Volleyball: Thirds

Record this season

0 (win) – 0 (loss) – 0 (tie)

Date Time Sport / Team(s) Opponent Venue Result
Oct 1, '16 3:30 pm Volleyball: Thirds
Ethel Walker Away   iCal
Oct 8, '16 1:00 pm Volleyball: Thirds
Stoneleigh Burnham Home   iCal
Oct 12, '16 5:00 pm Volleyball: Thirds
Amherst Away   iCal
Nov 2, '16 3:00 pm Volleyball: Thirds
Stoneleigh Burnham Away   iCal
Nov 5, '16 3:30 pm Volleyball: Thirds
Ethel Walker Home   iCal
Nov 12, '16 10:00 am Volleyball: Thirds
Choate Away   iCal

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  • A member of the Class of 2010, Kayla returns to Deerfield to join the History Department, the Center for Service and Global Citizenship, and the Office of Inclusion and Community Life. After graduating from Deerfield, Kayla spent a year at King's Academy in Jordan, serving as a Junior Fellow in the Academic Support Department. In 2015, she received her B.A. in English from Georgetown University, where she graduated magna cum laude and received departmental honors for her thesis on Marxism, globalization, and the post-colonial travel memoir. While at Georgetown, Kayla also studied history and Arabic, worked on agricultural and educational development projects in Rwanda and Romania, and led domestic service-immersion programs for Georgetown's Alternative Breaks Program. Kayla is working towards her Masters in Education through the Penn Residency Masters in Teaching Program. She lives in Thorn House with her Australian Shepherd, Peanut.