Summer CSGC Grant Update: Empowering Women In Mexico

Mexico has 60 million women, of which 7/10 suffer from violence and 44% live in poverty. As well, six women die every day due to this violence. On July 18th, I am partnering with Fundación Origen, a platform for women and their families that offers Human and Economic Development programs to break the cycle of violence and poverty in Mexico, my home country. As a young woman in Latin America, I have first-hand knowledge of the lack of opportunities available. My goal is to educate young women so that they can manage their own finances to become independent and confident.

This summer I will help empower impoverished women and women who suffer from violence by aiding them with tools that will help them improve their living situation. I will help lead confidence and psychological workshops and be on the line of help that the foundation offers. This line of help offers confidential help to medical, legal, nutritional, and psychologic problems. This foundation also offers a platform equipped with tools and services that women who live in poor conditions can access. With this grant, I will use my skills to teach women some basic education, I will talk to them and support them with whatever they need. As said by the founder of Fundación Origen, Mariana Baños, “With helping change the life of just one woman, a generational chain of difference is made.”

-Valentina Williamson ’23