The New York Times with “TimesMachine” Archive

National and international news, opinion, and commentary. The “TimesMachine” archive provides access to 150 years of archival material. You can browse by date, or utilize the search function.

Complete, digital access to the New York Times from any location is granted via Academic Passes.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal includes not only stock market information, but commentary on all aspects of global business, economics, consumer affairs, current trends and issues.

Access is granted to members of the Deerfield community via login credentials.

Please email for your credentials.

The Recorder

For local news, the Greenfield Recorder covers Franklin County and the North Quabbin Region.

Access is granted to members of the Deerfield community via login credentials.

Please email for your credentials.

For off-campus access, use Newsbank Massachusetts Newspapers.

Newsbank Massachusetts Newspapers

Current and historical access to 10 local newspapers including The Recorder (Greenfield), The Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton), The Republican (Springfield), and Amherst Bulletin.

Full, on-campus access is granted via IP verification through the GreenDoor Network.

Off-campus access is granted through proxy sign-in with your DA username and password.


EBSCO Publication Finder

Search for full-text, digital access of current and archived periodicals by title, or browse by subject. 

New York Review of Books

The New York Review of Books has served as a forum for writers and thinkers to discuss not only current books but also the provocative and complex issues of American culture, society, economics, politics, and the arts.

Print Periodicals

A list of print periodicals currently available in Boyden Library will soon be added here.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A list of items available for loan can be found at Boyden Library Services.

Most materials may be renewed for an additional loan period in one of several ways:

Reserves, many interlibrary loans, and items with holds may not be renewed.

Students and others will be charged the cost of replacement for any item not returned after a bill has been issued and for damaged materials.

Reference, rare book collection, some interlibrary loan titles, and the most current issue of a periodical do not circulate and may be used only in the library.

Any library patron may place a hold on a currently-checked-out item. Information Desk staff are happy to place holds or users may place their own holds online (search the Library catalog for the title of interest, if it’s Not Available click the Place Hold button and follow the prompts). Users will receive an email notification once the item is ready for pick-up.

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