Volleyball: Junior Varsity

Date Time Sport / Team(s) Opponent Venue Result
Sep 18, '19 4:00 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
Worcester Academy Home iCal
Sep 25, '19 3:30 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
Loomis Away, Loomis iCal
Sep 27, '19 5:00 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
Miss Hall's Away, Miss Hall's School iCal
Oct 2, '19 3:00 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
Williston Away, Williston iCal
Oct 5, '19 4:15 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
St. Paul's Away, St. Paul's iCal
Oct 9, '19 2:30 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
NMH Away, NMH iCal
Oct 12, '19 3:00 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
Hopkins Away, Hopkins iCal
Oct 16, '19 3:30 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
Hotchkiss Home iCal
Oct 19, '19 4:00 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
Exeter Home iCal
Oct 23, '19 4:00 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
Amherst Amherst, Away iCal
Oct 27, '19 1:00 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
Andover Home iCal
Oct 30, '19 3:00 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
Stoneleigh Home iCal
Nov 2, '19 4:00 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
Taft Away, Taft iCal
Nov 4, '19 4:30 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
NMH Home iCal
Nov 6, '19 4:00 pm Volleyball: Junior Varsity
St. Paul's Home iCal
Nov 9, '19 10:00 am Volleyball: Junior Varsity
Choate Home iCal

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# Name Class Hometown
2 Lexi Roadside 2021 Bothell, WA
3 Madeline Lee * 2020 Hong Kong
4 Claire Quan * 2020 Singapore
6 Emma Weech 2021 Nassau, Bahamas
7 Juliette Lowe 2021 Deerfield, MA
8 Angela Osei-Ampadu 2021 Bronx, NY
11 Angie Deboer 2021 Natick, MA
12 Steph Martinez 2020 Bronx, NY
15 Julia Shulman 2022 Sunderland, MA
16 Elena Lu 2022 Basking Ridge, NJ
17 Jean Chun 2022 Seoul, South Korea
19 Abby Persons 2021 Deerfield, MA
Sim Bethel (Manager) 2020 Eleuthera, Bahamas
Francis Shea (Manager) 2020 Boston, MA
* Denotes Captains
  • Brad joined the Deerfield faculty as a physics teacher in 2018.  He grew up in the farm country of southeastern Pennsylvania, where he fell in love with math as a kid.  After earning a B.S. in Physics at Lebanon Valley College, he then earned an M.S. at the University of Delaware and a Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Connecticut.  As a graduate student, he discovered his passion for teaching.  His first position after graduate school brought him further north to teach physics at the University of New England. After eight years in the university environment, where highlights included developing a Biophysics Minor and pioneering a student meditation club, Brad eagerly joined the boarding school community.

    Brad’s scholarly interests include physics education research and teaching physics for the life sciences.  Recently, he has enjoyed learning about the physics of the human body and medical imaging and bringing these topics into the classroom.  Brad revels in pondering the implications of the tiny world of quantum mechanics, the vast dimensions of cosmology, and their connection to the human spirit. He can assuredly be drawn into long hours of conversation about these topics.

    Brad moved to Deerfield with his wife, Lena, newborn son, Ilya, and Foxy the cat.  The family loves hiking, birding, meditation, yoga, and sharing hearty laughs.  

  • Melissa Persons is the Director of Financial Aid and Student Accounting.  Melissa graduated from St. Michael's College with a degree in Business Administration.  Her experience in Finance began at Walt Disney World and also includes time at BlueCross BlueShield of New Hampshire.  She lives on campus with her husband, David, and their four children.