Golf, Coed: Varsity

Record this season

4 (win) – 1 (loss) – 0 (tie)

Date Time Sport / Team(s) Opponent Venue Result
Apr 10, '19 3:00 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
Avon Avon, Away Loss - 209-206 iCal
Apr 10, '19 3:00 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
NMH Avon, Away Win - 209-222 iCal
Apr 13, '19 2:00 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
Exeter Home Win - 6.5-3.5 iCal
Apr 17, '19 2:24 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
Williston Away Win - 191-210 iCal
Apr 17, '19 2:24 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
Wilbraham & Monson Away Win - 191-215 iCal
Apr 20, '19 1:30 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
Taft Away, Taft Canceled iCal
Apr 24, '19 3:00 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
Berkshire, Hotchkiss Away, Hotchkiss iCal
Apr 27, '19 12:00 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
Newport Invitational Away, Newport Invitational iCal
May 1, '19 2:30 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
NMH Home iCal
May 4, '19 4:15 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
Andover Andover, Away iCal
May 8, '19 3:00 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
Choate, Wilbraham Away, Monson Academy, Wilbraham iCal
May 15, '19 3:00 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
Westminster, Williston Home iCal
May 18, '19 1:00 pm Golf, Coed: Varsity
Deerfield Tournament Home iCal
May 22, '19 10:00 am Golf, Coed: Varsity
Kingswood Tournament Away, Kingswood-Oxford School iCal

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Name Class  Hometown
Ben Hirsch 2018 Bedford, NY
Connor Mead 2018 Menlo Park, CA
Bret Pastor 2018 Darien, CT
Lowell Weil* 2018 Lake Forest, IL
Matt Brosseau 2019 West Springfield, MA
Garrett Moe 2019 Bonita Springs, FL
Kimberly Stafford 2019 Lake Forest, IL
Stuart Grow 2020 Memphis, TN
James Whiteley 2020 Easton, CT
Mat Panikar 2021 Ridgefield, CT
* Denotes Captain
  • Brendan coaches varsity golf. Prior to taking over the golf team, he had served as Deerfield’s boys hockey coach since 1997 and served as an assistant for six years. In each of those years, Deerfield’s hockey team earned a berth in the New England Tournament and competed in finals four times. In 2003, they earned the title of New England Champions. Since taking over the program in 2003, the squad has posted a 36-14 record in the competitive New England Prep School Hockey League.

    A graduate of the University of Vermont and contributing member of the hockey team for each of his four years, Brendan served as assistant captain in his senior year. Drafted by the LA Kings in 1991, he played four years of minor professional hockey after his graduation from UVM and finished his career with the Peoria (IL) Rivermen.