Dance Auditions

Deerfield Academy’s Dance program is holding auditions!

Summer CSGC Grant Update: Bringing Smiles to Children Through Music

I was happy that I managed to provide a guiding resource to children who wish to start learning piano improvisation from a young age. My non-standard book will definitely help them overcome a common stereotype of Ukrainian society that improvisation and composition is only for adults.

Summer CSGC Grant Update: Computer Programming for Campers at the Southampton Fresh Air Home (SFAH)

Spanning the eight, one-week camp “sessions” that SFAH offered this summer (campers could elect to be a part of any number of these week-long sessions), I worked with roughly 50 different campers. The majority of them had never coded before due to various reasons, the most common of which was because their school did not offer it. Fortunately, because of the grant I received from the CSGC, every single camper learned how to write and execute their own computer program; almost all for the first time.

Summer CSGC Grant Update: Advocating for Change

To me, it was pretty clear where the problem was coming from: people wanted to voice their concerns about the opioid misuse issue, yet their voices were gone unheard by the city council members. Surely enough, this issue was deeper than I thought. It turns out that the Koreatown community is split into four city council districts, weakening their say in raising issues of their community. Their voices are dampened by other well-off neighborhoods -towns that aren’t separated into districts hence having a strong voting power in solidarity, which rarely have issues with opioid misuse.

Summer CSGC Grant Update: Addressing Food Waste

Over the summer, I worked on a project that addresses the issue of food waste and food insecurity. My sister, Lauren Stenger, and I went to restaurants and cafes in our hometown to ask if they would allow us to pick up their surplus food and deliver it to a local homeless shelter, instead of them throwing it away.

Summer CSGC Grant Update: Increasing Civic Engagement and Financial Literacy in New York’s Inner Cities

Throughout August, Zhexuan Li ’23 and I began to coordinate with regional community centers about starting an inner city youth advisory board — one dedicated to researching and raising awareness about social, political, and economic issues in New York’s inner cities– from housing problems like lead and rats to grander issues like food insecurity — and giving local community members in the Bronx the drive and intellectual resources needed to properly advocate and lobby for change in a grassroots way.

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Sign up for The Deerfield Orchestra

Open to students, faculty, and staff, the Deerfield Orchestra rehearses on Tuesday evenings in the Concert Hall, directed by Mr. Bergeron. The deadline to sign up is this Sunday, September 5.

Summer CSGC Grant Update: Symptoms Tracking App for Concussion Patients

This summer, I worked on an app geared towards helping students with concussions track their symptoms and navigate their concussion progress. Following a step by step process where I did research on similar apps, wrote out features for my app, made design mockups, help code, and now am able to run key features on the app, the path before the product was certainly rewarding but far from straightforward.