Boston Reception - Who's Attending


Wednesday, May 8, 2024

6:30 – 8:30 pm ET

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NameDeerfield AffiliationClass YearGuest NameGuest Deerfield AffiliationGuest Class Year
Noelle AbeytaAlumni2021
Marnie AjelloAlumni2002
Lisle AlbroAlumni1996Rob AlbroSpouse
Ali AngierAlumni2005
Antonia BartoliAlumni2005Jascha HaenigSpouse
Adrian BignamiAlumni1992
John BowllanAlumni2015Kamli FaourSpouse
Virginia BracciaParent2021Darren BracciaParent2021
Elizabeth ByrneAlumni2017
Liza CareyParent2024Andrew CareyParent2024
John CarolanParent2025Sarah CarolanParent2025
Cole CarpenterAlumni2011Emily CantillonSpouse
Alexandra CharlesAlumni2007Harrys CharlesSpouse
Sunshine ChenAlumni2023
Matt CheskyAlumni2008Katherine BellSpouse
John ChristelAlumni1979
Caitlin CookAlumni2012
Kristen DeAmicisAlumni1995
Scott DeLucaParent2024Laura DeLucaParent2024
Erin DeMarcoAlumni2019Ben EssensaOther
Tamara DeshongAlumni2015Alyssa RiveraOther
John DeskavichAlumni2013
Jim DoughertyParent2008Janet DoughertyParent2008
Pamela EglestonParent2027Erik EglestonParent2027
Christina EricksonParentSelcuk CakirParent
Chris FangParent2019Vivian FangParent2019
Joshua FangAlumni2019
Joe FiniganAlumni1976Lisa FiniganSpouse
Jane FreedmanParentJeff freedmanParent
Jill GarrisonAlumni1999Dan GarrisonAlumni1994
Erin GilbertParent2027Doug GilbertParent2027
Peter GonzalezAlumni1994Scrip GonzalezParent2026
Macrae GouldAlumni2008
Ben GreenblottAlumni1980
Erica GrilloAlumni2009Chris GrilloSpouse
John HarthorneAlumni1991
Sam HayesAlumni2006Leslie HayesAlumni2006
Kate Hession HoarAlumni2003
Kristine HigginsParent2027Bob HigginsParent2027
Brenna HoarAlumni2018
Ephraim HochbergParent2027Claudia HochbergParent2027
Nancy HoltzParentHerbert HoltzParent
Nathan HuAlumni2019
Neil JacobsAlumni1969Debby PosinSpouse
Shelsey JohnsonAlumni2006Patrick JohnsonSpouse
Blair JohnsonAlumni2014Tim MacraeOther
Annie Johnson KingAlumni2008Pierce KingSpouse
Max KainamuraAlumni2022
Satwik KamarthiAlumni2016Melissa RathOther
Niaz KarimAlumni1999
Maddy KeeshanAlumni2010
Kathryn KellyAlumni1993Joy RamsbothamSpouse
Mirjam KeochakianAlumni2015
Aaron KirleyAlumni1995Jessica KirleySpouse
David KreislerAlumni1984
Eric LanserAlumni2005
Katie LawrenceAlumni2022
Autumn LearnedAlumni2004Matt MedfordOther
Clark LefavourParent2027Valarie LefavourParent2027
Joseph LoChiattoAlumni2022
Stephen LombardiAlumni1991
Alaina LotsbomAlumni2012Chris LotsbomSpouse
Anthony ManciniAlumni2017
Gavin MarianiAlumni2027
Orlee Marini-RapoportAlumni2019
Connor McDermottAlumni2014
Nina McGowanAlumni2016
Forgan McIntoshAlumni1996
Beth McNamaraOther
Don MitchellAlumni2001
Paula Moats McNayParent2004Joseph McNaySpouse
Phoebe MorssAlumni2015
Albert NicholsAlumni2009
Nick NoonAlumni1961Connie NoonSpouse
Jon NugerAlumni2000Ali NugerSpouse
Liz NymanAlumni1995
Meaghan O’BrienAlumni2018
David OliverAlumni1960Christina OliverSpouse1960
Angela Osei-AmpaduAlumni2021
Avery PetersonOtherGunner PetersonOther
Chuck RamsayAlumni1988
Christian RansomAlumni2019Ashley OwnSpouse
Brian RosboroughAlumni1958Lucy RosboroughParent
Ted RoweAlumni1952Betsy RoweSpouse
Ryan SafiryAlumni2019Sierra HollowellOther
Sasha Khursheed SaidAlumni2001Other
Reid ShillingAlumni2017
Kerry ShriverAlumni1996
Andrew SladeAlumni2012Kate SladeSpouse
Todd SlaterAlumni1980Lee PetersonOther
Craig SlaterAlumni1981Leslie SlaterSpouse
Donielle SliwaAlumni2000Morgan WilsonSpouse
John SnowParent2018Mary SnowParent2018
Hope StocktonAlumni2002
Hunter StoneAlumni2008Lexie StoneSpouse
Ellison SuthoffAlumni1999
Qin TaoParent2025Xuan TangParent
Julie ThomasParent2008
Elizabeth TocciAlumni2001Brandon EstrellaSpouse
Dominic ViaderoAlumni2007Sarah ViaderoSpouse
NameDeerfield AffiliationClass YearGuest NameGuest Deerfield AffiliationGuest Class Year

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon graduating from Deerfield, alumni enter a diverse network of former Deerfield students. Deerfield alumni have ventured into almost every area of employment, and many are at the top of their respective fields. The advantages of this vast network are numerous and significant, as every member of the Deerfield family receives the following:

Alumni are also eligible for alumni awards, such as the Ashley Award, Heritage Award, and the Mimi Morsman Award.

There are no membership fees or dues for members of the Deerfield family, but Deerfield does ask for assistance in a few areas. First of all, in order for Deerfield to have the most up-to-date records possible, we encourage members to keep us apprised of their current contact info. Alumni are also urged to direct all concerns and suggestions regarding Deerfield’s operations through the Executive Committee, the governing body of the Alumni Association. The committee acts as the voice of the alumni body, and works closely with the school administration. In order to keep tuition affordable and the quality of a Deerfield education at its highest, the Academy depends upon the continuing support of alumni and their families. This support can take the form of annual or capital gifts, or time spent volunteering on behalf of Deerfield.

There are Deerfield Clubs in many major American cities. Please visit here for more information on specific clubs and their sponsored events. 

Of course! Be sure to read the latest issue of From Albany Road in your email’s in-box for current news of what is happening on campus. As we also send out periodic invitations, it’s always best to make sure we have your current physical address. And if you do plan on visiting campus, why not tell us ahead of time?

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