Post-35th Reunion Notes

The following are comments submitted by ’77 classmates following the 35th Reunion:

David King: At the reunion it was terrific to hear about people’s lives, especially when one has a rear view mirror image of their 17 yr old selves.

Peter Heymann: However, I must note that my son saw our reunion photo and exclaimed that (except for Martin) we look phenomenally old. Oh dear. Perhaps it is time to take up a musical instrument.

Wayne Wall: What an exceptional time! Really appreciate that so many of our brethren made the effort to reconnect. It certainly reinforced the common notion that people don’t really change. I never feel much older when going to the DA reunions, and this was no exception. It’s a special time to experience the best of past and present with the very best of friends and colleagues.

Jamie MacPherson: There is so much great humor, good will, and impressive achievement among our class that it’s hard not to say that the one common thread that runs through us all – Deerfield – could not have been a meaninful part of what has made us all what we are 35 years later. Looking forward to the 40th (jeeez, that can’t be possible!?!).

Gordon Van Dusen: It was a blast to catch up with so many of you after 35 years. I will not miss another reunion.

Townley Paton: Thanks to all of you for making me feel like a lucky person. Please plan to go skiing in Squaw Valley next winter and give me a call. First two rounds are on me.

Paul Embree: PJ, Meredith and I all had a blast. Really enjoyed catching up with everyone, and great for my kids to be a part of it. Probably the best reunion yet!
Look me up when you’re in Chicago!

Jack Bohman: I can’t thank you all enough for a very fulfilling weekend. If any of you get anywhere near the Cape and don’t call, I will be upset.

Mike Sheehan: That was the most fun I have had in a long, long time and it was great seeing you all and reconnecting… It is bizarre how fresh the connections are… 35 years disappeared in an instant!

Matt King: I can’t believe how important DA was in my life – as evidenced by the camaraderie we still have after *gulp* 35 years. Seems like yesterday. Loved seeing you all and being back in the cradle of my/our development!

David Martin: As I stood outside McAlister looking across campus I was reminded again how incredibly lucky I was to have attended Deerfield. In my work now I deal with many organizations in the education reform space and am frequently reminded of how attending a school like Deerfield is a completely different world. So I’m very thankful for the friendships I have been able to make and the experiences I have had that have come from that.

Bill Adams: It was good to see all of you again. I, too, was amazed at the collective talent our classmates have.

Tucker Smith Class of 1977

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