The Bahamas #4: Conch Research

 Mia Goetzke ’24 and Emily Rice ’24 share the groups day learning about Conch and Coral bleaching with a surprise ice cream stop. 

Jordan #4: Jerash & Ajloun

Kai Darrell ’24 and Cam Herr ’24, reflect on their days visit to ancient Greek and Roman ruins, while getting to play a soccer match in the oldest hippodrome in the world.

United Kingdom #2: Excited for the Journey Ahead

Emma Wilmott ’24 and Elena Tskhvitaria ’25 share the groups arrival into London. Although the group was tired from their travels and the weather was gloomy, the day’s activities increased their desire to explore more!

United Kingdom #1: Art & Society Program Begins!

The United Kingdom: Art & Society departed this weekend and is off to a great start! Before taking off, the trip leaders asked the students to share what they are most excited about. Below are the student responses:

Jordan #3: Culture & Community

Ocean Feng ’24 and Lauren Sobczak ’24, recount a day full of  Jordanian “culture, community, and generosity.”

Jordan #2: Arrival!

Yesterday morning 11 students and three faculty trip leaders arrived in Amman, Jordan to begin their journey! The group will spend their time exploring the physical landscape of Jordan as well as the way in which the place has been captured in  theology, history, and art. They will visit the main sights, while enriching their senses through middle eastern food, cooking classes, and calligraphy workshops. 

Dominican Republic #4: In Memory of Aiden Day ’17

On the groups first day at the worksite, Jose Abreu, Director of Cambiando Vidas dedicates the groups house build in honor of Aiden Day ’17. It was an impactful way to begin the day. Trip leader Sheryl Koyama shares a tribute to Aiden below.