Event Details

Ultimate had a great game at home against Eaglebrook on the Friday afternoon of Spring Family Weekend.  Coaches time-capped the game at the outset, which means we did not play to our usual 15 points, but rather played for the 90 minutes we agreed on ahead of time.  The wind was gusty, resulting in lots of turnovers and long points, with the occasional lull in wind and urgency to make things happen before the wind picked up again.  D.A. came out strong with three goals assisted or completed by Kevin Gonzalez ’24, Jeanlukas Meza ’26, Josh Freedman ’26, Charlie Rolland ’26, and Ephraim Tutu ’24.  The first half included some great defense by Hazel Secker ’26 and Sammy Sullivan ’25, along with an impressive Josh Freedman layout that is becoming part of his m.o.  We ended the half 6-2, us, with Brandon Smith ’26 making his first goal ever in Ultimate Frisbee.

Eaglebrook gave us more of a run for our money in the second half, trading points with us even as we made sure to play our entire roster.  Sammy and Davey Mazur ’24 made a spectacular 1-throw goal, and Hazel also joined the folks listed above in helping rack up our goals.  Of course, all players helped the team move the disk up the field to the goal and played excellent D to create turnovers.  Notable was a great knock-down D by Oscar Chen ’24 and Ephraim’s beautiful catch on a super-long throw.  That player has enviable eye-hand coordination!  We won with a score of 11-7, and we had a good, spirited game.  It was also wonderful to have so many fans cheer us on.  Thank you Eaglebrook, thank you fans, go Big Green!