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CSGC Micro-Grant Blog Posts

Check out the great work students participated in throughout D-Term and the winter break by visiting the CSGC Micro-Grant Blog page.

Nutrition Update

In order to better support the health of our students, the Deerfield Academy Dining Hall Nutrition page has been updated to no longer include caloric values

January 6 and Disqualification – DA OPENeD Survey​

DA OPENeD, or Deerfield Academy Opportunities for Political ENgagement and Discourse, is conducting a single-question survey for the Deerfield community regarding last Wednesday’s events: Should President Donald Trump be barred from running for future public office?

Revisit the Extravaganza!

Did you already watch all of Netflix? Then check out the Fall Term Arts Extravaganza (or watch it again)!

News from the Campus Stores

With the repurposing of Hitchcock House, the Campus Stores are now physically located in the Athletic Store for the remainder of the year. All merchandise

School Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s School Meeting Zoom webinar starts at 9 am (the passcode is 864488).