Event Details

The Deerfield varsity tennis squad was back on the courts Monday for their long-anticipated and often rained-out match with Westminster. This would be the first match Deerfield has had their full lineup of starters together for a contest.

Westy came out swinging, giving Deerfield plenty of fight on every doubles court. Linnea Dreslin and Giorgia Santore put together a masterful performance at the second position. Sharp angled approach shots and winning volleys are becoming the norm for this pair. Devon Coleman and Kate MacKenzie righted the ship after a bumpy start, forcing and winning a decisive tie break, 7-2. After the doubles phase, Deerfield was up 3-0.

Big Green found more success at singles, ultimately closing out the match 8-1. On a day when the sun showed its face at last, both teams competed with grit and superb sportsmanship. Deerfield evens their record at 2-2 and looks ahead to another home match on Wednesday with Suffield.

Individual Results:


  1. Sanders/ Brooker: 8-3
  2. Dreslin/ Santore: 8-3
  3. Coleman/ MacKenzie: 7-7 (7-2)

Order of finish 1, 2, 3


  1. Natalia Sanders: 8-0
  2. Avery Brooker: 8-3
  3. Giorgia Santore: 8-4
  4. Linnea Dreslin: 1-8
  5. Devon Coleman: 8-1
  6. Kate MacKenzie: 8-3

Order of finish: 1, 2, 5, 6, 4, 3