’51 notes compiled by Jim McKinney ’51

Nat Reed and wife Alita have been married for 50 years! They spent a quiet summer at their summer home in Winter Harbor ME. Nat went salmon fishing in Norway and continues to be active in many environmental organizations. He had the responsibility of forming a team to select from the Alaskan public lands the “absolutely the best additions to the national park and national wildlife system.” His children accuse him of trying to save the world.

Bill Walker remembers how he and his wife, Mary, and Dave Findlay each had grandsons at Avon Old Farms and that they attended their graduations in May 2015. Bill and Mary took a riverboat trip with their grandchildren in April 2015 from Brussels to Amsterdam.

George Reformer has retired from being an arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Pete Meyer has two sons, 38 and 36 respectively both married to beautiful Texas girls. He has two grandchildren, one a grandson, 5, named after Peter who likes model trains.

Art Drazan now lives with his wife, Sandra, in Jupiter FL. He has retired from the practice of radiology. He and Sandra have four children and eight grandchildren. He is enjoying fishing and golf.

Hal Henderson has a major rotator cuff problem. He and wife, Gloria, spent a month in South Africa including a 10-day safari in Krueger National Park. Gloria continues as a travel consultant and Hal is still with the investment firm he joined 30 years ago.

Dave Preston and wife, Barbara, spent a week hiking portions of the old pilgrimage route that starts at the Spanish/French border and ends in Santiago on the west coast of Spain (Santiago de Compostella), They also visited the new Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

John Bell moved to Tyron NC some 20 years ago after selling the family business. He now works with local startups. Wife, Mary has been breeding Alpacas for the last 15 years. His continued interest in fly fishing resulted in the building of a lodge in central Patagonia (Argentina). Together they have three children.

Jim Webster is spending 9 months and the balance at Delray Beach and our legacy St. Lawrence summer compound. His granddaughter, Annabel will apply to enter Deerfield in 2016. She is one of seven grandchildren.

Bob Yates moved to Richmond VA in Feb. 2013. He now lives in a gated community but is not sure whether the gates are to keep him “in” or “out”.

Earl Fain returned to Dallas after living 25 years in Santa Fe where he managed to ski about two months out of the year. He also became proficient flying sail planes. Two years ago his daughter opined that it was time to give up skiing and soaring. Tex observed that the skies and the ski slopes are much safer since his retirement. He lives in a retirement home but is fortunate in having his daughter living close by.Until two years ago Tex was still flying gliders. He recently suffered from heart arrhythmia, but that problem now seems well under control.

Ed Opler is extremely proud of his granddaughter, Sophie, who is a freshman at Deerfield, on the varsity soccer team and a member of the student council.

Charlie Grace and wife Betsy have purchased a house on Lake Cazenovia in New York for summer use and more. He is a four times grandfather and chairman of his USMC 3-56 basic class reunion in Washington DC in 2016.

Jeff Filman now lives in Boston after having taught and practiced law in New York for 42 years. He then worked for a company that provides on-line reports of judicial decisions. He also became a volunteer in the Education Department of the New England Aquarian in Boston where he gave lectures and took pictures of all species in the Aquarian’s collection. Thereafter he published three books of some of his photos. He has recovered from various ailments and spends his winters in Boston and his summers in his cottage in Lakeville CT.

Rud Barrett has long since retired from the practice of medicine. He and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Dover MA. Both have pursued their musical interests, she on the piano, he on the cello. They are enthusiastic tennis players and enjoy hiking and sailing when summering in Maine. They also enjoy bird watching. They have two children, a boy and a girl.

Jim French writes, “I guess it is time to report to you that I had a stroke on October 31. I call that a stroke of luck as there was no body paralysis and no speech impairment. The off-and-on dizzy spells lasted for about a month, and now I am slowly gaining back my strength.”

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