Parent/Guardian Role

Creating a Comfortable Space for Students

The goal of the Experimentory is to create opportunities for students to maximize their creativity and character. Students will be asked to use their imagination, be curious, and at times step outside of their comfort zone to learn more about themselves. We have found that students are able to more easily do this when they have a bit of personal autonomy. You can help students achieve this by giving them some privacy during the program in order to be their fullest selves. Having an adult peer in on a class would likely be pretty enjoyable for the adult, but potentially stifling for the students in the class. We ask that parents/guardians, other family members, or non-PERISCOPE acquaintances refrain from joining classes or PERISCOPE activities unless invited to do so by the staff.

Physical Safety

Parents/Guardians should ensure that students are in a physically safe environment during the program.  To support your students experience, we recommend the following:

  • Help your student set up their work space, giving guidance on cleanup and safety rules in your home. 
  • Make sure students are aware of safe materials they can use during the program and how to use them properly (pay attention when using scissors, don’t “borrow” a potentially dangerous tool from elsewhere in the home without permission, etc). 
  • Some classes may at times benefit from some physical space for movement.  Sometimes this can happen outdoors.  Please offer guidance or boundaries for your child about physical spaces around the home.
  • Avoid having food/drink near computers and other sensitive equipment.

Online Safety

While PERISCOPE offers us an exciting new platform for The Experimentory, it also brings in the sometimes-challenging world of online social interaction and questions of appropriate content. Please make sure your students take time to read through the Student Handbook and understand the policies and expectations of the program. If you or your student has any questions about acceptable behavior, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Experimentory office!