Summer CSGC Grant Update: Helping to Improve a Community

My original plan was to help prevent gentrification, when outside people come into a neighborhood and start changing it for the worse like driving up rent prices. However after compiling a survey and reviewing responses, I talked to employees at the Downtown Pasco Development Authority to get some of their opinions. Their suggestions for improving the community suggested that they wanted to create a more welcoming appearance so that other people would want to come visit, creating diversity. They wanted better advertising about events as well as the different programs available that support the population.

Summer CSGC Grant Update: Online Tutoring for Underprivileged Kids

Tutoring underprivileged students from the Metro Detroit area put into perspective how much I was taking my education at Deerfield for granted. Students at Deerfield have access to pretty much any and every resource while my tutee’s face overcrowded and underfunded classrooms.

Summer CSGC Grant Update: Making Meaningful Connections with Nonprofits

During the summer I worked with three nonprofit organizations to create a fundraiser to both raise funds for the organizations and advocate for the specific issues they are each trying to solve. It was a very difficult, but incredible experience that ranged from contacting nonprofits to creating a website and selling custom-made bracelets. Throughout the process, there were many setbacks and problems that created unexpected situations. However, I embraced every opportunity as a chance to learn and hone real-life skills.

New iDeAs Blog Post

Dr. Hills, Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs & Strategy, has written a new blog post. Click here ( to read it.

Celebrate the Life of Aiden Day ’17

Community members are invited to join together to celebrate the life of Aiden Day ’17, Thursday, August 26. We will meet at the Memorial flagpole

Summer CSGC Grant Update: Art and Mental Health

I’m glad I was able to get so much done and create work that proves that I’ve grown as an artist while gathering information on the psychological standpoint of others in order to work on a future project that I hope to share with the world eventually.