Squash, Boys: Junior Varsity

Record this season

6 (win) – 8 (loss) – 0 (tie)

Name Class  Hometown
Alfi Auersperg 2019 Palm Beach, FL
Ollie Pink 2020 New York, NY
Tommy Whiteley 2018 Easton, CT
Joni Otto-Bernstein 2018 New York, NY
Carl Savage 2018 Englewood, CO
Taylor Roberts 2018 New York, NY
Mason Horton 2019 Scottsdale, AZ
Nathan Hu 2019 Naperville, IL
Arthur Yao 2020 Shanghai, CN
Adrian Yao 2020 Shanghai, CN
Alex Alijani 2019 Denver, CO
  • After a collegiate athletic career as a member of the Bowdoin College squash and rugby teams, Rich found road cycling and adventure triathlons as new challenges in post-collegiate athletics. He has completed road races and triathlons throughout Colorado and New England, continues to race during the summer months, and is a certified USAC coach.