Summer CSGC Grant Update: Early Learning Supply Distribution

Growing up in New York City Public/Charter School system I saw my teachers having to pay for books, school supplies and other classroom resources. Public School Teachers are paid such low salaries that it isn’t out of the ordinary for teachers to have another job besides teaching. On top of this, a large sum of their salaries go towards making sure that students have the supplies and resources they need to thrive. That is why I applied for a CSGC grant.

Over the summer I am volunteering at the ABC Echo Park Early Childhood Center and I want to be able to aid the program in accessing extra resources for the children who are being cared for over the summer. This way the teachers and administrators at the program do not need to use their own earnings to support their students. My goal by the end of the summer is to make sure that the ABC Echo Park location has most of the supplies they need to go into the school year.

-Chloe Ramirez ’24