Hockey, Girls: Varsity

Date Time Sport / Team(s) Opponent Venue Result
Dec 3, '16 5:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
St. Mark's Away   iCal
Dec 7, '16 3:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Loomis Home   iCal
Dec 9, '16 6:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Nobles Away   iCal
Dec 14, '16 4:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
St. Paul's Home   iCal
Dec 16, '16 8:00 am Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Nichols Deerfield Holiday Invitational   iCal
Dec 16, '16 3:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
King's Edgehill Deerfield Holiday Invitational   iCal
Dec 17, '16 11:30 am Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Rice Deerfield Holiday Invitational   iCal
Dec 17, '16 3:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Stanstead Deerfield Holiday Invitational   iCal
Jan 7, '17 2:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
NE Falcons Home   iCal
Jan 11, '17 2:30 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
NMH Home   iCal
Jan 14, '17 3:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Exeter Home   iCal
Jan 18, '17 3:15 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Choate Away   iCal
Jan 20, '17 6:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
New Hampton Away   iCal
Jan 21, '17 5:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Taft Home   iCal
Jan 25, '17 5:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Pomfret Home   iCal
Jan 28, '17 6:15 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Andover Home   iCal
Feb 8, '17 4:30 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Westminster Home   iCal
Feb 11, '17 5:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Berkshire Home   iCal
Feb 15, '17 5:30 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Cushing Away   iCal
Feb 18, '17 2:30 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Hotchkiss Away   iCal
Feb 22, '17 3:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Williston Home   iCal
Feb 25, '17 1:00 pm Hockey, Girls: Varsity
Loomis Away   iCal

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Name Class Position Hometown
Christina Halloran 2020 F Darien, CT
Deirdre Mullowney 2019 D Newton, MA
Erin DeMarco 2019 D Westford, MA
Erin Howe 2020 F Deerfield, MA
Ali Fujiyoshi 2019 D Hopkinton, MA
Ali Dougal 2018 D Indian Orchard, MA
Juliet Perry 2019 F Mohegan Lake, NY
Livi Messina 2017 D Hingham, MA
Jenna Greenbaum* 2017 F Amherst, MA
Liv Mikesell 2020 G Grosse Pointe, MI
Jordan Manning 2019 G Harvard, MA
Brenna Hoar 2018 F Ludlow, MA
Meghan Halloran* 2017 F Darien, CT
Shai Lineberry 2017 F Lebanon, CT
Raegan Hill 2019 F Lunenburg, MA
Mimi Pastor 2019 F Darien, CT
Meaghan O'Brien 2018 D Woburn, MA
Margaret Williams 2019 F Greenwich, CT
Libby Wenners* 2017 D Rye Beach, NH
Aurora Devereaux 2020 F/D Scituate, MA
Mae Emerson 2019 F Deerfield, MA
Mary Edmonds 2019 F Fairfield, CT
Stephanie Oyolu 2018 Manager Houston, TX
Graham O'Brien 2019 Manager Towson, MD
* Denotes captain
  • Gen Pitt is an Associate Director of Admission at Deerfield, and is the head coach for the Girls Varsity Hockey and Girls JV Lacrosse teams. Gen graduated Summa Cum Laude from Colby College, where she majored in History and captained the women's hockey team for two years. She also recently completed her graduate studies at Wesleyan University. On campus, Gen lives in John Louis dormitory with her husband and daughter. 

  • John is a native of Montreal, QC but has been studying and working in the New England region for 6 years now. He spent his junior and senior years of high school at the Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, CT where he captained the soccer, hockey and track teams during his senior year. While at Loomis John's advisor was current Deerfield Academy Athletic Director Bob Howe. 

    After graduating, a first generation college student, John moved on to Dartmouth College where he majored in History. At Dartmouth John served as a Junior captain of the track team and was also a member of the rugby team, also acting as a member of the Student-Athlete advisory committee. He spent part of his junior year of college playing rugby for the Canadian Maples Leafs development team in Argentina and Chile.

    At Deerfield, John is an assistant coach for the boys soccer, both and girls and boys hockey and track teams. In addition to his coaching responsibilities, John will serve as an athletic intern in the Athletic Department. 

  • After graduating from Harvard with a degree in mathematics, Sean spent three years teaching at Avon Old Farms School, and then moved to Deerfield Academy in 1993. Over the years he has coached varsity baseball, boys varsity soccer, and girls varsity hockey, as well as served as Mathematics Department Chair.