United Kingdom #2: Excited for the Journey Ahead

Emma Wilmott ’24 and Elena Tskhvitaria ’25 share the groups arrival into London. Although the group was tired from their travels and the weather was gloomy, the day’s activities increased their desire to explore more!

It’s worse than I remember. The sky was grey, cloudy and cold. After a sleepless night, a dreary London greeted us as we dragged our luggage down escalators, through trains, and up stairs. Yet, despite feeling like empty potato sacks, it was only 10am, and our day had yet to begin.

In the hours that followed, we stopped at a café, walked along the Thames, visited the Tate modern, and drew the skyline by St. Paul’s Cathedral. The Thames was the home and gathering place of all the pigeons. They would happily swoop down and welcome us. The group found ourselves having to duck each time they decided to fly by. The Tate Modern was very large, and displayed all types of art. Some pieces were incredibly unique and striking, while others made us question whether they were really “art,” as they would be as simple as a line drawn on paper. As someone succinctly put, it was an out of body experience. Even as our feet ached, we couldn’t help but admire all the art and architecture around us, and wanted to explore even more.