president, who serves a single three-year term and also sits on the Board of Trustees during his/her tenure.


Candidates for election to the committee are suggested by the staff of the Advancement Office and by current Executive Committee members to the Nominating Committee. New members are nominated to fill existing vacancies by vote of the Executive Committee. The chief criteria for membership on the Executive Committee are a demonstrated interest in the welfare of the Academy as evidenced by prior volunteer service or other activities on behalf of the school, and to have attended at least two of the three Executive Committee meetings each year (although it is unusual for members not to attend all meetings), with participation via conference call if unable to attend a meeting. (Members are also chosen with some eye toward a broad representation of alumni generations and geographic diversity.)


The committee meets three times yearly, twice in Deerfield (fall and spring) and once in New York or Boston.