Student Course Change Period Deadline: September 10

Please note that the last day of the student course change period for Fall Term and year-long courses is Friday, September 10. Students should discuss any changes with their teachers prior to requesting a change; course change requests must now be submitted by a student’s advisor, teacher, or department chair.

Caution: Using a Wireless Phone Charger can damage your OneCard and your Phone!

If you are using a wireless charger, please make sure that your Deerfield OneCard is not between the phone and the charger pad while it is charging. Your OneCard contains a chip that can heat up and burn out. In extreme cases, this can cause the card to melt or catch fire. At a minimum, it will cause your card to stop working. To avoid damage to your phone and card, and to ensure your safety, please be sure to remove the card from the back of your phone while the phone is charging.   Thank you!

New iDeAs Blog Post

Ms. Naughton has written a new iDeAs blog post. Click here to read it.

Have Your Own Show on the DA Radio

Maybe it is a chance to share your stories? Maybe it is a creative way to get away from school work? Or maybe it is just an awesome way to step out of your comfort zone and do something different. Whatever it may be, you can have your own show on the DA Radio!

Christian Fellowship Tonight @ 6:45 pm

Do you ever wonder about whether God exists? Or whether the Bible is historically accurate? Do you question whether science and God can coexist? Or do you ever wonder about why there is so much suffering in the world if God does exist?

If so, come to Christian Fellowship! We meet every Wednesday in the Caswell Library (MSB) to explore the Christian faith through music, discussions, studying the Bible, and more. Bring your questions and open up the table for discussion!

ACT this Saturday, Sept 11

Reminder for those registered for the ACT on Saturday: please arrive to the Hale Gym for 7:30 am. Per ACT policy: Masks must be worn in the test center.

Have You Checked the Class Schedule Calendar?

This year we are introducing a new tool called the Class Schedule Calendar to help students and faculty remember what class period (first, second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth) they should attend on what day. The Class Schedule Calendar can be found on the Student Bulletin below the Academy Calendar and on the Class Schedule page. The Class Schedule Calendar is an essential tool for this school year; it ensures that you arrive at the correct class, on the correct day, and at the correct time. You should check the Class Schedule Calendar every Monday through Friday.

Summer CSGC Grant Update: Learning About Architecture and Finding Ways to Improve Outdated Infrastructures in Rural China

Along the way, I have learned about the workings and the real-world application of architecture. The architecture I encountered is in sharp contrast with what I have learned in Deerfield, and it has reshaped the way I look at the field. Although the result was not something I had planned, I have discovered the flaws in my idealistic point of view from before. The biggest takeaway from this experience is just beginning to unveil, as I have evolved this summer grant project into a grander plan that I will be tackling throughout next year.

Apply to be an EcoRep!

The Center for Service and Global Citizenship (CSGC) is seeking seeking enthusiastic, thoughtful, and dedicated students to serve as Environmental Representatives, “EcoReps.” Applications are due September 15. Click to learn more about the program!