Alpine Skiing: Varsity

Name Class  Hometown
FJ Marsh* 2019 Telluride, CO
Frederick Boulton* 2019 Bend, OR
Garrett Alexander* 2019 Cape Elizabeth, ME
JP Patton 2019 South Deerfield, MA
Maddie McCarthy 2019 Warren, RI
Valerie Hetherington* 2019 Bozeman, MT
Chloe Monty 2020 Westmount, QC
Kikka Giudici 2020 Midlevels, Hong Kong
Madeline Carey 2020 Concord, MA
Peter Sanford 2020 Deerfield, MA
Sam Laur 2020 Wendell, MA
Achille Sarachek 2021 New York, NY
Axel Mattsson 2021 Stockholm  11460, Sweden
Nick Baker 2021 Rowe, MA
Alexander Grosse 2022 San Francisco, CA
Anne Ott 2022 Deerfield, MA
Ben Carpenter 2022 Greenfield, MA
Christian Odenius 2022 New York, NY
Grace Honos 2022 Marblehead, MA
Granger Savage 2022 Deerfield, MA
Tait Kline 2022 East Chatham, NY
  • After graduating from Deerfield in 1979, Marc Dancer spent a post-graduate year at Harrow School in England. He then earned his BS from St. Lawrence University in 1984, majoring in mathematics and music. Marc was subsequently awarded a Watson Fellowship to study change-ringing in the UK.

  • Before coming to Deerfield, Prudence spent four years teaching world history and psychology at Carolina Day School in Asheville, NC, in addition to being the assistant field hockey coach. Prudence holds a Master's Degree in Security Studies from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and a BA in African Studies and Human Rights from Bard College. Prudence has traveled extensively abroad, including living in Senegal while she completed field work for her undergraduate thesis on Mauritania's role in the war on terrorism. For a number of years before teaching, Prudence lived and worked in Washington, DC, where her professional research interests were focused on the intersection of counterterrorism and human rights, with a focus on Africa. Prudence attended boarding school in her home state of Connecticut. 

  • Mark Ott has a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a PhD from the University of Hawaii-Manoa. He previously taught at Phillips Exeter Academy, the Blake School in Minneapolis, and Punahou School in Honolulu. He is the author of two books, Sea of Change: Ernest Hemingway and the Gulf Stream (2008) and Ernest Hemingway and the Geography of Memory"(2010). He lives in Johnson with his wife and three daughters.