United Kingdom #1: Art & Society Program Begins!

The United Kingdom: Art & Society departed this weekend and is off to a great start! Before taking off, the trip leaders asked the students to share what they are most excited about. Below are the student responses:

Sophia W.: One of the things I’m most excited for is the chance to visit museums and see art that I wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. I’m also excited to broaden my artistic lens and strengthen my skills!

Isabella. O: I’m excited to visit a lot of museums and just explore London and be able to draw all new types of environments and explore new types of art styles. I’m also excited to eat a lot of new food and explore new concepts in art!

Elena T: I’ve never been to London before, so I’m excited to visit the museums, see what the city’s like, and draw!

Mariam K: I’m looking forward to exploring London, and appreciating it through a more artistic lens as well as appreciating the history behind its architecture. Developing my artistic abilities and try new things are other aspects of the trip I’m excited about.

Emma W: I can’t wait to explore all the different parts of London: walking along the Thames, going to parks, and touring museums. Since I’ve never done sculptures before I’m really excited for our art classes!

Charlotte S: I am excited to explore London, especially the architecture and artwork at the Tate Art Museum. Also, I am looking forward to taking classes at the university because I would like to explore art using mediums that I have not worked with before.

Allison K: I am most anticipating being immersed within a new environment. I have never travelled abroad before which adds another layer of excitement! I am excited to also be experiencing a new environment through the perspective of art! I want to make the most out of this experience and dive deeper into the artistic side of myself.

Chrissy J: I am really excited to see how artists use their skills to incorporate social justice and activism within their work. I want to see the art itself and learn about the process behind it; I’ll wonder what communities are advocated for and how do artists shed light on their pain by being creative. Additionally, I’m interested in taking the sculpture classes.

Ileanna: I am most excited to see the beauty of the historic architecture. In the UK, a lot of their history is engrained in their buildings and I would love to see how these architects manifested their ideas into their buildings.

Chamari: I am really excited for the drawings to sculpture classes because I love 3D art works and I also am just glad to have the opportunity of building art skills with other students and in new ways/spaces.