The Bahamas #3: Parrot Fish and Conch Fritters

Sam Parker ’23 and Sam Olander ’23, recount a fun day of games, snorkeling, and a visit to Conch Fest.

6:45am: We woke up very early for Scottish death ball at the volleyball court on the beach. We split into two teams: the Sea Camels (Mr. Emerson, Sam O, Mia, Charlotte, Ian, and Bianka) and the Blob Fish (Fife, Sam P, Emily, Stella, Elizabeth, and Melissa). The Blob Fish won the first game with ease starting off strongly later to be demolished by the Sea Camels who won 6 out of the 8 games.

 7:45am: Breakfast, it was an interesting meal for the morning. Soup with whole chicken wings and potatoes. Most of the people ended up eating all the banana chips. again.  

 9:15am: We set out to snorkel on the boats. The waves were very choppy but the ride out was very fun. We ended up only being able to stay out for 10 minutes because the waves were increasing in size rapidly as the wind continued to pick up. In the reef Mia and Sam O saw a Queen angel fish and a few parrot fish. Bianka saw her favorite fish the fairy basslet again which she continued to talk about the rest of the day. We ended up going to snorkel on the beach in front of the dorms which contained artificial reefs put there by researchers at the Island School. Along with the artificial reefs, we saw multiple Sea Urchins, among other interesting fish.

 12:00pm: After a long morning in the ocean, we returned to the Island School Dining Hall for lunch, chicken fajitas. They were excellent (10/10), refueling us for the rest of the day.

 1:15pm: We then set out on the boats again to visit the sandbar. As we snorkeled in, the team found many sand dollars and sand biscuits along the shoreline before marveling at the obelisk on the sandbar, originally used as a marking for sailors. We learned how Ooids are made from calcium carbonates attaching to fish feces. They are used as an exfoliator in many high-end products. We proceeded to rub it on our faces and take a group picture before heading back home.

 4:30pm: We then piled in the bus and headed to Conch Fest, the island’s homecoming. We tried many different local foods, such as Crack Conch, Conch Fritters, Mac and Cheese, and ice cream.

 7:15pm: Following Conch Fest, we spent time on the beach playing spike ball (thanks mom and dad for sending me to the IMG 7-Day, Intensive, Overnight Spike Ball Training Camp, I was well prepared to take on the competition! – SP). We then regrouped in the Octagon for group Game Night where we played a few rounds of Scum before going to bed to prepare for the next day in beautiful Eleuthera!